10 Best Baby Bottles For Baby Feeding

One of the most important items to get when preparing to have your baby is a baby bottle. Once you start shopping for a baby bottle you will realize that there are numerous brands in the market. A baby bottle comes in different shapes and sizes and they serve different purpose. In order to get the best baby bottles available you need to be pre-informed on the important details to look out for.

Baby bottles are useful whether you do exclusive breastfeeding or not. Mothers can use the baby bottle for the first few days after child birth when the breastmilk isn’t flowing yet. They can also use it to store breast milk and feed the baby when necessary. The importance of a baby bottle cannot be over emphasized that is why it is necessary to get the right one.

Today we will be discussing the best baby bottles available, their use and where to find them. These products make our list of top baby bottles because they have been tested and trusted by mother for years. Before we reveal our list below are the types of baby bottles available.

Types Of Baby Bottles

There are various types of bottles that serve different purpose. Below are the different types of baby bottles.

1. Standard Baby Bottles: The standard baby bottle is the traditional baby bottle that comes in the regular shape. It is made for regular babies and can be used for feeding and drinking water. These bottles have different products they are made of. Some are made of plastic, others stainless steel and the rare ones are glass. The most common version of the standard baby bottle is the plastic version.

2. Disposable Liner Baby Bottles: These baby bottles is usually made of plastic. It holds an individual pouch of milk and it collapse as the milk reduces. This bottle is built to be disposed after use. It is a convenient option for parents who are always travelling as they can save time from cleaning.

3. Angle-Neck Baby Bottles: This bottle is built with its neck specifically bent to prevent air from filling the nipple area. It is good for babies who have colic as it makes feeding much easier. It is however harder to clean than the regular standard bottle because of its bent neck.

4. Vented Baby Bottles: This bottle is made with a built in tube attached to it to prevent air pocket from forming in the bottle and nipple area. It is also a good option for babies who have colic as the bottle helps prevent gas. Also just like the angle-neck bottle it is harder to clean.

5. Wide-Neck Baby Bottles: This bottle is great for babies who alternate from breast to bottle frequently. It is usually short and has a wide opening up top. This bottle has a wide nipple which echo breast feeding experience and easy to latch on. It is also easy to clean which is a pro.

Best Baby Bottles

1. Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle
best standard baby bottle
BrandPhilips AVENT
Material freeBPA Free
Bottle Nipple TypeVented
Capacity9 Ounces
Bottle TypeVented Bottle

The Philips Avent natural baby bottle is one of the best standard baby bottle available. It has a natural response nipple which allows the baby control the pace of feeding. The nipple works like the breast by adapting to baby’s every drink, swallow and breath. When the baby swallows is when the milk flows and when the baby stops sucking the milk stops flowing. It mirrors the natural breast action.

Parents can buy a pack of the bottles which contains four bottles inside for as low as $23.99 on Amazon. This bottle has a natural responsive nipple that works with your baby’s natural drinking pattern. The bottle has five different flow rate and you can start with the nipple that comes with the bottle. The different flow rate gives you the convenience of changing the nipple at anytime to suit your child’s feeding pace.

Philips Avent Natural baby bottle allows mothers the convenience of breast feeding and bottle feeding at the same time. The soft, flexible and breast shaped nipples makes bottle feeding easy and latching on natural. The Natural Response Nipple helps prevent spills and lost milk from the tip. This is because milk only comes out when the baby sucks from the nipple and stops when the baby stops sucking.

The bottle also has an antic colic valve that helps to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air out of the bottle and away from your baby’s tummy. It is also easy to clean as the parts are minimal. The bottle is also easy to assemble and dismantle. It is definitely one of the best baby bottle available.

2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Bottles
Best Anti Colic Baby Bottles
BrandTommee Tippee
Item Weight0.07 Pounds
Bottle Nipple TypeSuper-sensitive bottle nipple and Optimum venting anti-colic nipple
Capacity9 Ounces
Bottle TypeAnti colic and wide neck bottle

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle are the best anti colic baby bottle available. These bottles are shaped like a breast to give the feel of the natural breast when feeding. The nipples are made from soft silicone and they are easy to latch on.

Its breast-like nipple mimics the flex, stretch and feel of a mom’s breast giving the baby the comfort of sucking mom’s breast. The nipple also have an anti colic valve that reduces excessive air flow, so your little ones ingest more milk and less air, preventing symptoms of colic.

The bottle also has less parts that are easy to clean and dismantle. Parents can also assemble the parts easily making feeding time quick and easy. It is also worthy of note that the shape of the bottle allows for easy grip and hand control.

3. Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Baby Bottles
Best Anti Colic Baby bottle
BrandDr. Brown’s
Color4 Pack, 8oz, Clear
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight0.89 Pounds
Bottle Nipple TypeVented
Capacity8 Ounces

Dr Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Baby Bottles has a silicone nipple that helps baby naturally latch while the anti-colic vent system lets baby feed without fuss. This bottle is one of the best anti colic baby bottle available and it is number 1 recommended bottle by pediatricians in the US.

This bottle reduces spit-up, burping, and gas. It is also proven to decrease colic resulting in a more comfortable feeding experience for baby. This bottle allows babies feed on their own pace and its vacuum-free feeding is closest to breastfeeding.

Dr Brown’s anti-colic internal vent system is proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients and aids in digestion. The shape of the nipple is breast like which encourages proper latch. It helps for a more natural bottle-feeding experience and eases the transition from breast to bottle. Mothers can easily alternate from breast to bottle and back again without much noticeable change.

The nipple options grows with the baby as the baby develops and the vent can easily be removed when not needed. It is also easy to assemble and dismantle. Despite the parts it is easy to wash.

4. MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Baby Bottle
best newborns baby bottles
Item Weight5 Ounces
Bottle Nipple TypeVented
Capacity150 Milliliters
Bottle TypeAnti-Colic Bottle

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Baby Bottle are the perfect companion for babies during the early stages of life. The bottle has SkinSoft™ silicone nipple which gets as close to the familiar feeling of breastfeeding as possible. The unique flat shape simulates the mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and therefore fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. It makes alternating between breastfeeding and bottle feeding easier.

The oval shape of the MAM nipple is modeled after the shape of a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. When the baby pauses from drinking, the oval nipple shape can be briefly seen before returning to its original state. The vented base design releases liquid slowly, reducing colic symptoms in 80% of babies. This is done by eliminating bubbles that cause gas.

This bottle is modeled to adapt the mouthpiece of a newborn baby. The nipple is particularly small, symmetrical and flattened, with an opening that has been carefully adapted to allow thin breast milk to pass through.

 MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Baby Bottles comes in a park of 3 with Slow Flow Silicone Nipple inside. The bottle grows with your baby as there are different bottle size for the different milestone of the baby. This is definitely the best newborn baby bottle available.

5. Comotomo Baby Bottle
Best baby bottle
Material freeBPS Free, Phthalates Free, BPA Free, Nitrosamines Free, Lead Free
Item Weight11 Ounces
Bottle Nipple TypeVented

Comotomo baby bottle is the best silicone bottle available. It is made of soft, skin-like silicone material which offer a soothing, calming touch, and better grip. It allows babies have the familiar feel of holding the breast while sucking.

This bottle has a wide opening which allows for easy cleaning. It can also be put in the dish washer as it is heat resistant. The bottle also has two anti-colic vents that are smartly placed on the nipple to ensure that your baby’s bottle is perfectly ventilated.

The Comotomo baby bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding and its wide wide mound helps make transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding easy. This bottle has two types, the 5oz bottle which comes with a slow flow nipple suitable for newborns up to 3 months and the 8oz bottle which comes with a medium flow nipple for growing little ones between 3 to 6 months.

6. Lansinoh Baby Bottles
best breastfed baby bottle
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight0.25 Pounds
Bottle Nipple TypeNaturalWave Nipple
Capacity5 Ounces

Lansinoh baby bottles are the best breastfed baby bottles. This bottle has NaturalWave nipple which are clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion. It enables the baby engage in the same natural sucking actions learned at the breast. The bottle also allows for smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again.

The NaturalWave nipple is %100 silicone. It is soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression. This bottle also has air ventilation system which reduces the intake of gas. The Ventilation potentially stops spit up and the possibility of colic.

Lansinoh is one of the most affordable baby bottle. It also has less parts making it easy to assemble and dismantle. This baby bottle is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly. It is definitely one of the best baby bottle out there.

7. Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle
best baby bottle
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight15.52 Ounces
Bottle Nipple TypeVented
Capacity9 Ounces

Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle has squeezable soft, breast-like silicone nipple which provides the best bottle-feeding experience for you and your little one. It allows a smooth transition to bottle feeding, or when combining with breastfeeding, without the worry of nipple confusion.

This baby bottle is the only bottle the has 3 anti-colic vents and a non-collapsible design. The vents helps prevent gassiness, spit up and colic, allowing you baby enjoy feeding in comfort. This bottle also has a stable, non-tipping base that prevents spills.

When you use this bottle you will enjoy the easy-to-read volume scale which makes it easy to prepare your milk or baby formula and to track exactly how much your baby is eating. There is also the flexible, wide-neck design which make the bottle easy to clean.

Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle is made with naturally hygienic, food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and PVC-free. It has a 100% silicone interior that is dishwasher safe and  microwave safe. It is one of the top baby bottles available.

8. NUK Smooth Flow Anti Colic Baby Bottle
Best baby bottle
ColorGray Elephant
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight10 Ounces
Bottle Nipple TypeOrthodontic
Capacity10 Fluid Ounces

The NUK Smooth Flow Anti Colic Baby Bottle are the best baby bottle in the market. This bottle has a unique nipple design that allows baby to control the flow rate for colic-free feeding. It has a smooth flow nipple which adjusts the flow based on how your baby drinks. There is no spill when your baby stops sucking because it adapts  to their suction strength to ensure they will always have the right flow rate.

The bottle has a SafeTemp temperature indicator which lets you know when milk is too hot. When you put your milk the blue thermometer indicator fades when milk is too hot and reappears when milk has cooled and is safe to drink.

This bottle’s nipple mimics the shape of mom’s nursing nipple during breastfeeding, giving the baby comfort and ease in transitioning from breast to bottle and back again. It also has wide neck making it easy to clean. The bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

9. Avima 4 oz Anti Colic Newborn Baby Bottles
Best Newborn baby bottle
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight4 Ounces
Bottle Nipple TypeVented
Capacity4 Ounces

The Avima 4 oz Anti Colic Newborn Baby Bottles is designed to reduce colic, gas, and spit up. It has Soft silicone Duo-Flo nipple which adjusts the flow of milk according to your baby’s feeding pace. This baby bottle is vented which provides easy escape of gas and helps prevent spit up, gassiness and colic.

It has only three components making it easy to assemble and dismantle. The bottle is also BPA free and easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe and easy to use. This bottle is the best Newborn baby bottle in the market.

10. Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle
Best Anti Colic baby bottle
BrandPlaytex Baby
Material freeBPA Free
Item Weight0.7 Pounds
Bottle Nipple TypeAngled
Capacity9 Ounces

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle is the best anti colic baby bottle available. They are specifically designed to prevent colic by reducing air ingestion. The anti-colic bottom vents keep air at the back of the bottle. As baby feeds, virtually no air mixes with the milk and gets into baby’s tummy.

The baby bottle an angled design which helps to prevent ear infection; as prescribed by pediatricians babies should be fed in a semi-upright position to prevent ear infection.

This bottle also has the most Like mom NaturaLatch nipples which mimics the breast. It helps the baby latch on naturally and promotes easy switching between breast and bottle feeding. The bottle has fewer parts and is easy to clean. Assembling and dismantling the bottle is very easy and the bottle comes with a leak proof, breakproof guarantee.

These are the best baby bottles available. When you want to purchase a baby bottle you should pick from any of the baby bottles on our list.

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