Best Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria – Oriflame vs Longrich

Network marketing companies in Nigeria has given more viable means of employment. Due to the high level of unemployment in the Nigeria, many Nigerians have searched for alternative means of survival and Network marketing companies have been a big player in ensuring that Nigerians fight unemployment. But there is a lot we need to know about Network marketing companies.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing which is also known as Multi Level marketing is a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. It is a common practice for such business to be in multilevel marketing nature whereby payouts occur at more than one level.

This type of business is very favorable to people in search of part-time opportunities and it is usually flexible. Businesses in Nigeria like Oriflame, Longrich, Marykay, Forever living products and many more fall under this umbrella.

How does Network Marketing in Nigeria work?

This is a kind of business that has been simplified to encourage investors participate without much hurdles. Network marketing requires a very low upfront investment. This is usually a few thousands of Naira for the purchase of product sample kits which the investor in-turn sells the product to friends, family, neighbours, office colleagues and many more.

It is also a norm for most network marketing companies to mandate participants to recruit other sale representatives and get rewarded. In this kind of system the recruits constitute of the “REP’s” down, which means that he benefits from sales of all his recruits below him.

Please note that you should be wary of companies that compensates participants primarily for recruiting others rather than for selling the company’s products or services.

Best Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria

How do you know the best network marketing companies in Nigeria? We would be answering the afore mentioned question and more. Like I mentioned earlier, There are a few common characteristics of a Network marketing company you should always bear in mind so that you can make an informed decision when trying to choose from the multitude.

  • Start up is easy.
  • Low income for initial investment
  • Part time
  • Good compensation programmes
  • Multi level
  • Transparency
  • Primary means of compensation should be from sales of goods or services

When trying to choose a Network marketing company in Nigeria, you have to :

  • Shortlist a number of companies.
  • Investigate the companies
  • Lookup the CEO and other company executives.
  • Investigate the products and services that company renders
  • Thoroughly question your recruiter
  • Read your contract carefully before signing.
  • Watch out for red flags
  • Draw up a business plan and see who fits into it comfortably.

Currently in Nigeria there are two major network companies trending, they are Longrich and Oriflame.

Oriflame vs Longrich

I have noticed a lot of people having difficulty in choosing from either of these Network marking companies but after reading this, you would find the answer you seek.


If you are interested in beauty products and fragrances then you are in the right place. There is nothing as amazing as getting paid for what you are passionate about. Lot of people actually joined this cause to make money but they realized that there is more to it.

This is a business that makes you beautiful inside and out. Its very easy to market because what see is what you get. Oriflame has its origin from Switzerland and is the fourth largest fragrance distributor in the world.

They also have very good compensation plans. Oriflame is another way to spread LOVE.


This is the most popular of them all currently. If you are on most social media platforms, am sure you might have seen lots of testimonies online. Some may sound very far fetched but the truth is that these businesses pay and Longrich is one that pays more attention on recruitment than sales of its products. If you are very good at convincing people to invest, then your growth chances in longrich is very high. Longrich deals more on healthy living products like toothpaste, food supplements and many more.


Look for a company that it products and services aligns with your dreams. Its a lot easier to thrive in a field you are passionate about. Do not let money be your only motivation, Let passion be your bedrock and it a lot better when you are rewarded for your passion. From our research oriflame and longrich are one of the best network marketing companies in Nigeria currently.

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