Gift Akuetiemhe
Gift Akuetiemhe

Hi there! I’m Gift Akuetiemhe, the blessed wife of Moses and mommy to precious, handsome little Jayden. My journey thus far has been ordered by my Creator, amazing Father and Perfecter. I am thrilled that you visited my blog and took the time to want to know about me and about my blog.

I am Nigerian and a university graduate who has, from time, been fascinated by content and how they help shape our world, our everyday lives and most importantly, influence our decision making.

I have been a writer and content creator since 2015. My first ever YouTube channel came alive in 2017 while I worked as a Business Developer and I have never had any reason to look back ever since, whether as a corporate woman or as a mother.

About HotSauceNaija

I started HotSauceNaija in 2019 with a different thing in mind at the time. My focus back then was celebrity entertainment news and everything related but it became too tasking because of time.

Then it later morphed into writing timeless, relevant content that were of help to their target audience. These days I have found joy delivering quality information on the finance industry which was my specialty when I was working as a Business Developer in the corporate world.

This blog is highly focused on giving readers relevant information when it comes to how to Make Money Online, Business Ideas, Bank codes and every information that has to do with banking, Where to get loan from, The best Insurance Options for your properties and life and lots more.

Bringing relevant information and tips on the financial sector is what I am passionate about and with HotSauceNaija, you are sure of getting the most useful information. I am ridiculously passionate about building an online brand that millions of people from all works of life will find to be helpful and relevant.

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit my blog.