6 Best Immigration Lawyers In Mississauga Updated

Are you planning on migrating to Canada and you want your application to be successful? then you would need to hire the service of an Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga. There are several immigration lawyers in this province but in order to get the value for your money you should only go for the best immigration lawyer in Mississauga.

Our goal is to point your to the direction of the best immigration lawyer in Mississauga Canada. The immigration lawyer in our list will help with green card application, citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, and employment for non-citizens.

Asylum seekers will also find this list useful as there are Immigration lawyers in Mississauga that can help make their asylum application successful. There are lots of qualified and well experienced Immigration Lawyers in this area to attend to all your immigration needs. The 6 best Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga updated is the article you need to read.

A lot of people have fallen into the hands of fake immigration agents and have gotten scammed out of their money. It is only ideal and safe that you make use of a qualified and verified immigration lawyers in Canada. Follow us as we reveal to you the best Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga updated.

6 Best Immigration Lawyers Mississauga Updated

1. Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm

Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm is a law firm located at 1100 Central Parkway West
Unit 28, 2nd floor Mississauga ON L5C 4E5 Canada. Akrami and Associates handles all types of immigration application. From Permanent and Temporary Immigration application, to business Immigration application, they handle all.

Their philosophical approach to Immigration demand makes them stand out among all other immigration experts. They have a vast team of highly skilled immigration professionals who are dedicated in ensuring all immigration application is swift and successful.

Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm has had a high rate of successful Immigration application and lots of clients can testify to that. Every aspect of the Immigration process is handled by experts in that field. They are readily available to guide Immigrant through the whole process.

Foreigners who seek to migrate to Canada using any of the Immigration categories available can book a session with their agents who is more than willing to provide all the necessary information about the procedure . At Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm client satisfaction is their number one priority.

2. Nanda and Associates Lawyers

Nanda and Associates Lawyers are one of the best Immigration lawyers in Mississauga. They are located at 2980 Drew Road, Unit 228, Mississauga, ON – L4T 0A7 Canada. This law firm handles all Immigration matters as well as Real Estate and Civil Litigation.

This law firm has been in existence for over twenty years now. It was founded by Mr. Jagmohan Singh Nanda, which with the assistance of his team has been able to successfully apply for Immigration for lots of clients. The Immigration service they offer include Citizenship and Naturalization, work visa application, asylum seekers; visa solutions for investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Permanent Residence and lots more.

Nanda and Associate have a team of lawyers that are readily available for hire. They offer advice to clients on the best immigration procedure for a foreigner to take. This law firm gives opportunity to potential clients to book free consultation with their agents.

3. Legally Canadian Immigration Law Firm

Legally Canadian Immigration Law Firm is a good law firm located at 5925 Airport Road, Suite 200
Mississauga, ON, L4V 1W1 Canada. They specialize in Immigration and Refugee Law and provide a full range of immigration services.

This Immigration firms takes the burden to break down every immigration category a foreigner is interested in and applying for. They make immigration application easily accessible and very successful. Legally Canadian can help foreigners who desire to live in Canada get their work permit, Study permit, Spousal sponsorship, Refugee Protection and lots more.

They advice clients on the best immigration program for their situation after thorough assess of their candidacy. There are lost of positive testimonies from clients who have used the service of this law firm in their Immigration application.

Legally Canadian Immigration Law firm have very experienced and qualified lawyers and their overall team of staffs are very friendly and dedicated. It is also a plus that their services are quite moderate, therefore clients can easily afford it.

4. Imran Khan Law Office

This Immigration lawyer is located at 120 Traders Blvd E #102, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2H7, Canada. Imran Khan is a very qualified and experienced Immigration lawyer. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and Law Society of Ontario.

His immigration firm handles all Immigration application and has had quite a number of successful application. Mr. Khan regularly makes submissions to embassies, consulates, high commissions and visa posts, as well as to ports of entry and inland immigration processing centers.

Mr Khan has an extensive list of clients and he is readily available to answer all questions regarding immigration procedures. In Mississauga he is definitely the Immigration lawyer you should be looking to hire.

5. Zagazeta Garcia LLP Lawyers

Zagazeta Garcia LLP Lawyers has an office located at 33 City Centre Dr., Unit 602 Mississauga, ON L5B 2N5. They provide Immigration law services ranging from family sponsorship, Work Permits, Labor Market Impact Assessments, Express Entry, Federal Court Appeals, TN Visas, E-1 and E-2 Treaty Trader and Treaty Trader Investor Visas.

M. Norka Zagazeta Garcia and M. Norka Zagazeta Garcia who jointly run the law firm have their law license and are called to Bar. They are both considered trustworthy and come very highly recommended. They take customer satisfaction very seriously and clients have testified of their swift response to calls and messages.

Clients who are looking for affordable and cost effective service should consider hiring these lawyers as they advice their clients on the most cost effective solution to resolve their legal troubles. In addition they help clients understand their rights and responsibilities.

6. The Law Office of Janine Richards

The Law Office of Janine Richards is situated at 50 Burnhamthorpe Road, Suite 401, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C2 Canada. Janine Richard is an experienced Immigration lawyer whose aim is to help clients bring their families to Canada.

Janine Richards makes it her priority to avoid unnecessary delays in Immigration application and works hard to maximize the chance of an application being approved. She provides several services such as family sponsorship, work permits, study permits, caregiver programs, citizenship, permanent residency and visitor’s visas.

She has had a high success rate of appealing sponsorship applications. Janine is patient and delivers enough guidance to her clients at all times. She is obviously one of the best immigration lawyer in Mississauga.

The above mentioned law firms has some of the best Immigration Lawyers in Mississauga. Therefore if you are a foreigner and your desire is to live in Canada permanently, you can contact any of these Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga to assist you in your application.

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