Covid-19: Can pets, Animals contract the Coronavirus

So many people want to know if they can be infected by their pets or if they can infect their pets. First of all I am not a scientist, so whatever you read from this blog post is just my opinion.

If you remember earlier we were told covid-19 originated from bats, but we do not know how the first man got infected and nobody even knows where it originated from but generally most people think it came from China.

If it started from animals (BAT) which is a bird and a mammal. I think that it is possible for animals to be infected especially mammals.

There have be a lot of rumors of possible animal infections in the past but just recently a Tiger in Bronz Zoo tested positive for Covid-19. I was alarmed when I saw that News on CNN. All over the US, there have been complaints of not enough testing going on but there was still room to test a tiger.

That was the moment I learnt that the zoo keeper incharge of the tiger tested positive to Covid-19 and it was part of protocol to test and isolate any possible victim he had been in contact with. That led to the testing of the tiger.

My question is? Does social distancing now extents to our pets? How do we sensitize these pets about covid-19. How many more pets out there are carriers of these deadly virus? Is the Government going to also test infected pets? Would this new development affect our relationships with our pets?

Maybe I am more confused right now because I can’t imagine my dog testing positive to Covid-19 and they have to take him away from me. I love my dog so much. That would be a nightmare I must confess.

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