10 Best Hospitals In Benin City, Nigeria

The ancient city of Benin in Edo State, is known for having one of the best University in Nigeria. It is also known to have some of the best hospitals in Nigeria. When it comes to health care in the Niger Delta there are some very good hospitals in Benin city one can get the best treatment.

It is a popular belief among Nigerians that the Edo people tend to live a very long life, especially their women. While this theory has not been tested one of the reason that can be attributed for this longevity is the good clinics one can find in Benin city.

If you are new in the city or just wondering where you can find some of the best medical centers in Benin Edo State, well you are in luck, stick with us as we roll out this information in detail.

10 Top Hospitals In Benin, Nigeria

1. Lily Hospital Benin

This is a private hospital in Benin city. It is located at 17 Edo-Osagie Street Off Reservation Road, Off Airport Road, Benin City. It is part of the Lily Hospital franchise that has a big structure in Warri Delta State.

Just like the Lily Hospital in Warri, this one in Benin is structured to deliver only the best medical care to residents of Edo States. The hospital has modern facilities and advanced equipment to make treatment effective and stress free.

Lily Hospital has some of the most qualified doctors and nurses to attend to any health condition one might have. Their staffs are very friendly and their recovery rooms are clean and well equipped. The resident doctors are qualified to attend to all illnesses and delicate conditions.

Many residents of Edo State who require the best health care, choose Lily clinic and they never disappoint. Their services are quite expensive but with the type of treatment you would be getting, it is definitely worth it. Child delivery, all types of operations and general illnesses are cases this hospital attend to on a regular basis.

They have a good online presence as well and their website is equipped to answer any question a person might have. Patients can also make arrangement for health treatment using the website. Lilly has a long list of qualified staffs and they employ qualified workers on a regular basis.

2. University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

This hospital is considered one of the foremost multi specialist hospital in West Africa. Located at PMB 1111, Benin Lagos Express Road, Ugbowo, Benin City, the hospital is part of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) institution.

Founded on May 12, 1973 the hospital has been providing health care to people of Edo State and its environs. Many people from different parts of the country come here to get the best of health treatment at a very affordable rate.

This hospital also serves as a training ground for medical students from the University of Benin as well as teaching and research center for medical lectures/professors of the school. Due to its control by the Federal Government the hospital is able to provide specialist service to patients who require them at low cost.

Many people from far and wide travel to Benin, to get good health care and treatment from their ailment in UBTH. The hospital has very qualified doctors and nurses. Every specialty is covered in this hospital which has a huge structure that contains various departments.

There are boards of directors who manage the day to day activities in this establishment making it very professional and successful. They specialize in treating all kind of sicknesses and there are no shortage of specialist doctors readily available to attend to patients.

UBTH has been successful for years in handling delicate cases and they are known for producing some of the best doctors and nurses Nigeria has today.

3. Irowa Medical Centre

Founded by CEO and specialist doctor Dr Osamwonyi .A.W Irowa, this hospital is located at 2, Oliha Lane Off NPF Sapele, Road Benin City, Edo State. It is a hospital that has been in existence for more than 10 years now.

Widely popular in Benin, this hospital is recognized for handling all health related issues. The clinic has qualified and professional doctors, nurses and matron who team up to ensure the safe health of patients under their care.

The hospital is equipped with enough facilities to handle all patients need. Irowa specialist hospital as it is mostly referred to handles severe cases which require specialist attention. They also handle emergency situations and have a team of doctors and nurses ready to take care of any case.

It is considered one of the best Hospitals in Benin and has over the years shown that it is consistent with successfully treating patients.

4. Graceland Medical Centre

This hospital is situated at Unuereokpa Street Off Benin, Technical College Rd, Benin City. It is considered to be one of the best hospitals in Benin due to its success rate at handling health care situations of patients.

The hospital is equipped with medical facilities and have qualified doctors and nurses readily available to handle patients needs. They handle both severe cases that require specialist attention and minor injuries.

Graceland also has a very good IVF clinic and many people who have used it have confirmed that the success rate is high. Their reputation in Benin city is famous and their services topnotch.

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5. Ponders End Clinic

Ponders End Clinic is located at No 1 Victory Street, Benin City. It is one of the very good hospital in Benin city. This clinic is known for having a very good fertility center where families can solve all fertility problem with regards childbirth.

The hospital also has good doctors and matrons who help to make child delivery very easy and successful. They have good hospital equipment and enough staffs to attend to all your health need.

Accident victims as well as other sicknesses are taken care of in the clinic. Their staffs are professional and very friendly. Also their services are affordable and patients always testify of it.

6. Faith Mediplex Hospital

This hospital is a multi specialist hospital that offer health care in different specialties. Ranging from neurology, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, dentistry, general surgery and many more.

It is a very popular hospital located at Oka, Benin City. The location of the hospital is one of the reason it is popular, aside for its specialties. It is just along the road making it easy to navigate.

The hospital is fully equipped with modern hospital equipment. They have enough doctors and nurses to attend to the large numbers of patients that come into the hospital daily.

Their specialties make them widely sort after by residents of the state. They are also good at handling fertility cases as well as general surgeries.

7. Celtek Healthcare Medical Center

Celtek Healthcare Medical Center is one good hospital in Benin city basically because of the great health care services it provides. The hospital is situated at Izu – Osayogie Road, Uselu, Benin City. The hospital is seated in a large land space and has a modern structure.

One of the things that make this hospital unique is the availability of modern health equipment. The hospital also has good and qualified doctors and nurses who attend to all cases including, emergency cases as well as surgeries.

It is a good hospital to get idea an effective treatment. Their staffs are friendly and very professional and the environment is great for recovery.

8. Modic Medical Centre

This is another hospital that is popular in Benin city due to its great healthcare service. It is located at 6 Akenzua Street, Off Adesogbe Road, Ogogugbo Benin City.

It is especially recognized for its children hospital which offer one of the best child healthcare service in Benin. The have excellent pediatricians who diagnosis and treat all health conditions.

They also handle other health related cases, like general surgeries, accident wounds and pregnancy deliveries. This hospital has been in existence for awhile now, continuously handling residence health needs working with some of the most qualified doctors available in Benin.

9. Lutron Medical Centre

Lutron medical centre is another popular hospital in Benin known to provide good health care to residence. This hospital can be found at 19Th Steet, Uselu, Benin City.

It provides basic health care services and has qualified doctors readily available. Their nurses and other staff members are very professional and friendly. They are opened all days of the week to attend to both emergency cases as well as other various health conditions.

10. Benin Medical Care/ Centre

Benin Medical Care is popularly known as Benin Medical Centre. It is a new modern hospital that was commissioned in November 1, 2019. Despite being new in the city the hospital has become famous in the state as a good place for first class health care.

The hospital is located at 53, Adesuwa Road, off Sapele Road, GRA, Benin City, on a very large land space carrying very modern structure. This hospital has world class equipment, a very conducive and friendly environment and some of the best doctors and nurses.

BMC has a team of specialist that are capable of handling any health condition that requires treatment. They have an excellent management team and their staffs are very professional and friendly. Their goal is to provide excellent service through the use of cutting edge technology and patient-centric approach.

They provide all specialist health service required and they also have a 24 hours ambulance service available to attend to any emergency. This hospital is indeed a world class hospital.

These hospitals listed above are the best hospitals in Benin Edo State for good health care. Therefore take advantage of this information today and get yourself the best health care near you.

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