14 Best Transport Companies In Benin, Nigeria

Benin city in Edo State is the headquarters of some of the best transport companies in Nigeria. Some of the biggest transport companies in Nigeria are known to have started here and have overtime opened several branches all over the country. Today we shine our light on the 14 best transport companies in Benin city, the capital of Edo State.

Edo state is filled with countless of transportation companies and many of them makes millions of naira yearly, taking people to their destinations around the country. The ancient city is filled with these transport companies due to the fact that the city is known for its farming and trading.

Many of our local produce are made in this state and at the end transported to various parts of the country. Farming which is part of the major income of the state is made easy with the use of these transport companies. Also Benin city is the home of one of the best university in the country as well as numerous higher institutions.

The presence of the University of Benin, the state University, Ambrose Alli University as well as several polytechnics and colleges of education, has made the state one of the busiest in the country. This in turn has increased the numbers of transport companies in Benin.

Top Transport Companies In Benin

1. God Is Good Motors

GIGM is undoubtedly one of the best transport company in Nigeria, therefore it is not strange that it is number one on our list. This transport company co-incidentally was founded in Benin city by the late Edwin Ajaere and now managed by his son Chidi Ajaere.

God is Good motors has its company situated at 202B Uselu Lagos Road, Near Ediaken Market, Benin city. This transport line has one of the most luxurious and roadworthy vehicles. Their company structure is quite different from most transport companies in Nigeria. With GIGM you can easily book your vehicles online and choose your desired seat.

Their drivers which are referred to as pilots are one of the most experienced drivers, they follow the required speed limit and are very respectful and cordial to passengers. The vehicles are AC packed and they have very spacious and comfortable seats. Some of their vehicles have televisions for the passenger’s entertainment.

Some of the destinations GIGM travel to from Benin include. Enugu, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Abuja, Calabar, Lagos, and other cities in Nigeria. God is Good Motors has on of the best working online platform, well equipped and structured parks and one of the best transport system in the city of Benin and Nigeria as a whole.

2. Efosa Express (Efex Executive)

Efosa Express now known as Efex Executive is a first class transport company in Benin city. It started its operations in the Edo State capital in 1981 and since then it has ventured into several sectors of the transportation business. At some point they made use of Mitsubishi Canter trucks to transport tomatoes from Zaria to Benin City.

The transport line over the years went into commercial transport using buses and car hiring with luxurious motors. It was at this point the transport company name was re branded Efex Executive. Efex has very flashy and first class vehicles for travel, their buses have good working AC, television and spacious seats.

Efex is highly recognized in Benin city for its first class travel style. There are hardly stories of road accidents with this transport line. This transport company ply several destinations from Benin which include, Lagos, Abuja and even Ghana. Their online booking platform is very effective and easy to navigate.

They have very experienced drivers and their staffs are well trained. Their parceling service is one of the best in Benin and they even have a hotel for lodging. Efex Express is located at Urubi Street, Benin City. The transport company is definitely one to use if you want to enjoy a long distance travel and if you intend to travel to Ghana by road.

3. Big Joe Motors

The transport line was founded by the late Joseph Osayande. It started its operations in Benin making the travel from Benin city to the north. The company prides itself for being the originators of transit from the south to the north. They believe they are the king of Northern transit.

It is located at 102 Akpakpava Rd, Avbiama, Benin City. Their buses are quite larger than the average buses but they also have the regular buses. For long distance travel to the north they make use of Toyota Hiace buses. Their prices are average and there drivers are very experienced.

Some of their customers are traders who travel the road with their goods. Part of the places they travel to include Kano, Abuja, Lagos, Katsina and others. Big Joe motors is an ideal transport line for long distance trip and one of the best transport companies in Benin.

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4. Iyare Motors

This is part of the popular transport companies in Benin. It is one of the oldest transport line in Edo State. Iyare motors can be found at Avbiama, Benin City. This transport company has succeeded in remaining relevant in Edo states despite the competitive industry it find itself.

Iyare motors is known for being one of the best option for people traveling from Benin to Lagos. Their vehicles are sound and the seats are comfortable. They have good and experienced drivers and their transport fare is quite moderate. Residents of the state choose this transport company because of its effective safety procedures and good travel experience.

Iyare motors travel to different parts of the country from Benin and students and workers consider it a wise choice for a successful journey.

5. Greener Line Transport

Situated at Saw Mill Road Junction, Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin City. This transport company is another popular transport company in Benin. It has good buses and has a long list of customers. The company has one of the best drivers in the city of Benin.

Their services are ideal for anyone looking for a good transport line in Benin. Some of the destinations they cover include, Warri, Lagos, Abuja, and other major cities. Their buses are fully equipped with working AC and you can enjoy some privacy when you close the curtains beside the window.

6. Ohonba Line

Ohonba line is another transport company that originated in Benin. It is located at Plot 222, Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Benin city, Edo state. This transport company is majorly the transport line of students. Due to the fact that it is located close to the University of Benin campus, many students living outside the city use it.

They have new and roadworthy buses and their drivers are quite experienced. Another reason why this transport line is a preferred choice of students is the transport fare. They offer a very moderate transport fare which makes them very popular. Some of the places this transport line travel to include, Auchi, Ekpoma, Lagos, Onitsha and lots more.

7. Eagle Line

This transport company is located at 52 Urubi St, Avbiama, Benin City. It is one of the best transport companies in Benin. It has good buses, fully AC fitted and comfortable and spacious seats. Their drivers are very experienced and well behaved.

Many people choose Eagle line because of their good service. Their major destination is Lagos but they also cover other location like Ibadan, Port Harcourt and lots more. Their charges is quite moderate and you are sure of getting to your destination safely.

8. Muyi Line

Muy line is located at 169 Uselu Lagos Road Benin City. It is another preferred transport line of UNIBEN students in Benin due to its closeness to the school campus. The transport line has large number of passengers which makes it difficult sometimes to get a bus. Their fare is very moderate and they are located just along the road which makes it easy to locate them.

They have good and new buses as well as experienced drivers, their vehicles are fast on the road and proper care is taken to avoid road accidents. Many people choose this transport line over others because they have large flit of buses and cheap fare. It is a good transport company that keeps upgrading to satisfy customer’s needs. Some of the location they cover include, Warri, Lagos, Abraka, Onitsha, Ekpoma and lots more.

9. Bob Izua Motors

This is one of the oldest transport line in Benin. Owned by the prominent Chief Adun Osame, the transport company is located along Ring Road in Benin city. It used to be the number one transport line 15 years back but with the demolition of its former structure and the coming up of new transport companies, it has taken a back seat.

Bob Izua motors is still relevant in Benin as some of her residents still prefer to travel with it. The transport company has good drivers and the rate of road accidents is low. One of its setbacks is the fact that one would have to wait for a long time before vehicle arrives for you to travel. Some of the road it ply includes, Warri, Port Harcourt, Abraka, Lagos, Auchi and lots more.

10. Ameosa Motors

This is one highly competitive transport company, due to its regulated transport fare. Ameosa Motors has two parks in Benin city one along Benin-Sapele Road, and the other at 6 Akpakpava Road, Benin City. The transport company is very efficient and trustworthy.

Their vehicles are quite decent and their drivers very experienced. One can get a vehicle to their destination almost immediately you get to the park. They have a structure whereby passengers are required to sit on the exact seat given to them when they purchase their ticket.

Some of the places they travel to include, Warri, Port Harcourt, Auchi, Lagos and Abuja. Students choose this transport line because of how cheap their tickets are and how fast it is to get to your destination.

11. Goddy Edosa Motors

This transport company is located at No. 52 Uselu Lagos Road, Use, Benin City. It is another good transport company for travels. They have variety of buses and well experienced drivers . Their transport fare is quite moderate and locating their terminal is quite easy.

Their main route is Benin to Lagos and they have numerous buses and passengers that ply this road. It is a decent transport line for travelers.

12. Edobor Line

Loated at No. 52 Uselu Lagos Road, Use, Benin City, Edobor line is another old and popular transport line in Benin. It has been in existence for a long time and lots of passengers trust it to take them to their destination.

This transport line is just at an environment that is busy which gives it the opportunity to get lots of traders. Their buses are good and their fare very moderate. Some of the places it travels to include, Lagos, Auchi, Ekpoma etc.

13. ABC Transport

ABC transport is one transport company that keeps growing in Nigeria. It has offices spread all over the country and in Benin it has gathered lots of publicity qualifying it as part of the best transport company in the state. Their office is at 145 New Lagos Rd, opp. Gtbank, Uselu, Benin City, a good location to get passengers.

This transport line has good buses that are fully functional and roadworthy. They also have a good parcel service that does waybill to any part of the country. ABC transport ply various locations in Nigeria from Benin including Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Abuja. Passengers can enjoy a stress free ride with a very experienced driver handling the wheel.

14. GUO Transport

This transport line has its terminal at 168, Uselu-Lagos road, opposite zenith Bank plc, Benin City, Edo State. It one of the few transport line in the South- South that travel outside Nigeria to Ghana as well as other African countries.

They have lots of passengers and buses to accommodate them. The transport line is great for long distance travel and their transport fare is quite moderate. Some of the destination they go to from Benin include, Asaba, Lagos, Onitsha, Owerri and lots more.

These transport companies in our list are the best in Edo State. Passengers looking for a safe and stress free travel experience should book their travel with any of them.

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