Canada Study Permit – Why You Need It & How To Get It

Foreigners who wish to study in Canada for an extended period of six months and more must obtain a Canada study permit in order to achieve this goal. Canada has good schools and every year, foreigners from different countries strive to be admitted to some of these schools.

While the opportunity to study in Canada as a foreign student is possible there are requirements that are necessary to make this dream achievable. The Canada study permit is one important document that is mandatory for the student to have before he or she can school in Canada.

Below we will be revealing all you need to know about the Canada Study permit and how you can obtain it.

What Is A Canada Study Permit

A Canada study permit is a document issued by the Canadian Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Services. It is given to all foreigners who wishes to study at designated learning institutions in Canada. The document grants the foreigner the right to study in Canada for an extended period of more than six months.

It is important to note that the study permit is not the same thing as a visa. Having a study permit does not give you automatic access into Canada, you still require a visa in order to travel. The permit only gives you the right to school in Canada, without it you are not legally allowed to study.

The Canada Study Permit should be applied for and granted before you travel to Canada as it will affect any educational pursuit you intend to make in the country.

Now that we are all clear as to what a Canada study permit is, it would also be nice to throw a little light on the Canada Student Visa.

Canada Student Visa

In a lot of occasions you will see people refer to the Canada Study Permit as the Canada Student Visa. The truth remains that the Permit is not a visa and it doesn’t give you automatic entrance into Canada. Why they are referred to interchangeably is because for you to be granted a study permit, you will also be given a Visa which is an authorization to enter Canada.

When a Study Permit is granted the foreigner is also given a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel authorization(eTA) depending on the country the applicant is applying from. This Visa combined with the permit is what gives the applicant full access to travel and study in Canada.

How To Get The Study Permit

There are requirements you need to meet in order for you to be granted the Canada Study Permit. Canada has a very strict travel procedure and documents needs to be tendered to the appropriate authorities. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Services is in charge of granting the permit and they have their requirement which is listed below:

Requirements For Canada Study Permit

1. Obtain A Letter Of Acceptance:

The applicant must obtain a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institutions(DLI) in Canada. This means he or she must have applied to study in an institution in Canada and gotten accepted. The applicant must show proof of the acceptance by tendering the letter of Acceptance issued by the school.

There are numerous schools in Canada that offer admission to foreigners looking to study in Canada. You can start with the few suggested here (Best Fully funded Scholarship For Undergraduate Students In Canada).

2. Valid Passport

In order to travel to Canada from your country you will require an international passport. This document should be the first thing you should obtain before you start your application process. For those who have never applied for an international passport before, you can get one from the immigration office in your country. There should be numerous immigration offices or passport office in your country, find out where it is and start the application today.

3. Proof Of Fund

For the study permit to be granted you should be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to take care of yourself and anyone (family member) you are going to Canada with, for the duration of your study.

This proof comes in the form of bank statement. The bank statement should show that you have enough money in your account to support yourself for the duration you will be in Canada.

Aside from these three major requirements. There are other documents that might be required in order to process your application. You will be informed of these requirements in the cause of the application and if the need arise.

How To Apply For Canada Study Permit

For you to start the application process for the study permit there are two methods you can use. You can either start your application process online through their Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Services or you visit the visa application center in your country.

It is advisable to start the application process as soon as you get accepted into a school in Canada as the application process can take some time to complete. Some people stay up to three months before they are granted their study permit.

Also before you start your application for the Canada Study Permit make sure you have all the required documents available as not having them can delay and even hinder your application.

Please not that this site is not in anyway affiliated with the Canada Immigration Authority. If you seek to apply for immigration visit their official website.

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