Easiest Ways To Migrate To Cyprus Successfully

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island formerly known for its political instability. It is now a top tourist destination because of its beautiful climate and more. Cyprus boasts a high standard of living, plenty of good quality schools and universities, low crime rates, low taxes and exceptional weather all year round, making it a prime choice for families, business people and retirees.

A lot of people are interested in the easiest ways to migrate to Cyprus successfully. To be able to move to Cyprus successfully you would need to furnish yourself with every information necessary. We would be discussing the above mentioned topic. Lets get started now.

Migration to Cyprus made Easy

There are so many ways to migrate to Cyprus but there a few easy ways of migrating to Cyprus. There are many reasons why you should migrate to Cyprus.

  • Its a beautiful city.
  • Cyprus has a very favourable tax regime for individuals and companies residing there.
  • Over 80% of the country speaks English.
  • There are excellent education facilities including several UK universities with campuses on the island.
  • Cyprus has the lowest crime rate in Europe and is the 5th safest country in the world.
  • Cyprus is strategically located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Cyprus is member of the European union.

Travel to Cyprus as a Tourist.

Cyprus has a lot of tourist attractions and tourist sites. You can simply apply for a tourist visa to visit Cyprus. You would have a wonderful experience when you visit Cyprus.

Travel to Cyprus as a Student

There are excellent education facilities including several UK universities with campuses on the island. To be able to study in Cyprus, you need to apply for a student Visa.

Citizenship By Investment Cyprus

If can invest 2,15million euros without any criminal record. You can be issued citizenship in Cyprus with 6 months.

Citizenship by Birth

If you are born in Cyprus and at least one of either of your parents are citizens, you are automatically a Cypriot citizen. Even if you are born abroad too.

The aforementioned methods are the ways you can easily migrate to Cyprus. It is important to note that there is Northern Cyprus which is different from the one discussed above. Therefore be absolutely sure of where you intend to go before you start your migration process.

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