6 Most Well Paid Jobs In America Without A College Degree

Having a college degree is important as it gives you opportunity to get the best jobs in America. But there are 6 Most well paid jobs in America one can do without a college degree. If you missed out on the opportunity to attend a university and you feel you can’t  get a  good job when you migrate, then you need to understand that there are jobs you can do without a college degree.

Often times we limit ourselves by thinking that going to school is the only way you can attain success. You should know that as long as you are determined you can be successful. There are several high paying jobs in the US for citizens and Immigrants without a college degree, they are listed below:

6 Most Well Paid Jobs In America Without A College Degree

1. Commercial Pilot (Median annual wage $79,000) job

Do you know that you can become a pilot in the US without actually graduating from a college? This is a very reputable and lucrative profession for anyone who is interested in flying planes. What you basically need is to have a high school diploma and a commercial pilot license. You can get your license from the US Federal Aviation Administration after you have completed your flight training, it is more advantageous when you do your training in America. The pay is great and it is a comfortable job for anyone who has passion for flying planes

2. Law Enforcement Detective

This is another reputable profession that pays high in the United States of America. The job role is demanding and requires much skills. A detective could earn an annual wage of $80,000, as a detective you must undergo training. There is risk involved in this job but the reward is always great.

3. Website Developer

The demand for website developers is high and it doesn’t seem to go down anytime soon making this job option very profitable. Many business owners own a websites, where they can showcase their business and in the United State this trend keeps growing. This job role requires specific skills which can be gotten from both offline and online training schools. If you are interested in this job role you can start taking tutorial on youtube to learn the basics. The estimated pay for developers is $66,000.

4. Real Estate Agents

This is a career choice that has become very popular in the US. The market for sales of houses is very large and doesn’t seem to go down with time. Becoming a real estate agent is very easy as you can take a course online and you get certified. To thrive in the business you need to sharpen your sales skills and have vital information about housing at your disposal. The estimated annual pay is $58,000 and can be more depending on the market and how well you do your job.

5. Funeral Service Managers

While this might not be your first career choice it is actually very profitable. The business can never go out of trend because unfortunately there must be deaths. The funeral service manager oversees all arrangement for a burial service. He also carries out other functions like marketing, finance management, staffing etc. Most managers deliver extra demanded services listed out by the deceased family. The estimated annual pay is $78,040.

6. Brick Masons

A brick mason job involves laying and binding building materials. Brick layers usually work on construction sites and since buildings haven’t gone out of style this job still remains highly demanded. A brick layer can earn as much as $51,000 annually and the job doesn’t require a college degree. It is also a very popular job choice among immigrants.

These 6 most well paid jobs in America are a great choice for anyone who desire a career growth in US but doesn’t have a college degree. You can try your hands at any of them that you like once your migration process is finalized.

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