5 Important Cover Letter Rules You Must Not Break

It is highly necessary to know the 5 important cover letter rules you must not break, in order to get a job abroad and migrate abroad.

The Cover Letter is an important part of any job application as it is attached to the CV/Resume. It is one of the first things an employer comes across, therefore getting it wrong will hinder that job application.

There are several rules that an applicant must be aware of in order to write a successful cover letter. They are listed below:

1. Length and Paragraph

A cover letter should not be too long. Every information should be captured in a page with not more than 3 to 4 paragraph. In order words be concise in your writing and do not derail from the topic at hand.

2. Stand Alone

The Cover letter you have crafted should be able to stand on its own. It should not depend on the CV/Resume for clarification. Therefore every content you intend to put in should be well crafted.

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