12 Best Transport Companies In Enugu, Nigeria

Enugu State is regarded as the Capital of the East. The Southern people of Nigeria see the state as the head of all the Eastern regions in the country. This believe has resulted in a lot of influx people and development in the state. The influx and development has led to the busy nature of Transport companies in Enugu.

The coal city of Enugu has so many tertiary institutions, markets and the head office of many Eastern organizations, which has resulted in the rise of road transportation companies in the state. Many residents and foreigners who frequently travel in and out of the state prefer to use, public transport because it is the easiest way to travel in the not so good roads and for security reasons.

There are numerous road transport companies in Enugu to use when travelling, some are ideal while others will leave you with a bad memory. In order to have the best travel experience you should sieve through the multitude of transport companies and only travel with the best transport companies in Enugu. Luckily for you we have compiled the updated list of the best transport companies in Enugu, to use for all your road travels. See list below to choose from.

Top Transport Companies In Enugu, Nigeria

1. ABC Transport

This transport company which started its operations in February 13, 1993 has become a public favorite for people traveling into and out of Enugu. ABC Transport company is one of the top transport companies in Enugu, due to its modern structure, new and road worthy buses, great customer service and experienced and professional drivers.

The transport line after its acquisition in 2003 did a lot of re branding, which saw an increase in the destinations it covers. It also acquired brand new buses, adjusted it’s policies to better cater for customers and opened an online platform where people can book vehicles to all destinations in Nigeria and even outside the country.

These new features made the transport line more relevant and in Enugu they have one of the best buses that travel the roads. It’s online platform is easy to access and book vehicle and their transport fare to various destinations is quite moderate.

ABC Transport in Enugu is very popular and their drivers has a record of accident free journey. They also have a very good parceling service in Enugu for any waybill you intend to do. Also their location is in the heart of town and easily accessible to passengers.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu – ABC Transport
Terminal / Location 122, Ogui Road, Enugu, Enugu ( 08142552427) [email protected]
DestinationsEnugu – Port Harcourt, Enugu – Abuja, Enugu – Calabar, Enugu- Owerri, Enugu – Lagos, Enugu – Uyo, Enugu – Umuahia, Enugu – Aba
2. Peace Mass Transit

One of the most dominant transport line in the East, Peace Mass Transit has the biggest park (terminal) in Enugu. It has two popular terminals in Enugu, one which is the main park and the other as a bus stop for vehicles coming into the city.

Peace Mass Transit started its operations in the east, the owner who is from Enugu started carrying passengers from Onitsha to Enugu and has been able to open various terminals all over the eastern region. It is one of the top transport companies in Nigeria and in Enugu, the most popular transport line.

It’s location is one of the reason it is very popular, located at holy ghost junction the transport company has the largest numbers of buses in Enugu. One of the reason it is considered a top transport line is because it has enough buses to transport passengers to their destinations and because it travels to almost all locations in the country.

Peace Mass Transit has good online platform for vehicle booking and even a mobile app that you can download on your phone to make transport booking easy. Their terminal in Enugu is well structured that every destination has its bus post and booking area making it easy to book vehicles.

They also have good parceling service which passengers take advantage of to send their waybill to any location in the country.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu – Peace Mass Transit
Terminal/Location6 Okpara Avenue Enugu; around the popular Ogbette Main Market ( 08055091822 )
Liberty Junction, Obinagu/Ogwuago Road, Abakpa Nike.
Destinations Enugu – Port Harcourt, Enugu – Lagos, Enugu – Benin, Enugu – Abuja, Enugu – Owerri, Enugu- Onitsha, Enugu – Aba
3. God Is Good Motors

God is Good is considered the road transport equivalent of an airline due to its first class services. This transport line which started its operations in Benin, came into existence and changed the face of transportation business in Nigeria.

GIGM as it is popularly known is one of the best transport company in Nigeria. In Enugu it is considered a first class transport option for road travelers. It has a very unique and modern terminal in the state. Its location is idea for road travelers because it is easily accessible.

Their staffs are very professional and very helpful in making passenger’s journey very smooth and enjoyable. They have one of the newest buses in Nigeria and their drivers which are referred to as pilots are very safety conscious while on the road.

God is Good Motors has the best online booking platform for booking vehicles to any location in Nigeria, and it is effective from any location. On their platform passengers can choose their preferred vehicles and seat numbers. They also have a very good parceling service for waybill delivery to any location in the country.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu – God is Good Motors
Terminal/Location 7, Market Road,Opposite State Library,Holy Ghost Park,Ogui, ( 08139851110 )
DestinationsEnugu – Benin, Enugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja, Enugu – Port Harcourt
4. Young Shall Grow

Young Shall Grow transport company commenced its operations in 1973, plying the Enugu to Onitsha road. Over the years it has grown opening several terminals all over the country. The transport company is known to have some of the biggest buses in Enugu.

Due to the large nature of many of its buses in Enugu, it is able to accommodate more passengers. YSG is one of the top transport company in Enugu, because of its consistency, availability of luxurious and roadworthy vehicles and its customer service.

In Enugu it is located in the most busy area of the town. It is one of the oldest transport lines in the town and it carries out other services. It has a parceling service for waybill, its vehicles are available for hire and it involves in Haulage service.

This transport line travels within and outside the country, as far as Accra Ghana from Nigeria. One of the unique thing about them is that they have a lodge for relaxation while traveling which has lots of rooms. Their transport fare is moderate and their online transport booking site is very functional.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu – Young Shall Grow
Terminal/Location Ogui Roundabout Road, Enugu, ( 08170765674 )
DestinationEnugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja
5. Enugu State Transport Company (ENTRACO)

Enugu State has one of the most organised and effective road transport in Nigeria. Local and commercial transport is cheap and easily accessible in the state due to the government’s involvement in the transport industry.

ENTRACO as this transport line is largely known, is a government owned transport company that provides cheap and accessible transport service to residence in the state. This transport company is run under a management and carries out both intra state and inter state travels.

The vehicles used for these trips are driven by several independent drivers who follow the policy set up by the body governing them to regulate their activities. This travel line travels to various villages in the state as well as outside the state.

There are fleets of cars constantly in the park making it easy to get a vehicle to your destination. The vehicles doesn’t have the same luxury like other private transport vehicles but it serves its purpose.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu – ENTRACO
Terminal/Location Km 11, Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway, Emene
Agbani Road by Afor Awkunanaw Market, Gariki
Old Park, Ogbete Market Enugu
DestinationsEnugu – Abakiliki, Enugu – Port Harcourt, Enugu – Nsukka, Enugu – Onitsha, Enugu – Owerri, Enugu – Jos, Enugu – Kaduna, Enugu – Makurdi
6. Chisco Transport

This transport company is another popular transport company in Enugu and a preferred choice among locals in the state. It started as an auto part selling company before expanding to road transportation. Chisco has its head office in Lagos and various terminals across the country.

The transport company in Enugu has very good buses and experienced drivers. Their park in Enugu has large influx of passengers and their transport charge is moderate. They are known to be one of the best transport line to travel with from Enugu to Lagos.

CategoryBest Transport Company in Enugu – Chisco Transport
Terminal/Location 13 Market Road, Ogbete, Enugu State ( 08106517669)
DestinationsEnugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja,
7. Ekenedilichukwu Motors

Ekenedilichukwu is one transport company that has a long history in Enugu. It was one of the first transport company in Enugu to ply the Enugu to Lagos roads. It has very big buses and a long list of loyal passengers.

The transport company also makes its vehicles available for hire and waybill service is carried out at their terminal. Because of their very large buses passengers can make very long trips and their comfort is guaranteed in the very spacious buses.

CategoryBest Transport Company In Enugu -Ekenedilichukwu Motors
Terminal/Location 44 Zik Avenue Road, opposite Central Police Zik Avenue, Enugu.
DestinationsEnugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja
8. Rivers Transport Company (RTC)

Rivers Transport Company which was formed from the initiative of the Rivers State Government, is a subsidized transport company which provides cheap transport to residents of Enugu traveling to and from Port Harcourt (Rivers State).

This transport company has a high rate travelling Enugu roads. It’s drivers are very experienced and there are always vehicles available to travel with. RTC makes use of regular buses as well as space buses for its trips. The park is easy to locate and you don’t need to wait for a long time before boarding a vehicle.

CategoryTop Transport Company In Enugu – Rivers Transport Company (RTC)
Terminal/LocationsGariki Junction Enugu
No. 6, Market Road, Ogui, Enugu
DestinationsEnugu – Port Harcourt, Enugu – Abakiliki
9. Auto Star Transport

Auto Star Transport is a modern transport company which majorly focuses on road transportation. The transport company in Enugu has new and roadworthy vehicles for travels to various locations. Auto Star has a first class service that some people consider them an alternative to air travel.

Their terminal in Enugu has enough vehicles to move people to their location. Among the reason why Auto Star in Enugu is a preferred choice is the safety measures implemented by their drivers to make sure they are accident free.

They also have an online platform for travel booking which is very effective and their buses depart locations at the time announced on their portal. Auto Star brags about being precocious in terms of departure and arrival time. Their parceling service is one of the best in Enugu and their delivery very prompt and waybill intact.

CategoryTop Transport Company In Enugu – Auto Star Transport
Terminal/Location Ogui Junction, Opposite New Berries Park, Beside Juel Fuel Station, GRA,Enugu state
( 07034511410 )
DestinationsEnugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja
10. Ifesinachi Transport Limited

Ifesinachi Transport Limited is another transport company that provides quality travel experience to travelers in Enugu. They have brand new buses with various sizes that are conducive for road travel to various destinations.

There park in Enugu is in an ideal area of the city and their drivers are very experienced and safety conscious. They have a good online booking website where passengers can book and pay for their trips with ease. They are tested and trusted in Enugu which makes them one of the best.

CategoryTop Transport Company In Enugu – Ifesinachi Transport Limited
Terminal/Location No 2 Okpala Avenue, Enugu, Nigeria ( 08062081082 )
DestinationsEnugu – Lagos, Enugu – Abuja
11. Agofure Motors

Agofure Motors which is owned by a Deltan is the only transport company in Enugu with a direct bus from Enugu to Warri. This transport line which has dominated Delta State and some Southern States, has also established its presence in the coal city.

It’s park is located at the most popular location in Enugu, making it easy to find. Agofure buses are rarely involved in road accidents due to the safety measure put in place by the company to make sure traveling is successful. Also they have very experienced drivers.

The only thing to note with this transport line is that it only travels to Warri from Enugu and in order to get a vehicle you have to be at the park very early in the morning.

CategoryTop Transport Company In Enugu – Agofure Motors
Terminal/LocationHoly Ghost, By Ogbete Main Market, Enugu
DestinationEnugu – Warri
12. Imo Transport Company

Imo transport company was formed from the initiative of the Imo State Government to provide affordable transport for its residence. This transport company operates within the state and outside the state and one of its point of operations is Enugu.

The vehicles are managed by individuals who have been given license to operate under the scheme. One can find several of it’s buses in Enugu, transporting passengers from Enugu to Owerri. The transport line is ideal for residence in Enugu who regularly travel to the capital city of Imo State. The fare is cheap and their drivers are quite experienced.

CategoryTop Transport Company In Enugu – Imo Transport Company (RTC)
Terminal/Location 314 Agbani Roadd, Awkunanaw, Enugu
DestinationEnugu – Owerri

Travelling in and outside Enugu’s Coal City can be a stress free and an enjoyable experience if you use any of these best transport companies in Enugu. Try any of them and share your experience in the comment section, we will love to hear them.

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