7 Best Taxi Service In Enugu, Nigeria

Enugu, a city filled with locals as well as foreigners is one place in the south that sees an influx of people regularly. Either for business, education or pleasure the state is definitely the center of attraction in the East. As a resident or visitor, In order to move around freely and easily in this city one would require the best taxi service in Enugu.

The state definitely has a very good transport system that is both cheap and accessible. But despite this one might find it difficult to get to their destination early with the serious traffic jam one can encounter. Also foreigners who desire an easy means to get to their destination might need to use a taxi service to achieve this.

In Enugu there are several cab services online which one can book to make their trip easy and enjoyable. For you to know the best cab service in Enugu to use for your transport within and outside the state you will have to continue reading this article.

Best Taxi Service In Enugu, Nigeria

1. Bolt

Formerly called Taxify, Bolt is an Estonia company that provides cab service to residence in Enugu. They have a taxi app in Enugu where residence can book a ride to anywhere in the city, including outside the city.

Residence can access bolt online through their mobile app, which is easily downloadable from all the mobile app stores online. Once the app is downloaded, the user can sign up and book a ride to any location of their choice. It is very easy to use and a cab driver will contact you.

This feature is a very advanced service as one’s cab fair is calculated by the distance covered. Passengers are driven to their destination using only the easiest route available, making transit very easy and enjoyable.

They have very good drivers and their vehicles are well equipped with all the facilities needed to enjoy a smooth ride. Also passengers can pay for their service using their mobile app, transfer or cash payment to the driver is acceptable. Bolt is definitely one of the best taxi service in Enugu.

2. Oma Taxi

Oma Taxi is a cab service in Enugu that offers easily accessible rides to residence in the state. The taxi service offers different types of vehicles for its transport service including Keke. One can get a ride with the transport line by downloading the app on play store.

They also have a platform for good drivers who desire to partner with them. Oma taxi makes use of very good vehicles that have a working AC. Their drivers are very familiar with the city and can get passengers to their destination safely.

One other thing that makes Oma Taxi a good choice is because of their cheap transport service. Passengers can get a ride to any destination in Enugu at a very cheap rate. They also do airport pickup and drop off as well as car hire service.

3. Opay

Opay is another good taxi service in Enugu. It is also very popular in Nigeria. It has some of the best vehicles for road transport and their drivers are very friendly and experienced. Just like most cab service in Nigeria, this cab service is operated via an app.

The app can be downloaded on playstore and passengers can book rides to their destination. They have various method by which passengers can pay for their rides. One thing that is guaranteed with Opay is that one would get a very satisfied transport experience.

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4. Uber

Uber Nigeria is one of the most popular taxi service in the country. They are the cab service that made private cab hiring service in Nigeria very popular. Uber offers transport service to residence in Enugu.

They have large fleet of cars one can book for a ride. Their app service is available online for easy download. Their vehicles can go to any destination within and outside Enugu state. Their services is quite cheap and they have occasional promos that allows one to enjoy free rides.

5. 042Cabs

042Cabs is a very popular Enugu based taxi service. They offer transport service to any location in the state. The cab service has very good and experienced drivers who are very familiar with various locations in the state.

Their transport charges is very moderate and one is guaranteed a smooth ride. They are mostly popular in carrying out airport pick up and drop offs. At the moment they don’t have a functioning website to book a ride, but one can call their numbers to get a vehicle.

Passengers can also find them at their office at Powa Complex, SHOP 12, Ogui Road, Enugu

6. Octopus Taxi

This is another Enugu based taxi service that is very efficient. They boast off on time and very affordable cab service. They have good vehicles and experienced drivers.

They have an office in the state that is easily accessible. One can book a ride or hire a vehicle by calling their phone number or paying a visit to their office which is situated at 305 House of Favour Udenweze street, Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu

7. Rideon

Rideon is cab service that has great presence in Enugu State. They have some of the newest and roadworthy vehicles. This taxi service offers transport service to residence of the city who desire an easy and smooth ride.

Passengers can access their service through their app. Their app is downloadable through mobile app stores online. This transport service is quite cheap and passengers are sure to get the best cab experience using their service.

These are the 7 best taxi service in Enugu for all your transport need. Therefore if you desire a cab service in Enugu to take you to any destination of your choice you can use any of the ones listed above.

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