5 Best Immigration Lawyers In Windsor Updated

The city of Windsor is a go to destination for immigrants seeking to live in Canada permanently. Due to its diversity, development and job opportunities many immigrants desire to live, study and work here. There are other reasons why this city in Ontario is a good choice for immigrants and that is because it has good immigration lawyers to make the Canadian dream possible.

5 Best Immigration lawyers in Windsor updated is an article meant to shine light on some of best attorneys available in Windsor. The Province of Ontario has several big cities that make it a desired destination for immigrants. One of this big city is Windsor, which has all the amenities an immigrant would need to live a comfortable life in Canada.

Another thing that makes this place one of the top choice for immigrants is the diversity. It is a known fact that there are lots of immigrants in this modern city. Windsor is known to be very accepting of foreigners, in 2016, 27.7% of the city’s residents were immigrants from around the world. Over time the number has increased tremendously.

The diversity in population is one of the reason why you as an immigrant would find some of the best lawyers to help process your visa application in the city. Many Immigration attorneys working in this city understand the needs and desires of their clients and work diligently to actualize that.

Windsor is a very competitive city in terms of productivity and that is why you as an immigrant would find some of the best lawyers in Canada here. As a foreigner looking to migrate to Canada, it is only advisable to hire the service of an immigration lawyer in Windsor, especially if your intention is to live permanently in this highly developed and productive city.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best immigration lawyers in Windsor and they are firmly updated to give you only the best solutions.

5 Best Immigration Lawyers In Windsor Updated

1. Scarfone Law Firm

Scarfone law firm has some of the best immigration lawyers in Windsor. The law office is located at 1500 Ouellette, Ave. Suite 400 Windsor, ON Canada, N8X 1K7. The law firm is run by James A. Scarfone, a lawyer with nearly two decades of experience in the field of immigration law and has the expertise needed to successfully guide applicants through the often complicated immigration system.

James is a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer who specializes in variety of immigration and citizenship cases which include applications for permanent residence, such as family sponsorship and skilled workers; applications for temporary residence including Canadian work permits, NAFTA, Intra Company Transfers, visitor visas & letters of invitation as well as citizenship applications and proof of citizenship.

He works with other qualified immigration experts to provide effective, quality legal services to applicants who wish to migrate to Canada as well as the United States of America. The firm provides prompt adjudication of visa petitions for corporate and individual clients.

They believe that all application is unique therefore they take the time to assess the unique needs of their clients in order to implement a strategy suitable to them. They also offer counselling service to businesses and individuals in all aspects of Canadian and United States citizenship and immigration regulatory requirements.

This firm has advanced research technology which they use to gain access to the most current information. Their zeal and determination to serve their client is seen in the large number of successful immigration application recorded by the firm.

2. Kadri Law

Kadri Law is one of the most popular immigration law firm in Windsor, Canada. It is located at 110 Tecumseh Rd. East Suite 200 Windsor, Ontario Canada and has a nice office space. The law firm has been in existence since 2005 and is managed by the renowned attorney Eddie H. Kadri.

Mr Kadri represents clients from over 60 countries around the world. From multinational companies and institutions doing business in Canada to education, and Government services, he manages them all. His proficiency in NAFTA based applications and corporate transfers has led to his recognition among the very best in the industry.

He has been involved in lots of high profile immigration cases over the years including a litigation matter before the Federal Court of Canada involving an international student crisis in 2018. His involvement in the case led to a landmark settlement which was reached with the Government of Canada enabling hundreds of international students in Canada get their Post Graduate Work Permits.

As an attorney Mr Kadri defends the rights of his clients to the full extent provided by Canadian and International law and utilizes every mechanism the Canadian legal system affords for the benefit of his clientele. His law firm works strategically to aid international students, foreigner workers, as well as temporary residents get their permanent residence in Canada.

This firm has some of the best lawyers in Windsor. Due to its link with the United States through the Ambassador Bridge, many Americans come into the country through this means and Kadri Law is readily on ground to make sure the transit is legal and eligible.

3. Law Office of Jason Currie

Law office of Jason Currie is located at 374 Ouellette Ave, Suite 400, Windsor ON N9A 1A8, Canada. The law firm is run by Jason Currie a lawyer who is devoted majorly to immigration, refugee, and citizenship matters.

He also handles Refugees and Citizenship Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Humanitarian, Compassionate Permanent Residence, Appeals, Judicial Reviews, and Pre-Removal Risk Assessments, Citizenship, Spouse & Family Sponsorship.

Jason’s goal is to help ease the confusing and sometimes intimidating immigration system. He offers free consultation and scheduling to clients. Jason also offer notary public services, which can be scheduled either online or by contacting him.

One of the thing he is popular for is his regular appearance before the Refugee Protection Division, Refugee Appeal Division, Immigration Appeal Division, and the Federal Court. This lawyer does not shy away from filling cases of appeal for his clients.

Many foreigners who have used the service of this immigration lawyer in Windsor have testified of his highly professional, efficient, method of handling clients. Some even give him credit for giving them the optimal option for their case.

Sisu Legaal is a law firm located at 3204 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON N9C 1A8, Canada. The law firm was founded by Emilia Coto a lawyer and immigrant who had also gone through the Canada immigration process herself. Due to her experience with Canada Immigration, she understands the opportunities created by immigration and hope to help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their goals.

The law firm focuses in Immigration law, helping people locally and worldwide to visit, study, work, and live in Canada. Sisu Legal also handles employment law and legal coaching. Emilia as the lead attorney in the firm makes it her goal to provide legal services that are accessible, innovative and effective.

The lawyers that work here have been able to successfully help lots of foreigners migrate to Canada.

5. Canada By Choice Immigration

This immigration law firm has very good lawyers that help foreigners daily migrate to Canada. It is located at 321 Tecumseh Rd. E Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8X 2R5.

The lawyers at Canada By Choice Immigration will assess your case, supply you with the proper advice and submit your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. They handle all applicants regardless of who or where they are in the world.

This immigration law firm was founded in 2007 and since then their philosophy has been to make sure their clients are fully represented in the Canadian Immigration system. The rate of their success story speaks volume of the hard work they put in to get this done.

Foreigners within and outside Canada can get the best chance of getting their immigration status approved when they make use of immigration lawyer in Windsor, Canada. Mostly those who intend to live in the beautiful city of Windsor.

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