Covid-19: The role of religion in combating Coronavirus

Too many reactions on the social media recently, there was a viral video of a police man whipping worshipers because they refuse to maintain social distancing. These are dire times and I think religion should champion the war on coronavirus.

I am not very comfortable talking about religion in general due to the fear of going overboard. Religion is very sensitive but as a Christian, I feel it is right to approach this issue from a Christian perspective. The Church is the next thing closest to the people after family. In fact the Church is revered more than our court.

It would be easier to educate the people how to stay safe from Covid-19 because I believe the church cares about her worshipers. At these times, the church should preach more on Hand Sanitizer and regular washing of hands than anointing oil. Even Jesus said, “Give to Ceasar what belongs Ceasar and to God what belongs to God”. This is very serious because I visited my old aunt and inquired how she is keeping up with the pandemic, all she replied was that she clutches her anointing oil everywhere she goes.

The Church should preach social distancing at these times. Its is just a temporary measure. I understand that portion of the bible that states, where two or more are gathered in my name, am present. There is power in unity, we can be united at hearts which is far most important. Like we all know, God is omnipresent. Even the centurion in the bible said to Jesus, do not come to my house am not worthy, speak and thy promise is sealed.

If we worship God in spirit and truth, Not being in the house of God cannot stop our worship. I know some of might say going to church is proof of your faith that you are a true Christian but I tell you that it is sheer arrogance and an abuse of power. When the devil tempted Jesus, He told him to Jump down from the pinnacle, that the angels would protect him least he scratches even his feet. But Jesus rebuked him and said thou shall not tempt the lord you God. Please let us not tempt God all the same, He is very busy healing the world.

The church is very driven about giving, our modern day church is about the effect of giving. This is an opportunity for the church to give back to the society. The church is very wealthy, most of our pastors fly in private jets. Lots of families are starving, people have lost their job, people are sick. It is the duty of the church to comfort us. This is the time of Goodnews. Even Jesus Christ fed the multitude.

Do not add to our yoke dear pastor, now is an opportunity to help us carry the cross just as Simeon of Cyrene did help Jesus. We need the church now more than ever to assist the poor in our society, care for the old and above all pray for the sick and pray for the world.

We all have a part to play in combating coronavirus no matter what your religion is. We all believe in the Almighty God. Let us look to him for direction as we apply our faiths with wisdom.

Stay safe and God bless you

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