Canada Skilled Worker’s Immigration – All You Need To Know

Almost everyone outside Canada has the “Canadian dream”, a desire to work and live in Canada. Let’s face it, Canada has taken over from America in terms of growth and serenity. Many foreigners from less developed countries see Canada as the dream land.

In order for foreigners from these countries to gain entrance into Canada many seek to use the popular Canada skilled Worker’s Immigration route.

Canada Skilled Worker Immigration is a program set up by the Canadian Government to give skilled workers from outside the country opportunity to work in Canada. This program has become one of the major means by which lots of foreigners become migrants in Canada.

Aside from studying in Canada which is a popular means by which lots of immigrants come into Canada, the skilled worker’s program is one of the main means a foreigner is legally allowed into the country for a long period of time. Thousands of foreigners from different countries apply for this program yearly. While some get their application approved most are rejected.

It is important for you as a foreigner looking to live the Canadian dream to get equipped with all you need to know about the Canada Skilled Worker’s Immigration program before you go through the process. Nobody likes to be rejected especially in something as important as migrating to a first world country.

Before you start that rigorous application process, you should first of all get to know what a Skilled Worker is and what the Canadian Skilled Worker Immigration program is all about. Pay close attention to these information as they will go a long way to assist you.

Who Is A Skilled Worker

According to the dictionary, a skilled worker is a worker who has special skill, knowledge, training and ability in their work. Someone with experience in his or her job and someone who may have attended a college, university or technical school. A skilled worker must have gained experience and knowledge on the job.

In terms of skilled worker the person does not necessarily need to have a white collar job, it could as well be a blue collar job. For example, a plumber, cooks, technician etc. the bottom line is the person needs to be a craftsman. White collar workers are also considered skilled workers in this category.

Now that we have an idea who a skilled worker is we can now move on to the main point. Our goal here is to provide all the information a foreigner needs before they attempt the Canada skilled worker’s immigration program.

The Canadian Skilled worker’s Immigration – All You Need To Know

As early explained the Canadian skilled Worker’s immigration program avails foreigners the opportunity to work in Canada and contribute to the country’s growing economy. They are greatly needed and yearly required by the Government.

Applicants who have successfully applied for this program will be granted immigration permanent visa which gives the applicant the opportunity to migrate to Canada with his or her family. This type of visa is called Permanent resident Visa.

There are several options to choose from in terms of applying for Canada Skilled Worker’s Immigration. As a skilled worker or professional you might be qualified to apply under the Federal skilled worker program also known as Express Entry. Foreigners can also opt for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Brief Explanation Of These Programs

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker program is for foreign workers with certain level of skilled work experience, educational background and language ability who intend to live and work in Canada permanently.

There are other requirements for one to be eligible for this program like age, whether you have a valid job offer, adaptability etc. Once you meet the basic requirement then you are eligible to apply.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is for foreign workers with certain level of skilled work experience, educational background and language ability (French) who desire to live and work in the province of Quebec. Applicant who choose this program would apply directly to the province of Quebec. The Government of Quebec does its own selection of qualified applicants.

Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs)

Provincial Nominee Program is for foreign skilled workers who intend to live in a particular province or territory in Canada. Most province and territories in Canada have their own skilled worker program for foreigners who intend to live in their province or territory.

This program allows applicants to receive a provincial nomination certificate, which in most cases allows the applicant faster immigration to Canada. This program is less rigorous than the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Now that you are aware of the Canada Skilled Worker’s Immigration program and the different options available to you, I hope you can now make a more informed decision when applying for entry to Canada.

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