5 Best Cab Service In Benin City, Nigeria

The ancient city of Benin in Nigeria, is the hub of transportation companies in the Southern region of the country. With a lot of transport companies originating from this city, there is definitely no short of transport service in the city. If what you desire is comfort, easy navigation of the city and stress free rides, you might want to consider using any of the best cab service in Benin city we will be listing below.

In terms of intra city transport, it might be a hassle getting to your destination due the way the roads are structured in the state. Commuters might have to wait for a long time before they get a commercial vehicle(buses) to their destination and even when they do, the ride would definitely not be very comfortable.

As a resident of the city or a foreigner trying to find your way around this ancient city, it would be advisable for you to use a taxi service in Benin city to navigate your way. Luckily for you we have compiled a list of the best cab service in Benin city to make things easier. No need to thank us, just pay close attention to the information we will be revealing as it will go along way to help you.

5 Best Cab Service In Benin City, Nigeria

1. Bolt

This transport service which was founded in Estonia is very popular in Nigeria and widely used in Benin city. The transport company makes use of an app which can be downloaded in most mobile app stores. It is considered one of the best cab service in Benin city due to its facilities.

The taxi service is easily accessible once you have the app downloaded on your phone. Passengers can get a vehicle to any destination in the city once they sign up and book a ride. Drivers who are always readily available will contact them and pick them up from their location and drop them at their destination.

Bolt which is formerly called Taxify, has a very moderate transport charge, and very experienced drivers. The vehicles available for transportation are well equipped and roadworthy. Their drivers are very friendly and respectful. It is also a plus that they know the route of the city. One can be sure of getting a very comfortable and easy ride using this taxi app in Benin city.

2. Uber

This is another very popular transport app in Nigeria. It was launched in Benin city in 2019 by the state Governor’s wife Mrs Betsy Obaseki, This taxi service like most cab service run through an app. The app can be downloaded on google playstore and once download is complete, passengers can sign up and book a ride to any destination in the state.

Uber has all the capacities of a premium cab service and the taxi fare is quite moderate, Passengers can book a ride to any location within the state and even outside the state. Residents and foreigners who desire a comfortable and easy means of transport can be well assured of this when the make use of Uber.

The mobile app is easy to use and payment for service can also be made using the app. Uber drivers are quite experienced and very professional, therefore you are guaranteed a safe transit. Their vehicles have a working AC which adds to the comfort of the passengers. It is definitely an ideal transport service to use.

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3. Fast Taxi

Fast taxi Benin city is a Benin based taxi service. It has its office located at Caesar Plaza, 1 Limit Road, Off Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State. This cab service has a mobile app that passengers can use to book a ride to any destination of their choice within and outside the state.

Like most cab service in Benin city, it operates on a per mile based charges. Fast taxi has very new cars and good drivers who are very familiar with the roads. The taxi company also has a special package which it offers passengers who book their taxi for a month. There is cheaper rate available to passengers who have a long term contract with the company

Residents can also hire their vehicles for several functions. Negotiation can be made by visiting their office or calling their customer care line listed on the app.

4. Pick Me Up

This is another transport service company that is popular in Benin city. Pick me up Benin city is also an app based transport company that enables passengers to book a ride to their destination with just a touch of a button. The taxi service provider is gaining wave of trust amongst residents of the state due to its services.

The taxi fare charged by this transport company is quite moderate and their vehicles are in good shape. They have quite experienced drivers who make transit very easy and enjoyable for the passengers.

5. Opay

Opay falls under the league of popular transport service company in Nigeria. In Benin City it has also been able to stand out among other transport service company. It has its office in Benin located at 9 Benin Sapele Rd, Oka, Benin City.

The cab service company offers one of the cheapest taxi service in Nigeria. Their vehicles are brand new and very roadworthy. Opay drivers are very friendly and professionals. Passengers can book a ride to their destinations once they download the app.

Their drivers are very prompt in responding to passenger’s request and they offer passengers the easiest and quickest route to get to their destination. Opay also makes paying for a ride very easy with their numerous payment options. It is indeed a good cab service company in Benin city for easy transport and comfort.

Now that you have been equipped with the information about the best cab service in Benin city, it is time to make an informed decision by booking a ride you won’t forget or regret.

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