10 best pregnancy pillows For Pregnant Women

Every pregnant woman has experienced difficulty sleeping, with our ever-growing baby bump it is nearly impossible to toss and turn. These changes can affect our sleeping position, resulting in back aches and even kick a good night sleep off our calendars. With all the challenges that comes with pregnancy and the awaiting sleepless night after child birth, one shouldn’t have to suffer having a good night sleep.

This means you might need some support to achieve that level of comfort you desire, one of such support is the pillow for pregnant women. I know what you are thinking, do I really need a pregnancy pillow with all the pillows I have laying around. Well, this is not your regular pillow. Stick with me as we discuss more on the best pregnancy pillow and how it can help you achieve that good night sleep you have been longing for.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillow which is primarily known as a maternity pillow is designed to provide support to the changing curves of your body during pregnancy. This makes it much easier to sleep on the doctors recommended sleeping position for pregnant women.

The best pregnancy pillow is designed to hug the contour of a pregnant woman’s body providing adequate support especially during the second and third trimesters unlike traditional pillows which serve as a headrest.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

With the extra load that comes with a baby growing inside of you, you are definitely going to need a pregnancy support pillow. Whether you are trying to take a nap or just want a good night sleep, a pregnancy pillow will provide the right support for you.

Here are some of the benefits of a pregnancy pillow.  

  • Helps you sleep on your side which is the doctor’s recommended sleeping position.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It helps you feel relaxed which can make your sleeping hours longer.
  • It helps ease body aches and pain.
  • Can be used after delivery as a nursing pillow or just as a support while your body recovers.
  • It provides supports for your back, pelvis, knees and hip.
  • It helps prevents heartburn.

Things to Consider when Searching for a Pregnancy Pillow

There are a lot of pregnancy pillows available in the market today, although they all have one goal, to help you sleep better, each and every one of them have their unique benefits. It is important to note that comfort is personal as there is no universally accepted pregnancy pillow for everyone. Before you make your choice here are some things to consider.

Fabric: One of the most important things to think about when looking for a pregnancy support body is the fabric. Keep in mind that the pregnancy pillow you chose is what you will be using for the next nine months so you want a fabric that is machine washable and dryer friendly. It should also feel good against your skin and be durable.

Some of the typical fabrics used are organic cotton, velour, jersey knit, polyester knit and cotton. I will recommend you choosing an organic fabric pregnancy pillow which is free from harmful chemicals and toxic dyes.

Size: There are various sizes of pregnancy pillows available, from a one foot by one foot pillow to a 10foot U-shaped pregnancy pillow that gives support to every part of your body. One has to ask some questions in order to choose the right size of maternity pillow. Some of the questions are:

  • Do you sleep alone?
  • Do you have room to store it when you are not using it?
  • What is the size of your bed?
  • Which part of your body do you need the support?
  • Do you want to travel with your pregnancy pillow?

These questions will help you decide the right size of pillow that suites your need

Shape: like I earlier said pregnancy pillows have their unique benefits. These pillows are designed to support specific areas of the body and can be positioned in various ways. For example, the wedge pregnancy pillow that is designed to wedge underneath the part of your body that needs support or the U-shaped pregnancy pillow that is perfect for a 360-degree support.

However, the shape of the pregnancy pillow you chose should be determined by the part of your body where you are experiencing discomfort or need support.

Fillings: There are a variety of materials that are used to fill these pillows, if you have ever gone pillow shopping you would know that the materials used in filling plays a large role in getting the right pillow. Remember that your comfort comes first, you would need to decide on how firm you want the pregnancy support pillow to be before making your choice.

Here are some of the common materials used in filling.

  • Wool
  • Micro beads
  • Air
  • Memory foam
  • Polyester fibers
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Buckwheat hulls

Types of Pregnancy Pillow and How it can be used

There are four commonly known types of pregnancy pillows available, if you are looking for some level of body support then stick with me as we look at them and how they can be used:

1. Pregnancy Wedge Pillow : If you would be doing some travelling during your pregnancy then the wedge pillow will be a good choice for you. The wedge pillows are more portable than any other type of pregnancy pillow, it is also one of the cheapest pregnancy pillow you could find in the market. Its light weight makes it easy to place at a targeted area of your body like your back, belly or in between your knees.

The wedge pillow is the perfect support you need while sleeping on your side. A wedge pillow wouldn’t take too much space in your bed making cuddle time with your partner easy, it can also be easily stored after used because of its small size. Some of the benefits of the pregnancy wedge pillow includes:

  • Makes it easier for women to sleep on their sides
  • Reduce heartburn and acid reflux
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce fatigue and muscle tension

How to use: Wedge pregnancy pillows are small and easy to use, you can place it under your tummy while sleeping on your side. You can use the wedge pillow to prop your head while sitting or sleeping. The wedge pillow can also be used to prop a hot water bottle against your back or as a wedge for your back so you don’t roll over while sleeping. Whether you chose a triangular shaped wedge or a crescent shaped wedge they both satisfy the same need.

2. Ushaped Pregnancy Pillow: As the name implies, the u-shaped pregnancy pillow is shaped like the letter U.  The u-shaped pillow due to its unique shape and large size provides full body support for most pregnant women supporting your head, neck, back, hip, legs and even your bump. A u-shaped pillow is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain.

It is a perfect choice for those sleepers who like changing sleeping position (pregnant women can easily switch sleeping position from left to right because you do not need to flip the shape when you adjust). Although the u-shaped pregnancy pillow is quite expensive, it is all worth it as it makes for a great cuddle buddy.

How to use: The u-shaped pregnancy pillow is quite simple to use just flip it upside down, wrap yourself with it resting your back in between both sides of the pillow (this is for back sleepers), you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

For those who want to sleep on their sides simply place your head on top of the pillow (while the pillow is turned upside down), take the open side of the u shape and place it in-between your knee. This position effectively relieves the pressure on your lower leg, knees and hips. It is perfect for turning and tossing.

Using the u-shaped pillow while sitting down simply place it vertically, bending both legs of the pillow to form an armchair this is convenient for reading or watching tv. It can also double as a breastfeeding pillow after child birth.

3. Cshaped Pregnancy Pillow: The c-shaped pregnancy pillow is shaped like the alphabet C. It provides support for the head, back and pelvic area. This pillow is idle for side sleepers, if you are one who likes turning and tossing while sleeping the c-shaped pillow won’t be a fit for you. Unlike the u-shaped pillow, the c shaped pillow takes less shape and a good choice for plus size women because of its c opening design.

How to use: A c-shaped pillow is a great support for side sleepers, all you need to do is wrap the pillow around your back placing your head at one end of the c shape and the other end in between your knees providing support for your pelvic region.

If the support you need is for your tummy, then turn the pillow around wrapping the pillow around your front tummy, this will provide the support you need for your tummy.

4. J-shaped Pregnancy Pillow: Unlike the c-shaped and u-shaped pregnancy pillow which are on the large size, the j-shaped pillow is much more portable giving enough room for cuddle time with your partner. It is also referred to as the candy cane shaped pillow, it provides great support to the knees with its long side, other areas include the back, head and bump. If you like the u-shaped pillow but just don’t have enough room for it then the j-shaped pillow is the next best thing.

How to use: You can place the lower part of the pillow in-between your leg while hugging the upper part of the pillow, this will provide support for your belly.

Alternately, use the pillow as a prop against your back, this will prevent you from rolling over to your back.

5. Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow: If you have been longing to sleep facing down then the inflatable pregnancy pillow is the best option for you. The inflatable pillow is a pregnancy bed plus a maternity raft float with a hole to make lying on your tommy safe and comfortable. It is the largest pregnancy pillow available in the market. They can also be adjustable to suit your comfort level.

The inflatable pregnancy pillow is the only inflated and deflated pillow available which makes it easy to store after use. While inflatable pregnancy pillow is not a common choice, it does help relieve lower back pain and help ease hip pain. For you mom to be who loves being outdoors the inflatable pillow can be used both indoors and out. You can also bring out your bathing suit because the inflatable pregnancy pillow floats.

How to use:  simply inflate the pillow with an air pump then lay facing down placing your tummy into the hole of the pillow.

Top 10 Pregnancy Pillows

While we look at the best pregnancy pillow, we understand that everyone has their preferences so we will be categorizing this list using some of these preferences. Below are the best pregnancy pillows;

Best Overall Pregnancy Pillow

Leacho Snoogle Original Maternity/ Pregnancy Total Body Pillow
Best maternity pillows


Pillow Type: Cshaped

Material: Sateen cotton

Dimension: 60×24.75×7.25inches

The snoogle pillow is an extra long pillow that can replace multiple pillows, providing support from head to toe. If you wish to enjoy cuddle comfort without an extra body heat, then this is definitely the best pillow for you. It has a removeable shamstyle cover that is machine washable, well! we do not expect anything less as it is designed by a registered nurse who is also a mom.

Depending on how well you use this pillow it can provide support for your hips, back, neck and tummy. While this is a great pillow to have, it tends to take a lot of bed space.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for side sleeping

Boppy side sleeper Pregnancy Pillow
Best pregnancy pillow


Pillow Type: Wedge

Material: Polyester

Dimension: 14.2×6.213inch

The boppy pillow is a two puffy wedge cushion connected together by a stretch panel which will give your back and tummy adequate support at the same time. Some soon to be mothers also testify that it helps relief hip pain. If you are finding it difficult to sleep on your side which is the doctors recommended sleeping position then the boppy pillow is for you.

The pillow on both sides will definitely keep you from rolling over and it is firm enough to retain its shape even when you need to use the restroom at night. Its portable size makes it easy to travel with and the great part is that it is machine washable.

Best pregnancy pillow for tummy sleepers

Back and bump comfort-Cozy bump pregnancy bed
Best maternity pillow


Pillow Type: inflatable

Filling: Air

Dimension: 6feetx24inches

Have you missed sleeping on your tummy? does your baby bump make it impossible? If all your answers are yes, then the cozy bump pregnancy bed is the right fit for you. With an adjust belly hole that will fit your baby bump at different trimester, it also comes with a soft fuzzy material that can be used to cover certain areas of the pillow.

The cozy bump can be used as a massage table and because it floats it can be used in a pool. It is important to note that this pillow should only be used for short naps as sleeping on your tummy for long hours isn’t advisable. Moms to be also note that this pillow does not give your breast as much comfort, some even say they don’t like the feel of the material on their skin.

Best pregnancy pillow for back pain

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Maternity Body Pillow


Pillow type: U-shaped

Material: Polyester and cotton

Filling: Polyester fiber

Dimension: 51X34X9 inches

Whether you are a first-time mom or not you will agree with me that belly support is not the only support you will be needing while pregnant. Your growing belly can take a torn on your back causing you to develop back pain. The leachco back and belly contoured pillow has an hourglass design that provide dual support to your back and belly at the same time, with a machine washable cover.

You can easily flip from side to side without repositioning the pillow during the night. It also creates better spine position by aligning your hips and can provide great support for your head which helps to relieve heartburn. Although this pregnancy pillow on amazon has great reviews, it is expensive and quite heavy to move around.

Best wedge pregnancy pillow

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow
Best pregnancy pillow


Pillow type: Wedge

Dimension: 14x4x12 inches

Filling: Foam

The boppy pregnancy wedge pillow is a support pillow for mom pre and post birth. Its compact size makes it very easy to move into area where support is desired. Boppy pregnancy wedge provide support to your belly bump, knees and back depending on how well you use it. It is portable enough to travel with and has a machine washable cover.

Its firm and versatile cushion can be used while sitting down or as a breastfeeding pillow. Although this product has a lot of great reviews on amazon some moms to be complain of its smell and the material used in filling the pillow.

Best U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow
Best maternity pillow


Pillow type: u-shaped

Material: cotton

Filling: Polyester fiber

Dimension: 55×31.4×7.8inches

This is one pillow that give you a full body support, the u-shaped pregnancy pillow replaces the need for multiple pillows supporting your belly, back, shoulder, pelvis, knees and ankles. Queen rose pregnancy pillow will also be useful post birth serving as a multi shape pillow for breastfeeding, washing tv or just sitting. It comes with machine washable cover but this pillow and can feel like a third party on your bed.

Best C-shaped pregnancy pillow

CeeCee Pillow by PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow
Best pregnancy pillow


Pillow type: Cshaped

Material: Cotton

Dimension: 57×30.12x7inches

Longing for an uninterrupted sleep then the CeeCee pillow is a good fit for you. This c-shaped pillow is one of the best body pillows for pregnancy, it comes with a removeable and machine washable cover.it provides head, shoulder, back, belly, pelvic, foot and ankle support. Its versatility makes it multi-purpose in nature. Truly this cshaped pregnancy pillow is unlike any other. However, some mom to be complain that the pillow is not firm enough.

Best affordable pregnancy pillow

Room Essential body pillow
Best Pregnancy Pillow


Material: Polyester

Filling: Hypoallergenic fiber

Dimension: 52 inches

Although this is not your traditional pregnancy pillow, the room essential body pillow is quite comforting for most pregnant women. Shaped like your regular pillow, it has a longer length that makes cuddling enjoyable depending on how it is used.

It can provide support to your back, neck and even your belly but this pillow isn’t shaped to give you full body support like must traditional pregnancy pillows. If you are looking for a good pillow that is also pocket friendly then room essential body pillow is just what you need.

Best organic pregnancy pillow

Yana Luxury Body Pillow


Material: cotton

Dimension: 55×28.5×8.15inches

The Yana pillow is an organic body pillow that is contoured to your body curves to help you sleep better. Whether you are looking for support while you sleep or sit this pillow will serve you well. The Yana breathable fabric is sure to keep you cool and comfortable all through the night with its shredded cooling gel fill. It is washable and organic cotton and bamboo velour will make you have a great sleeping experience. Some moms to be do have some complain on how the pillow sells.

Best pregnancy pillow for travel

Leacho Snoogle Mini Chic Pillow
Best pregnancy pillow


Material: Cotton

Dimension: 22X14X7inches

Leacho snoogle mini chic pillow is a compact size pillow that can support your back, leg and tummy. This pillow is great for side sleepers and its compact size makes it easy to travel with. It comes with a removeable cover that’s machine washable.

These are the top pregnancy pillows available for a comfortable sleep. Pregnant women can rest easy now knowing that there is a good pregnancy pillow that can solve their sleep problem.

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