Apply For Australia’s Federal Government Jobkeeper and Jobseeker Payment

The Australian Federal Government jobkeeper and jobseeker payment plan which is meant to help 6 million people that have been affected financially by the Coronavirus pandemic can be applied for using online platform.

Federal Government announced the Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payment subsidy plan in order to keep business suffering from the pandemic afloat and to help Australian workers keep their jobs. It will also help Australians who have lost their jobs due to the cut back from the pandemic earn some sort of income during this trying period.

How To Apply For The Jobseeker/JobKeeper Payment

Australians can apply for the Jobseeker payment using the MyGov Login Here

Once you are in the portal, you can either sign in if you already have a MyGov account or Create an account if you do not have one. Of course you should have one if you use the portal to access the tax office or Medicare.

After you have logged in you can now link your Centrelink account to it, once the link is created you can now use the MyGov portal to click through to your Centralink account.

Make sure you have all the documents you need to upload to complete the application at hand. You can now fill all the required information to make your claim. Every individual applying for this payment have different circumstances for their claim, therefore follow the requirement specified for your claim.

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