Best Ice Cream Spot In Port Harcourt

There is nothing better than the sweet sumptuous taste of a very good ice cream. It quenches your thirst and leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Certainly good cold, rich ice cream is irresistible and satisfying. That is why we take pride in revealing to you the best ice cream spot in Port Harcourt to satisfy your cravings.

Something about the sensation you get when a very rich and sweet ice cream melts in your mouth. It makes you believe the saying that everyone loves Ice-cream when you have a taste of some of the ice cream in our list. One of the things that makes a very good ice cream is the richness of its texture.

These tasty ice cream in our list are very rich in taste, texture, flavor and their presentation makes them absolutely desirable. If you are in Port Harcourt and desire to visit the best ice cream spot around, you should follow our list as we direct you to them.

The 3 Best Ice Cream Spots In Port Harcourt

1. Cold Stone Creamery Port Harcourt
Cold Stone Creamery

Number one on our list is Cold Stone Creamery Port Harcourt. Cold Stone Creamery is arguably the best ice cream spot in Nigeria. This premium ice cream parlor has its headquarters in the United States where it originated from.

Cold Stone Creamery is known to sell premium ice cream to its customers. This ice cream is popular due to its unique sweet and rich taste. The packaging is also unique and they have abundance of sumptuous ice cream flavors that will leave you begging for more.

Their signature waffle is tasty and very crunchy giving the ice cream a unique touch. In Port Harcourt Cold Stone Creamery has several outlets where you can get the same quality ice cream. Once you walk into any of the shops be it in Olu Obasanjo Road or any of their outlet you are greeted by very friendly and attentive staffs.

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The presentation of the numerous ice cream flavors is also topnotch leaving you longing for a taste. If you are a first timers or you are just confused about what to order, the staffs will guide you. Leave it to their friendly staffs to introduce you to an array of exciting flavors. You also have the option to mix these flavors to get the best full experience of cold stone creamery taste.

Their waffles are very crunchy which gives a good mix of smooth and crunchiness. You will also be introduced to their various topping which you can add to your ice cream to add the finishing touch. Believe me the experience is quite exciting and the taste quite delicious.

Personally when I made my first visit to cold stone it was on my birthday and I got a VIP treatment that made me feel special. Once I revealed to them that it was my birthday, the staffs burst out in birthday songs and cheers. I was gifted a customized cold stone birthday card and balloon and congratulated at every turn.

My first taste of the ice cream gave me brain freeze because it was so cold. I loved the feel and taste in my mouth. It was a memorable experience. One good quality of the ice cream is that it is not watery and doesn’t melt at the first touch, which gives you enough time to enjoy its unique sweet taste.

This ice cream Parlor in Port Harcourt is definitely the best in the city and worth every dime of its cost.

2. SweetTooth Confectioneries

This is another good ice cream spot in Port Harcourt. Located at 14 Tombia street, GRA2, New GRA Port Harcourt, this ice cream place offers some of the best tasty ice cream in the city. Just like its competition sweetTooth has numerous varieties of ice cream flavors.

The location first of all is ideal as it is in one of the reserved area in the city. Once you enter into the vicinity you will realize that it is kid friendly as there are other side attractions that you kids can engage in while your family is out.

SweetTooth Confectioneries has good presentation as all the ice cream flavors are showcased in front of you to make your pick. The texture is also lovely and the taste just like the name is sweet. If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely love this ice cream as its taste is on the very sweet side.

The size of their ice cream cup is not on the big side compared to cold stone ice cream, but it is as well satisfying. There are numerous flavors of this ice cream you can choose from and several extra goodies you can add to you ice cream to make it more enjoyable.

One thing this place has that makes it stand out is its space. There are numerous spots you can sit and relax with your friends and family if you decide to visit sweetTooth. You can also place an order and it will be delivered to you at your location.

3. Creamy Planet
Creamy Planet

What can I say about this ice cream place. It is one of the best ice cream spot in Port Harcourt that is why it makes it to our list. Creamy Planet is located in the heart of Woji at 102 Woji Road by YKC Junction, Port Harcourt.

One thing I love about it is the serene feeling you get when you walk into this parlor. Aside from the nice taste, this spot is cool for relaxation especially during the day. It is not a very big ice cream parlor but the size is just perfect enough for a family gathering. Just like the other ice cream spot on our list, creamy planet has a variety of ice cream flavor.

When you visit this ice cream place you are welcomed by a very friendly attendant who introduces you to the variety of flavors they have. You can make your pick of flavor or do a mixture of favors. They also have crunchy waffles to add an extra touch to the delicious ice cream.

Their waffles is tasty and a good addition to the blend of flavorful ice cream. If you like moderate sugar then this place is for you as their ice cream is not too sugary. The texture is also thick giving you a long lasting taste in your mouth.

I cant say too much about these ice cream spots in Port Harcourt, a visit to any of these ice cream parlor will convince you. Therefore when next you are craving ice cream or planning a sit out with friends/family, a date or you just want to order in. You can try any of these 3 best ice cream spots in Port Harcourt and enjoy a memorable experience.

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