The 8 Best Cab Services In Port Harcourt

Cab services in Port Harcourt is increasingly popular. In a city where lots o foreigners reside and the roads are constantly under constructions, one requires the best cab services in Port Harcourt to make transit easy.

Few years ago the idea of cab service was only considered by foreigners who come into the city and need an easy means to move around. They hire these cabs because they are not familiar with the roads and need guidance and easy transit. For some years now locals have joined this trend of using taxi services making it very poplar in the city.

Lately it is easy to book a cab online and have your destination entered into the system. Online cab service has become so popular that getting to any destination in the city of Port Harcourt has become very easy. Getting a cab in Port Harcourt is easy but if you are wondering which cab services is best to book then you are in luck. Follow me as we go through the best online cab services in Port Harcourt.

Best Cab Services In Port Harcourt

1. Pamdrive

This cab service has its office located at 3, Nwankpa Close, Off Okporo Rd, Mgbuesilara, Port Harcourt. They are a Port Harcourt based cab service and are considered the best in the city. Passengers can book a cab online in their website and have the nearest driver to them locate them.

Their online platform is easy to navigate, one just needs to register and can request a ride to anywhere in the city. From passenger experience their cab drivers are prompt to respond to ride request and know easy direction to anywhere in the city.

Pamdrive has quite moderate fee as charges are calculated by distance covered. Their drivers are quite friendly and respectful. They also can give the best advice as to the best route to take in order for your trip to be short.

Passengers can pay online for the ride or give cash to the driver. Also they have the option to report a driver which you are not happy with on their app. I can assure you that you won’t need this option with their service.

Pamdrive cab drivers are the safety drivers in Port Harcourt. They are mandated to drive in a specific speed and they don’t go above it. They also offer ride to destinations outside the city.

2. Bolt

Formerly known as taxify, Bolt is an Estonian company that offer cab service. They are very popular in Port Harcourt and are known for being trustworthy. Bolt has an online platform as well where you can book a ride.

Once a ride is booked you will be contacted by the closest driver to you and your ride can begin. Bolt drivers are known to be customer friendly and professional drivers. Their drivers are very familiar with the roads and know all the easy route to get to your destination.

Bolt is considered very popular in the Government Reserved Area (GRA) of Port Harcourt. They charge be distance covered and their cab fare is quite ok. All you need to do to book a bolt cab ride is to downlaod the app, register and put in your destination.

3. Opay

Opay is considered one of the best cab services in Port Harcourt. It is also a very popular cab service in Nigeria. They are known for their very cheap cab fare and availability. Opay has a very easy to use app and registration is instantaneous.

They are very good at going to places where other cabs can’t go. Their service is even used for long distance travel. Opay drivers are also considered friendly. Although there has been some few complaint about drivers taking the wrong road, just to charge higher fare. That is why the customer complaint part of the site is important. Passengers can make any complaint they have against drivers that affected their ride.

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4. Ceetaytaxi

This is another cab service that is popular in the city of Port Harcourt. It has been in existence since the year 2017, and has a large customer base. Ceetaytaxi has a simple and beautiful website interface where you can book a ride to any destination in the city.

The booking process is quite fast and you can get a driver almost immediately. Their cab drivers are respectful and very experienced. The vehicles are quite new and has all the facilities you desire for a good ride. The passenger can track the ride on their mobile app. With a simple download you can know the distance covered and the amount charged for their service. It is a decent cab service for anyone who desires comfort.

5. Easyride

Easyride is a Port Harcourt based cab service. It has been in existence since 2017 and they have their physical office at No 20A Ada-George road, by Okilton bus stop. Port Harcourt. This cab service offers customers rides to any destination in the city of Port Harcourt.

All you have to do as customer is to download their app on your mobile phone, sign up and book a ride. Their drivers nearest to you will contact you and get you a ride to any destination of your choice. They have the standard tracking device like most cab services in Port Harcourt. Their drivers are quite knowledgeable of the city and you are guaranteed of a comfortable experience.

Easyride also has a very flexible payment method, as customers can pay cash, through transfer or wallet. They also brag of a convenient and cheap fare.

6. CabbyNG

This is another Port Harcourt based car hiring service. They started operations in 2018 and has been giving rides to passengers since then. Just like most cab service they are an app based company. Passengers are required to download the app, sign up and book a ride.

It is ideal for people who are familiar with the city and need an easy means of transport to move around. CabbyNG has been considered as ideal for some people while others have complained about some challenges with the app.

7. Alpha1 Rides

This cab company operates in the city of Port Harcourt. It started its operations in Lagos in 2017 and gravitated to other cities in Nigeria over the years. The app it operates on is quite simple to navigate and easy to sign up for.

Alpha1 rides is operational in Benin, Uyo, Abuja and few other cities. They offer premium cars for private hire and their drivers are very professional. This cab ride is not very popular in Port Harcourt but it is available to anyone who desires a ride in the city.

8. 247TaxiCabs

This company offer taxi services in Port Harcourt. They are available for cab rentals to long distance within and outside the city. The taxi service is also available for airport pickup and drop ups.

They are majorly hired for functions both religious and social functions. 247TaxiCabs has been able to stamp its name among the cab companies in Port Harcourt.

Please note that if you want to have a great taxi experience in the city of Port Harcourt, then you should use any of these best cab services listed above. Give it a try today and drop your feedback at the comment section below.

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