Google Adsense Limited Ads – The real Story revealed by a reliable source

If you are a publisher under the google adsense program, then you should be familiar with the phrase “Limited ADS“. I have been battling this cancer for over 4 months, initially I thought it was all my fault. Yes, its no story that google plays God with the adsense program. Google is infallible.

How best do I describe the role of google in this season of the movie adsense… hmm .. A mean kid waving a wand. Google just keeps you guessing, makes you believe its always your fault. How does the cockroach even hope to claim innocence in the gathering of fowls?

The first time i was hit with limited Ads was in September 2019. Before then I was working on my SEO as usual then i was also sharing on social media. All the while i was targeting Europe and America i never had issues until i decided to get traffic from Africa.

Just after three days i started getting traffic from Africa, I was slammed with limited ads. I actually blamed it on the quality of my traffic. I said to myself “maybe” google does not like Africans so I avoided traffic from Africa. But since after that policy violation has been resolved I only survive a few hours before being slammed again with or without any traffic and it has been reoccurring.

I have been doing lots of research lately and from a very reliable source, it is alleged that google adsense depends mostly on bots for policing and these bots have been causing more harm than good. And if google does not address this issue urgently, the google adsense program may loose its credibility.

Currently lots of publishers are beginning to explore other monetization programs and top of the list is propeller Ads and

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