Coronavirus in Africa: How to Protect yourself from COVID-19

Coronavirus has been reported in three African countries. There is coronavirus in Egypt, coronavirus in Algeria and most recently coronavirus in Lagos, Nigeria. It is alleged that a foreign immigrant returning from Milan was a host to the deadly coronavirus in Africa.

African government is very slow in response when it comes to health issues. They only wait for foreign NGO’s to fight our battles and these only happens when there is a huge loss of lives. When would Africa learn to handle such an epidemic disease. I must commend the South African government. They have put in necessary measures to ensure there is no coronavirus in South Africa.

How prepared is Africa for Coronavirus

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I have recently visited a few African countries since the outbreak of coronavirus in Africa and here are few things I have noticed:

Coronavirus in Ghana

I traveled to Ghana by road, it was a wonderful experience. I was always terrified of what would be my experience at the Ghanaian boarder since the cases of coronavirus in Africa was reported and coupled with my experience at the South African Airport. I was surprised when we got to the boarders, it was business as usual. There was no scanning for infected passengers or even sensitization programmes. It is very sad.

Coronavirus in South Africa

I am very proud of these guys, sometimes on would wonder if South Africa is an African nation. They are always prepared, sensitization programmes everywhere. Medical facilities are up to standard. I read recently where China hails South Africa as one of the countries that can tackle the coronavirus.

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