5 Best Immigration Attorney In Vancouver BC Updated

Immigration Attorney is what immigrants looking to migrate to Canada without stress needs. There are so many Immigration agent out there but in order to get the value for your money you should contact an Immigration Attorney in Vancouver BC to process your visa application.

Vancouver being one of the most famous places in Canada has some of the best Immigration lawyers available. This is an article that is meant to assist you in choosing the right Immigration attorney to process your Immigration application.

As an Immigrant who dream to live a prosperous and productive life in Canada, you might decide to use any of the visa categories available to apply for your entry into Canada. While it is good to make these decisions concerning your application, it is only wise to make use of an Immigration Attorney Vancouver BC in completing this process.

An Immigration lawyer in Vancouver BC will be able to provide you with the best advice concerning the visa category that suits you. Also the chances of your application being rejected when you carry out that application on your own is high.

Many foreigners looking to migrate to Canada always feel like the visa category they choose to apply through is the best fit for them. After consultation with an Immigration attorney, they will discover that the category they were going to apply through would have gotten them rejected. This and other reasons is why you should contact an Immigration lawyer before you start the immigration process.

The list we have below contains some of the best Immigration Attorney in Vancouver BC that can make your dream of living in Canada come true. Pay close attention to this information as it will be very useful.

5 Best Immigration Attorney In Vancouver BC Updated

1. MKS Immigration Lawyers

MKS Immigration Lawyers also known as Maynard Kischer Stojicevic lawyers are located at Suite 900
688 West Hastings Street Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1P1. The lawyers who work at this law firm are known as some of the best Immigration lawyers in Vancouver BC.

MKS Immigration Lawyers makes exclusive use of Canadian immigration and citizenship law to provide strategic legal advice to their clients. They help furnish their clients with in-depth knowledge of how immigration law and policy works.

These attorneys work with clients from all across Canada and around the world. They work with both Individuals, corporate organizations and employers. MKS Immigration attorney handles all types of immigration application; from Canadian Permanent Residency to Business Immigration and Skilled Work in Canada. They have experts that are readily available to treat each case

MKS attorneys work round the clock and are reachable at any given point in time. Potential clients can book a consultation with these lawyers through their official website. The teams of lawyers one would be referred to have over 70years of combined experience in the immigration sector.

2. McCrea Immigration Law

This Immigration law firm prides itself as one of the best in Canada. McCrea Immigration Law is located at 101 – 440 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC  V6B 2N5 Canada. McCrea boast about being capable of handling any immigration case thrown at them.

They sum it up from the good, the bad and even the ugly. Whatever the case may be they are on ground to solve it. This immigration firm has some of the best lawyers who carry out appeal on your behalf and get a win in most cases. The testimony from immigrant who have had successful application after using them is proof of this firm’s effectiveness.

The attorney in this firm are very thoughtful and get it right the first time. They take individual approach to each client and each case, and are very involved and committed to each case. These attorney believe that a win for their client is a win for them and pursue that using all legal means available.

They handle all Immigration categories and are very good at appeals. Any Immigrant that has faced rejection or is looking to apply for the first time is advised to reach out to these Immigration lawyers in Vancouver Canada.

3. Kahlon Immigration Law

Kahlon Immigration law is run by Ms. Naseeb K. Kahlon a very dynamic attorney. The law firm is located at #600-1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3X8. It is considered to be one of the best Immigration attorney office in Vancouver BC due to the successful legal service they offer.

Kahlon Immigration handles most immigration application cases and have a very high success rate. The attorneys that work here provide clients with useful information about Canadian Immigration law and they expose their clients to the possibility of living and working in Canada permanently.

This law firm gives clients the opportunity to sit down and discuss with an immigration expert the various migration concern the client might have. Since most immigrant who desire to migrate to Canada live outside the country, the firm gives the client the opportunity to also talk to an expert using their virtual legal services.

A client can book a meeting/consultation with an attorney through phone, email, Skype, Zoom or a combination of these. Once the client is able to contact a representative of the company, a follow up would be done from there. Anyone seeking to migrate to Canada should consider using this law firm attorneys.

There is also room for student looking for study permit to get the help they need once they contact this law firm. They can be contacted online using their official website.

4. My Visa Source

My Visa Source is located at 1112 W Pender St #401, Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1, Canada. It was founded by  Sonia Mann and Sunny S. Dhillon who with a team of licensed practitioners offer decades of immigration solution to applicants.

They offer legal assistance in Immigrating to Canada as well as the United States of America. My Visa Source boast of exceptional and affordable services, and a high rate of success in solving immigration challenges. They have a high success rate to back up their claim and has assisted lots of immigrants over the years.

These immigration attorneys handle all types of application. They cover express entry, spousal sponsorship, Temporary residence, Permanent residence, Business and Investors Immigration, Denied Entry to Canada, Canada Immigration refusal and lots more. They are definitely a go to for all immigration matters.

5. Border Solutions Law Group

Border Solution Law Group is situated at Suite 408 – 837 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BCV6C 3N6. It was founded by Mark Belanger a renowned lawyer in Vancouver. This law firm has some of the most experienced immigration lawyers in Vancouver Canada.

The main goal of the attorneys is to take their clients across the border into Canada using all the legal means available. Border Solution have a long list of client who can testify of their high success rate in immigration application. They also handle US Immigration and are licence to practice in Washington DC.

As an immigrant seeking a better life in Canada, it is very important you know the right way to apply for immigration. Using an Immigration attorney in Vancouver BC is definitely the right way to get your application approved.

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