8 Best High Chair For Babies and Toddlers

Now your child is up to the sitting age or is about to sit. You are getting nervous about the best high chair to buy for your child. Worry no more because we got you covered. Once you are about to start solid you would need to keep your baby somewhere to be able to feed him.

High chair is also good in helping your baby sit properly. It will enable you do other things handsfree while your baby is safely strapped to a chair. The use of a high chair are enormous and too advantageous to skip having one.

I got a high chair for my child and I don’t regret it one bit. I can work easily while my child sits and watch me. He plays with his toys on the chair. He eats on the chair and I get to work all the while he does these things. The benefit of a high chair is much and you should consider getting on. While you are at it you should get the best high chair available so you have no regrets.

What Is A High Chair

For those who still don’t know what a high chair is here is a concrete definition for you. According to Wikipedia “A high chair is a piece of furniture used for feeding older babies and younger toddlers. The seat is raised a fair distance from the ground, so that a person of adult height may spoon-feed the child comfortably from a standing position (hence the name).

It often has a wide base to increase stability. There is a tray which is attached to the arms of the high chair, which allows the adult to place the food on it for either the child to pick up and eat or for the food to be spoon-fed to them”.

Types Of High Chair

There are several types of high chair available for your baby use and they all serve the same purpose. They are:

1. Standard High Chair: It is regarded as the absolute archetype of high chair. They are the most comfortable type of high chair with back and side support. These chair are usually non-adjustable and they have long legs as support. The simplicity of the chair is what make the chair stand out.

2. Foldable High Chair: Like the name implies these type of high chair are usually foldable in nature. In order word they can be collapse together and also opened back up. Parents can take this chair on a trip and on the go easily. Also parents that are mindful of space can go for this option. It is the most flexible type of high chair.

3. Convertible High Chair: The convertible high chair like the name implies is a high chair that can serve as a chair for your child and when they outgrow it can can be converted into a Booster Seat that you can mount on a kitchen or dining chair. It is not meant for children of all ages. It is a very versatile chair that can also be converted to toddler chair and table or even a youth chair once it has served its purpose for your baby.

4. Grow Along High Chair: Like the name implies these are chair that can grow along with your child. Your child can use this chair from the beginning until the very end. When we say end we mean until the child becomes an independent adult. It fits several purpose and use.

5. Space Saver High Chair: These are type of chairs that can be attached to dinning table or attached to chair. They are without legs and they help to save space in your house. These are not boosters as they lift your child up higher than boosters.

When Can A Baby Sit On A High Chair

Several studies have stated that it is advisable to wait until when your baby can hold his head firm for a long period of time and stay in a sitting position before your put the child on a high chair. It is also recommended to wait until when the child is about to start taking solids before introducing to a high chair.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrician you should feed your baby with breast milk for the first six months of birth. This means after the first six months your child should be ready to start solid. In fact you will notice the interest in trying regular meals. His head will be able to hold firm and he can stay in the sitting position for an extended period of time.

At this time you should be able to introduce your child not only to other meals but the high chair to start sitting in it.

Things To Consider When Choosing A High Chair

1. Space: When you want to buy a high chair you should consider the space of your living area. The available space you have will determine the type of high chair you will get. If you don’t have much space for a standard high chair then you shouldn’t be getting one. You can consider getting a foldable high chair or space saver high chair that you can attach to your table or chair.

2. Budget: You should keep in mind that baby gadgets are usually expensive so if your intention is to buy high chair your should start saving from now. Have a good budget so you can buy the best high chair available. Your budget will go a long way to determine the type of high chair you will get. Bottom line start saving that money for the chair.

3. Cleaning: Buying a high chair that you can clean is important therefore you should consider that when you purchase your chair. Buy a high chair that would be easy for you to clean regularly. Remember your baby has sensitive skin and if you don’t clean your chair regularly, your child can develop a rash or skin infection. Therefore Cleaning is a big deal when it comes to your purchase of high chair.

4. Safety: If you are going to at some point leave your baby unattended which is not advisable, you should think of getting a high chair that has good safety features. Most high chair which are foldable are good in this case because you can just fold them and remove them from the reach of your child. You should consider this when getting a high chair.

5. Durability: When you spend a huge amount in getting something, you wouldn’t want to buy what is not durable. If you have toddlers in your home that are prone to spoil things you should consider buying a high chair that has longevity. Any high chair that is not durable is not advisable to get.

Best High Chair For Babies and Toddlers

Best High Chair Overall

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair
Best High Chair Overall
Item Dimensions LxWxH22.5 x 41 x 29 inches
Item Weight16.87 Kilograms
Age Range (Description)Infant, Toddler, Kid, Baby, Big Kid

The best thing about this high chair apart from the fact that it is foldable, it is movable. It has tires that lets it move from one place to another. I personally bought this and I am presently using it. The different seats is for different age range with is awesome but the tires is my best feature. I move it to the kitchen where I allow my child watch me as I cook.

The different adjustment makes it one of the most flexible high chair available. It is also easy to setup and understand. In my case I did the setup with my husband because he needed an extra pair of hands to set it up. It is a high chair that reclines to 3 different positions which allows feeding at different height.

It also has a removable tray that can be detached and attached back using on hand. It is easy to take the tray off and clean once your child is done eating. The seat can also be reclined for easy relaxing and positioned back when you want to feed your baby. It is definitely one of the best high chair available.

Best Stylish High Chair

3-in-1 Baby High Chair
Best Stylish High Chair
ColorA Cream
Age Range (Description)Baby
Maximum weight recommendation15 Kilograms

If what you desire is a standard high chair and you have the space for it then this should be the high chair you should be going for. It was made with the safety and comfort of your child in mind. The A-shape structure, adjustable legs and cushion, cross design in place were all put in place to make sure of that.

It also have a three position tray for eating. Parents can choose the best one that fit their baby. The texture of the seat is also skin friendly and the design is so attractive. The material is made of sleek breech hardwood and BPA-free plastic. This seat which is wrapped with leather is harmless to your baby’s skin.

The seat is also easy to clean and the tray can be detached and cleaned separately. It is one of the most stylish and chic high chair for those moms who like the best for their baby.

Best Foldable High Chair

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair
Best Foldable High Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH24 x 35.5 x 40.8 inches
Age Range (Description)Baby
Maximum weight recommendation40 Pounds

This is the most fast folding high chair available. It is so fast you can fold it with one hand easily. The chair is also easy to set up as it doesn’t require much man power. It is also a plus when you consider the safety of child. It can be kept aside to allow your loved one play easily.

The chair is also easy to clean and most of its component are removable therefore you can remove them when cleaning. Graco Slim Snacker High Chair has a tray that can be wiped after every feed. The seat pad is also wipeable for easy cleanups. It also has Large storage basket to keep baby’s essentials during meals including toys.

Best Transitional High Chair

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3
Best Transitional High Chair
BrandPeg Perego
ColorMon Amour
Item Dimensions LxWxH29.75 x 22.25 x 41.25 inches
Item Weight18 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Baby

This is a chair that is made for your baby to use to the stage of toddler. It comes Fully Assembled and ready to use. The seat has five tilt in space recline positions; Seven different height positions and three different footrest positions.

It is extremely compact and foldable. The leg has rollers that allows it to move everywhere. From your kitchen to living area and bedroom, this high chair can go all mile. It is also easy to clean as it has Eco-friendly leather upholstery which is stain resistant.

The wheels can also be locked for safety, in order words it has safety features that enable your child doesn’t get hurt while on it. From the design above you can see that it is also a stylish high chair.

Best High Chair For Small Spaces

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Simple Clean High Chair
Product Dimensions‎24.02 x 20.47 x 21.65 inches
Item model number‎HGX44
Maximum weight recommendation‎50 Pounds
Batteries required‎No
Is portable‎Yes
Item Weight‎9.31 pounds
Country/Region of origin‎Mexico

This is a customizable, easy-cleaning, mess-containing high chair. The high chair is perfect for parents with limited space to keep their babies. It’s size enable parents to feed their baby in a chair that is compact but also serves the main purpose.

The seat’s recline and tray position adjusts to keep your baby comfy as they grow, then it becomes a toddler booster seat. It has a tray that can take all your child meals as well as toys and learning materials. In order words it can serve multiple purpose. The design is simple and the price of the high chair is way cheaper than the other ones on our list.

Best Clip-On High Chair

Hook On Chair, Clip on High Chair
Best Clip-On High Chair
ColorHC19 Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.8 x 11 x 3.15 inches
Age Range (Description)Baby
Maximum weight recommendation37 Pounds

This is on of the cheapest high chair available. It is also a simple high chair. The hook on high chair despite its look has safety features that entails safety harness to secure your baby in seconds. The harness provides superior support and stability, precise and patented module parts to assure the chair can be easily tightened up and firmly fixed with a table.

The high chair is also foldable rewarding parents with space saving to store. You can conveniently travel with it using the carrying bag. You can take it to restaurants and other places or use it anytime you travel.

When we talk about the fabric, buyers are introduced to Friendly Fabric. The baby feeding seat join Non-slip soft plastic arms to protect tables from being scratched. It is also easy to install and detach using a one-step quick installation in under 20 seconds. Parents can also fold it and keep it away in a matter of seconds. It is also easy to clean.

Most Budget-Friendly High Chair

Ikea ANTILOP High chair
Most Budget-Friendly High Chair
ColorWhite, silver
MaterialSeat: Polypropylene , Legs: Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, Foot: Polypropylene, Polyethylene
Item Weight1 Kilograms
Age Range (Description)Kid
Maximum weight recommendation15 Kilograms

This is the most budget friendly high chair available. Despite its looks it is easy to assemble, disassemble and carry along. It can be used on the go and you can take it to play date with your kids. This chair can be use for babies as well as toddlers.

 IKEA high chair has been tested for domestic and non-domestic use and meet the requirements for safety, durability and stability. Parents who don’t want to spend too much but still get great quality high chair can go for this

It is easy to clean and can be wiped after every feed. Parents don’t need to worry about its safety feature as it can be easily dismantled and kept aside to allow your child room to play.

Best Minimalist High Chair

Tripp Trapp High Chair
Best Minimalist High Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH18 x 18 x 31 inches
Item Weight7 Kilograms
Age Range (Description)Baby, Toddler, Kid, Adult

This is the best minimalist high chair. The Tripp Trapp High Chair brings your child right up to the table. The Baby Set is best for children from 6-36 months, but the beech wood chair can hold up to 300 lbs, so your child can use it forever.

The high chair features include a five-point safety harness and an easy-to-clean seat. It has a timeless design that was specifically created to allow freedom of movement as your child grows. The safety feature is topnotch and you can rest knowing that there wont be any accident when using the chair.

Its wooden structure makes for easy cleaning and easy installation. You can move it around easily and dismantle it when you need to within minutes.

These are the best high chair available. You can order or walk into a good shop and buy any of these top high chair and get value for your money.

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