7 Important Secrets About Cyprus (Cypriot) Passport

Cypriot passport commonly called Cyprus passport is a travel document issued to only Cypriot citizens for international travels. Cyprus passport is only issued in Cyprus or in any Cypriot Embassy outside Cyprus. Here are a few things you need to know about the Cypriot Passport.

The Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) is responsible for the issuance of passports to Cypriot citizens.

7 Unique things about the Cypriot Passport you need to know

  1. A Cyprus passport is issued to only citizens which makes you a commonwealth member and a citizen of Europe.
  2. A Cypriot passport cost €70 for adults and €45 for minors.
  3. A Cyprus Passport expires after 10yrs of issuance for adults and 5yrs for minors
  4. A Cyprus Passport can get you access to 176 countries visa free.
  5. It ranked 7th in the current passport ranking.
  6. Foreigners can be issued a Cyprus passport for making huge investment in Cyprus. Terms and conditions apply.
  7. You can obtain citizenship by marriage or by birth.

If you want to migrate to Europe, I suggest you travel to Cyprus. In our next article we would be discussing the various ways you can obtain Cypriot citizen without having to spend a fortune.

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