8 Best Immigration Lawyers In Brampton, Toronto Updated

This is an updated list of the best Immigration Lawyer in Brampton Toronto. Immigrants who desire to live permanently in Canada, or asylum seekers would need the service of an Immigration lawyer in Canada and Brampton has lots of qualified lawyers to hire for this service. This compilation contain the list of the best immigration lawyer in Brampton, Toronto.

These lawyers helps with green card application, citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, and employment for non-citizens. If you are one seeking asylum in Canada, you would also need an Immigration lawyer to make the application easy.

There are lots of qualified and well experienced Immigration Lawyer in Brampton Toronto, to make your application very stress free and successful. Brampton, Toronto being one of the most popular cities in Canada, is known to have some of the best Immigration lawyers available.

Migrants can spend less time thinking of the best strategy to take while processing their application when they use these lawyers.

They are easy to access and booking a call with them will help speed up your application process. Below are the best immigration lawyers in Brampton Toronto you should contact for all your immigration needs.

Best Immigration Lawyers In Brampton, Toronto Updated

1. Ravi Gulati Law Office

Ravi Gulati Law Office is a law office in Brampton that offers immigration service to immigrants. The office is located at 7916 Hurontario Street #28, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This law firm was established in 2013, and is owned by Ravi Gulati.

Ravi is an immigration expert with knowledge of the Canadian immigration system. He handles immigration appeal and other cases that involves immigration. This is definitely one of the top Immigration lawyer Brampton, Toronto has to offer.

2. Mann Immigration Services

Mann Immigration Services is an Immigration consultant in Brampton. They offer immigration service from Family class sponsorship, Visitor/super visa, study/work permit, Express entry, PNP, PR card renewal, Citizenship applications, United States B1/B2 visa.

This Immigration service is well trusted and reliable in Canada. Mann Immigration service provides expert advice in wide variety of immigration matters.

They have a high success rate in Immigration application and are considered one of the best Immigration lawyer in Brampton. The office is located at 80 Maritime Ontario Blvd Unit 240, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

3. Anita Perera Law Office

This law firm is one of the biggest Immigration law firm in Brampton Canada. It is located at 2260 Bovaird Dr E Unit 121, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Known for handling various immigration cases, the owner Anita Perera is devoted to her clients.

Anita Perera’s law office handles all Immigration application category. She makes sure her clients get immigration application approved and provides expert advice to immigrants in need of it.

Anita Perera Law Office is considered a top immigration lawyer in Brampton Toronto, and requested by lots of immigrants.

4. Harpreet Saini – Immigration & Criminal Lawyer Brampton

Harpreet Saini is a renowned immigration lawyer with over 14 yeas experience in Immigration application for Immigrants from various continent looking to move to Canada. The law office is located at 201 County Ct Blvd #602, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

This law firm managed by Harpreet Saini handles all immigration application categories from express entry program, study and work permit to family sponsorship, they specialize in handling refused, delayed and complex immigration cases.

5. Macroglobal Immigration

This is another good Immigration lawyer in Brampton. Their immigration office is situated at 180 Wilkinson Rd Unit # 18, Brampton, Ontario Canada. This immigration consultant offers various immigration service to immigrants in need of entry into Canada.

They are reliable and trustworthy. Immigrants can get expert advice on the best visa category to apply for, the necessary documents needed to complete a Canada visa application and the best process to take in apply for entry into Canada.

Macroglobal Immigration falls among the highly trusted immigration consultant in Canada.

6. Sunder Law Office

Sunder Law Office is a highly respected law firm located at 7900 Hurontario Street #308, Brampton, Ontario. It is a law firm that handles all cases pertaining to immigration to Canada. This firm offers counselling, solicitation and legal service to families and individuals processing the entry to Canada.

It comes highly recommended as members of the office are very vast in Immigration law. Sunder Law office offers professional service to asylum and refugee seekers. The success rate speaks volumes of how efficient this firm is.

This law office also handles real estate cases. From purchase to sales of residential properties. It is definitely a Immigration and Real Estate law office to consider if you require a lawyer in Brampton, Canada.

7. Narang Law Professional Corporation

Narang Law Professional Corporation is a law office located at 5 Brisdale Dr #211, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It is run by the highly intelligent and experienced Ritika Narang. A barrister, solicitor and Notary public. This law firm is considered one of the best Immigration law firm in Brampton.

The team handles all cases that has to do with immigration from Temporary Visa, Spousal Sponsorship Applications, Permanent Resident Card Renewal Applications, Visitor Visa, Immigration Complaints & Citizenship and lots more.

Ritika Narang is known to be super friendly and professional when handling clients. Also her solicitation fee is quite on the average side making her services affordable. She is definitely a good and well experienced immigration lawyer in Brampton.

8. Eastman Immigration Law Office

Eastman Immigration Law Office is another popular and highly recommended immigration law firm in Brampton. It is located at 10 Gillingham Drive, Suite 206, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The law firm has been in existence since 1995 and it is headed by experienced Immigration Lawyer Jeremiah Eastman.

Jeremiah Eastman is an experienced litigation lawyer. He handles all immigration cases before the Federal Court of Canada. Some of the immigration request that has been handled successfully by this law firm includes, Study Permit, Work Visa, Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship, Immigration Appeal Process, Express Entry, Spousal Sponsors, Deportation, Temporary Resident Visa, Federal Court Appeal, Canadian Citizenship, Provincial Nominee Program & Start-Up Visa.

This Immigration law office is vastly recognized in Canada and beyond for its services and they offer very competitive fees and professional & honest services.

The above mentioned list contains the best Immigration lawyers Brampton, Toronto has to offer. They are considered the best immigration lawyers in Brampton Ontario.

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