10 Best Part Time Jobs For Foreign College Students Studying Abroad

As a foreign student having lots of tuition fees to pay you might need to get a job to support that allowance. With the hectic class schedule and less time for yourself, it seems almost impossible to work. But there are best part-time jobs that are good for foreign college students to do which will not affect your studies

Getting a part time job is great because it can help reduce the financial burden on you as well as add to your portfolio. But you have to consider the flexibility and pay before you take any job. Here is a breakdown of the best part time jobs for foreign college students.

10 Best Part Time Jobs For Foreign College Students

1. Tutoring

Tutors are always needed both on campus and off campus. If you have good grades and love to teach you can become a tutor, getting paid for teaching your peers. You can also work outside of school with young children. Fees charged for this type of job is mostly negotiable, so bring your A game and make some cash.

2. Modeling

This can be a bit demanding if you don’t organize your schedule properly. The pay for models is usually high and it is fun. If you have what it take to become a model, you can try it. If you are successful you can appear in billboards, walk on runways, participate in beauty pageants and even appear on TV adverts. The sky is the limit for this. It can become a profession if you are good at it.

3. Tour Guide

People love to do this job because it is very flexible and the pay is quite good. If you love to chat and meet new people then this job is for you. You can work as a campus tour guide, work for a museum, or any other establishment that requires a guide. It is nice because it still gives you enough time to study and do other stuff students do.

4. Waiter

Working as a waiter is great because it is a time shift job therefore it can fit quite easily into your schedule. Also you get paid by the hour and if you are looking for another reason to do it, then think about the tip. You can earn more than your salary on tips, depending on how generous customers are. If I succeeded in convincing you then you can try it and thank me later.

5. Bartender

Do you know how to serve drinks and mix cocktails? then this job is for you. It is great for foreign students because it is a shift job and the peak hour is usually in the night. When you are done with your lectures you can get to work in the night and earn some cool cash. Plus you get paid in cash so you don’t have to go through the stress of cashing cheque

6. Freelance Writer

Most companies higher freelance writers all the time. If you have passion for writing and you are very good at it you can consider this job. The beautiful thing about it is that you can work from home and the pay is usually good. This is ideal for students because you can combine this with your study easily.

7. Baby Sitter/Nanny

If you love children like some of us, you can consider working as a baby sitter. Most parents need people to look after their children in the evenings when they are away. You can do this as it wont affect your studies. You can also be a nanny working part time, if you see the job as something you love to do for a long time. There are several recruitment agencies you can use to apply or print out a flier and advertise yourself.

8. Marketer

This can be a lot of work if you know nothing about sales. Because you will require little knowledge in it to do this successfully. But if your major is in this field then this will be a good job for you. You can work for brands selling their products and services. This job requires you to be on the field therefore it gives you enough time to do your own studying. It is is mostly commission based so you have to be a good sales person to get paid. It is great for students because you can use it as a means to practice, you have enough time and you can earn a lot from it.

9. Fitness Instructor

If you love to exercise and you are very fit, you can consider becoming a fitness instructor. It is great because of the pay as well as the room it gives you to do other things. You can apply for the job in a gym or organize your own class where members will pay membership fee.

10. Driver

Thinking about making money to cover your college expenses you can consider becoming a driver. It is very lucrative and you can work shifts. You can become a driver for a courier service, pizza delivery company etc. Although it requires you to have your driving license and some experience on the wheel but it is a great job.

These best part time jobs for foreign college students is what you need if you want to cover your tuition fee and gain experience. It pays well, and it is very flexible.

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