11 Best Supermarkets in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt city is located in the heart of the Niger delta of Nigeria. Commonly known as the garden city with lots of shopping Malls. Its a city with beautiful sites, beautiful women, shoprite, in fact beautiful people. If you ever visit this city and you need to go shopping, I bet you want the best supermarket near me.

We are are going to be counting down the 11 best supermarkets near me in Port harcourt . These supermarkets were shortlisted based on sizes, coverage, Location and types of services. Here is our 11 best supermarkets in Port Harcourt

11 Best Supermarket In Port Harcourt


One of the biggest supermarkets in Port Harcourt. It covers only two locations in Port Harcourt but I must let you know that it is strategically sited. You can find them on Aba road by Garrison bus-stop or at the famous Port Harcourt mall. There is hardly anybody in Port Harcourt who does not know spar. Their store has numerous sections from furniture to grocery and the list is on and on

They have very good customer service, cheap prices, wide reach in stocks. There is also very big parking space and good lighting. But on a very busy day you might be on queue for a while at the cashier’s post. Spar is a very good place for window shopping and meeting up with strangers.

Market Square

Market square is currently living up to its name. Its has actually gotten the attention of Port Harcourt with its trademark bread and it keeps expanding its outlets around the state. They currently occupy 5 different locations in Port Harcourt.

They are in Onne by the FOT roundabout where they share the same building with Kilimanjaro fast-food. They are located on Odili road just opposite Total Gospel Bus Stop. You can also find them in Rumudara just after Shandee’s fastfood, at the new GRA near Genesis Mall and the last but not the least is located at Ada George near Timeless supermarkets. Market Square sells fresh groceries, snacks and they have a walk-in refrigerator that stocks all types of drinks.


Shoprite Port Harcourt is one of the top shopping malls in the city. It is located at 8 Old Aba Road, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt. This location is easy to spot and access as it is along the road. Customers who comes to shop at Shoprite have access to a very spacious parking space where they can safely park their vehicles.

This mall has several retail stores including Shoprite supermarket. At the supermarket you can buy all forms of perishable goods like live chicken, beef, pork, meat pie, tomatoes ice cream and more. Customers can also purchase things like alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage, household items and more.

If your desire is to purchase the latest electronics and kid toys, you can also find those in the supermarket. It is also worthy of note that the prices for most of the products sold in Shoprite supermarket are very reasonable especially their drinks. Customers can find very cheap drinks in the store.

Another thing that makes Shoprite a hit among locals is their bread. They produce and sell very tasty bread and snacks. You can also buy a variety cooked food in the store for a very cheap price. These days people opt to visit Shoprite to shop as against other supermarket because of the price of their good. Shoprite is definitely one of the best Supermarket in Port Harcourt.

Next Supermarket

When it comes to size, Next supermarket is the biggest of all the supermarkets in Port Harcourt. Located behind Pabod brewies off Oginigba Road Trans- amadi, this supermarket is a desired location for heavy shoppers.

You can drive a car comfortably inside Next supermarket without hitting any object. It is rumored to be own by ex gov Peter obi. This supermarket is the next best thing that has happened to Port Harcourt. Fully stocked and a very good place for family shopping.

Everyday Supermarket

You can not talk supermarkets in Port Harcourt without mentioning Everyday supermarket. Growing up they were the biggest chain of supermarkets we had in Port Harcourt. It is said that the business belong to a family who managed their shops individually but they operate under the same umbrella Everyday supermarket. Some even say they own everyday diaper. With over 6 out lets scattered around Port Harcourt.

Their head quarters is located at the New GRA Eligbam opposite skippers fastfood. Port Harcourt residents that prefer leisure shopping can visit this supermarket to purchase all their consumables and household items.

Next Time Supermarket

You can visit nexttime supermarket located on Abacha Road GRA phase 2. They have very nice Ice cream and a very good road network. You can also buy other household items and consumables in this store.

Welcome U Supermarket

Has only four outlets in Port Harcourt currently. One is located around Rumuokuta junction, the other is in town off Aggrey road while the remaining two is located inside Woji town. Its headquarter along Woji Alcon road was at some point razed by fire but it has been rebuilt.

If you are looking for fast consumables goods around Woji Axis, then you should visit welcome you supermarket.

Prince Mega Agency

This is one of the few cosmetics shops in Port Harcourt. Prince Mega is a house hold name in perfumes, makeup and cosmetics. This is one of those kind of supermarkets that deals on only beauty items. With its headquarters in Mile 1 close to education bus stop. Prince Mega has its outlets scattered around town. One is in Woji close to the YKC roundabout and another on Rumuola – Rumuokuta road opposite the Art and Science school.

Livinchun Supermarket

As old as the supermarket business in Port Harcourt is, this is one of the supermarkets that has evolved over time. It existed during the time of Superbod supermarket in Port Harcourt and its still kicking hard. They have a branch in woji by Eliji bus stop and their headquarters at Ada George road Port Harcourt.

The Giant Supermarket

Very popular because of its location. Its located at Rumuola and it is very easy to access. It has stood tall and strong through the years. Many other supermarkets that existed during its peak are no more.

Chanrais Supermarket

Located on 13 Aba Road near leventis bus stop. They usually open at 7am daily. Its is managed by a Lebanese outfit. A very good location to buy your groceries. It also has a butchery and a kitchen. They offer bulk discounts and many more. Visit Chanrais supermarket today for your grocery shopping.

There are many Supermarkets in the city of Port Harcourt, but if you want to mention the best of them you will have to look at the ones in our list below. As a shopaholic I will advice you visit any of the supermarket below to purchase your products and also enjoy the scenery.

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