Best Car Insurance Companies In Warri

As a resident of the city of Warri and a car owner what you always look out for is the best car insurance companies in Warri to insure your car. If you are part of this category of individuals that needs cheap car insurance and cheap insurance quote then you need to pay close attention to the information below.

The issue of Insurance in Nigeria is fast becoming an acceptable topic within the masses. Prior to now the topic of Insurance has been dreaded due to what people consider the poor structure of Insurance companies in Nigeria. Lots of people have complained about not getting their insurance claim after an accident occurs. This issue has resulted to lots of mistrust of insurance companies.

As as a means to curb this issue, new insurance companies have been given license to operate. Also old insurance companies have modified their policies to benefits the clients. Car insurance in Nigeria is a necessity especially in the city of Warri where the roads are bad and accidents are bound to occur regularly.

The availability of car insurance companies in Nigeria has put lots of car owners at ease. Transport companies as well bank a lot on these car insurance companies to keep their investment safe and secured. In that vain there are some car insurance companies in Warri, that are considered the best for commercial and private car owners to use.

These insurance companies have been able to prove themselves as reliable and trust worthy and their good customer service is what makes them part of the Best car insurance companies in Warri.

Best Car Insurance Companies In Warri

1. FBN Insurance

Among our list is FBN Insurance. The acronym FBN stands for First Bank of Nigeria. FBN Insurance is part of the First Bank of Nigeria franchise. This insurance company is one of the best in the city of Warri when it comes to Auto (Car) insurance.

Just as old and reliable as the bank, so is the Insurance company. FBN Insurance provides auto insurance for vehicles in the city of Warri. They are located in the banking hall of every First Bank branch in Warri. Their marketing team is one of the most zealous and resilient.

Part of the insurance package they offer include free tracking for vehicles worth 4 million naira and above. Fleet discount of 5% for five vehicles. Insurance cover in case of riot, strike and flood damages without paying any extra fee.

Insurance cover are based on budget and requirements. Which include third party Insurance cover for as low as N5000 and the premium plan which is called Auto gold insurance plan, which covers 3% of car value.

Their customer service is very friendly and efficient and Insurance claim is treated seamlessly and swiftly. They also have other Insurance package apart from Auto Insurance that clients can partake in. Their Auto Insurance is very advantageous for commercial vehicle owners as it gives them the opportunity to work without fear of loosing their vehicles.

2. Leadway Assurance

Leadway Assurance is located at Ecobank Building, 60 Effurun/Sapele Road, Warri, Delta Nigeria. They are one of the leading insurance company when it comes to vehicle insurance. Their services are reliable and the offer customer support for any question or challenges you might encounter.

Their vehicle insurance comes in different packages. They have cover for every case including, road accidents, theft, accidents caused by natural disaster and even death claim. There is the comprehensive package, leadway pick and pay motor insurance and third party insurance. The type of cover you would have is determined by the package you choose.

They also have an insurance plan for corporate organisation. All the client is required to do is to get a quote and every other thing will be handled from there. Their excellent support team is available 24 hours online to answer any pending questions and insurance claims can be made at the office. They are known for paying promptly.

3. AIICO Insurance

This is one of the top insurance companies in Warri due to its reliability and cheap insurance cover rate. AIICO Insurance is known to be friendly it terms of dealing with a person’s budget.

They are located at No 60, Effurun/Sapele Road, Effurun, Warri, Delta State. Their office is open Mondays to Fridays during normal working hour and potential clients can walk in to make enquiry. Their customer representative is friendly and ready to answer any pending questions. Also they have a team of marketers who are available to register you vehicles as soon as you desire it.

AIICO Insurance cover everything from accidents, to bodily injuries incurred during the accident. Their process for insurance claim is easy and they welcome both private car owners and corporate organizations.

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4. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance helps protect what matters most to you. Their auto insurance is direct to the point and easily explainable. They have unlimited cover as well as third party cover, depending on your preference.

Their coverage is so practical that they inform the client to take picture evidence of the scene and vehicle when an accident occurs. Then put a call through to their representative, and medical bills will be handled for both the client and the third party involved. They also boast about quick insurance claim in the value of the vehicle insured.

Their support team is very responsive and available when called upon. They also offer insurance coverage for both commercial and private car owners and their system is swift.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance is located at 179, Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri, Delta State. They are open on Mondays to Fridays to attend to all client needs.

5. Linkage Assurance

This is another vehicle insurance company that is considered the best in the city of Warri. Their customer service, fast response to insurance claims is part of what makes them the preferred insurance company.

They are located at 110, Effurun/Sapele Road, Warri, Delta State and their staffs are readily available to attend to your insurance need. Part of the insurance cover they offer include, comprehensive, third party and insurance cover for both private and commercial vehicles.

Insurance claim is seamless and they make sure that both the client and the third party is left satisfied. Clients can find 24 hours support online in their website but if you desire a physical representative to speak to then you can always visit their office.

The above mentioned companies are the best car insurance companies in Warri. Therefore if you are a private car owner or your car is for commercial use, it would be wise for you to insure your car with these top car insurance companies in Warri

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