Companies Still Hiring In Australia During The COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no secret that lots of people have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A Lot of sectors have seen a huge drop in clients leading to many workers loosing their jobs. For example the tourism sector has had a great decline amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many flights have been cancelled and this has caused a lot of strain in the economy.

Despite the drop in employment rate in Australia, there are still companies which are still employing workers and some have even increased the numbers of staffs they require due to the increase in demand they are getting. The food industry seems to see a spike in demand which has resulted in more job vacancies available.

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Recently retail giant Woolworths group announced 20,000 woolworths jobs available for interested persons. Other companies that are still employing include Cole which announced 5,000 additional positions in Queensland.

 Food Industry People Group through its CFO Darren Basford announced that they will be needing at least 1500 workers over the next three months. While for those in the mining industry BPH has 1,500 addition six-month contracts at its iron ore, coal and copper operations.

Also, Service NSW seeks to hire additional 1,000 workers to help keep citizens informed about the Covid-19 crisis. This is a very important job position as information is power in this times we are in. There are also high demand for nurses, counselors, aged careworkers and social workers. There is also more demand for nannies and tutors because the children are at home.

Food delivery companies have topped the chart of companies hiring this period but that doesn’t take anything from the farming industry which is quite big in Australia. Due to the availability of large farms in the country, many farm owners always have available jobs for pickers and those able to do hard physical labour.

The increase in demand for food has led to more availability of jobs in the Agricultural sector which was previously dominated by migrant workers. Now Aussies are more interested in the jobs.

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