12 Ideal Things To Consider Before Choosing An Event Hall In Warri.

Events are a must in any society especially in the city of Warri where every weekend there is one ceremony or the other. People are either celebrating a birthday, wedding, burial, anniversary or conference.

One of the most important thing to take into consideration when planning your event in the city of Warri is the event hall. There are 12 ideal things to consider before choosing a wedding in Warri. In order for your event to be successful, your event hall needs to meet certain criteria and standard.

Warri is a very unique city where people rate each other according to the magnitude of event they hold. The more successful your event is the more acceptable you are in the society. Considering the high standards set for events in Warri, you should consider these criteria before choosing an event hall in Warri.

12 Ideal Things To Consider Before Choosing An Event Hall In Warri

1. Type Of Event

The type of event you intend to host will most certainly determine the type of even hall you will look out for. As it is common in the city of Warri, most burial celebration are held in an open field. Like a school field, community hall parking space etc. In this case you will have to look out for an open field and not necessary a hall.

But if you are looking at hosting a wedding reception or birthday or conference then you can consider using an event hall. Therefore the type of event should be considered when planning your occasion.

2. Budget

This is one important factor you should consider when planning your event. You need to set out a budget for everything, especially the hall. Now it is necessary to note that a very good hall in the city of Warri is very expensive. Therefore you should have a good budget for your hall.

Having a budget is important as it would help determine the type of hall that would be available to you. An ideal hall in the city of Warri would cost from 200,000 thousand naira and above.

3. Location

The Location of your desired hall is another important factor you must consider. A lot of people tend to make the mistake of hosting their parties in a location that is too far from town, and not easily accessible by vehicle. If there is one thing that is common in Warri, it is the fact that people prefer to attend events that is convenient for them. Therefore consider the location of the hall when choosing it. You don’t want to spend your money planning and inviting people for your occasion and have them not show up.

4. Security

Now this is a factor that cannot be overemphasized. Indigenes of the town know for a fact that there are some places in the city that are not considered safe. If you are planning an event you should check if your chosen location is a safe zone and if there are security personnel in the location.

Nobody wants attend an event and be robbed or attacked, therefore you should consider the security of your guests. Also you should keep in mind that uninvited guest would show up and might want to start a fight, therefore there should be security personnel available to handle the situation if it arises.

5. Parking Space

One of the negative things to consider when choosing your event is car theft. Over time there has been tales of people who parked their cars in an unsafe spot and it was stolen. Therefore to curb this you should make sure that your event location has enough parking space and that there would be someone there to watch these vehicles.

This factor must be considered as one of the ideal thing to consider before choosing an event hall especially in Warri.

6. Date

You might be wondering how this a factor, well I will enlighten you. The date you choose to host your event can determine the event hall that will be available to you. In Warri people tend to book event halls months before their event. Therefore if a particular event hall is what you desire then you should have your date booked way ahead of time in order to secure it.

If you don’t choose a date early and book on time you might have to settle for an event hall that is not ideal for you or your guests.

7. Size Of The Hall

Now the size of the hall is determined by the number of guests you are expecting. If the number of guests you are expecting is around 1000 then you should go for a hall that can take 1500 to 2000 people. Why? because if there is one thing that is common in Warri, it’s that the number of people that show up for any occasion is always more than those invited. Therefore choose your hall wisely. The one thing you don’t want is people hanging around because of space, it is not a good look and things can begin to go wrong from there.

8. Good Lighting and AC

Most people just look at the size of a hall and forget every other thing. If you choose a hall that has bad lighting no matter how much editing done on your video, it won’t come out good. Lighting is very important in any event that is why you see event planners spend lots of money on good lighting. Therefore look out for the lighting in the hall.

Also you should look out for a hall that has enough AC to go round your guest and check to make sure they are all working properly. You don’t want to have an event where your guests will complain of heat. If that happens trust me you will become the talk of the town and it won’t be a positive feedback.

9. Good Sound System

There has been numerous events I have attended in the past where the sound system was bad. Either the speaker wasn’t working properly or the microphone was bad. This should not be your story. Most modern event halls come with a sound system, it is your duty to check if they are working properly. If you have to go there with a specialist to check then you should. It would be a very embarrassing situation if you guest start complaining of the sound.

10. Clean Restroom

A restroom is important in any event especially if you have children attending. You can’t control how much people will visit the restroom, therefore you should have one available and it should be clean at all time. A good event hall should have a clean and working restroom and you should do your part to make sure it stays clean. If there is a need to have someone stationed at the restroom to clean it then you should do that.

11. Inner Room

One important ideal thing to consider before choosing an event hall in Warri is the availability of an inner room. This cannot be overstated, if you find an event hall that doesn’t have an inner room I will advise you don’t take it. You need an inner room for numerous things which include, changing clothes, store food and drinks, take a break while the event is going on. There other things you can use the inner room for besides the things I have mentioned.

12. Projectors and TV

If you are planning an event in Warri and you want to stand out then you should consider a hall that has projectors and TV. Now there are few halls in Warri that have these facilities but having these in your event would add beauty and spice to it. Also if what you are hosting is a conference or seminar then it is a must to have these facilities. Of course you can always hire them but if they can come with the hall then it is a plus.

As an event host if you want your event to be successful and memorable these are the 12 ideal things to consider when choosing an event hall in Warri.

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