How to Apply for an OPAY POS Machine in Nigeria

Are you a business owner and you need a reliable Point of Sales Terminal to attend to all your payment issues or you want to venture into POS business, then this article is for you. I am going to highlight the advantages OPAY POS has over other POS terminals and the updated step to step process of applying for an OPAY POS machine.

What is POS and how does it work?

POS simply means point of sale. A POS machine allows businesses to accept payments from customers and also keep track of sales. It sounds simple enough, but the setup can work in different ways, depending on whether you sell online, have a physical storefront, or both.

Before now POS is usually found in big establishments like Supermarkets but today we now have mobile POS machines. That is to say, no matter the size of your business, There is a POS terminal for you.

Advantages of OPAY POS Terminals

Have you patronized some businesses where they tell you that you cannot use their POS machine except you are spending above certain amounts. Some merchants even bore customers with stories of how they don’t make money due to high charges.

Have you also experienced POS Machines selecting bank cards, Some takes forever to process. When you make use of OPAY POS machine you wont experience any of these hiccup. Below are some of Benefits of using an OPAY POS system:

  • Very Low Charges
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Setup
  • Secure
  • Prompt and Efficient Customer Support
  • Device Processing speed is top notch
  • Variety of Merchant services options
  • Merchants can offer withdrawal and depositing services
  • Real time monitoring of transaction
  • Duly certified
  • Cheaper Machines
  • Online and physical presence and service

OPAY POS Machine Services

OPAY support both personal and business account. With your personal account you can still be a merchant. This is very good news for student who needs a side hustle to support your education or anybody who need to make extra cash. You do not need to break the bank to start an OPAY POS business.

How does it work you may ask me? Firstly you need to get an OPAY account, then you can apply online from their website or walk into any of their physical offices.

Below are some of the services you can render with an OPAY POS Machine:

  • Withdrawal and Depositing Service
  • Utility Bills Subscription
  • Receive payment of goods and Services
  • Payment Channel for online stores
  • Banking Services
  • Sales of Airtime and Data
  • Loan service

How to Apply for OPAY POS Machine

OPAY offers a wide range of POS Machine which includes:

  • The regular POS Machine
  • Mini POS Machine
  • The online POS Machine

The online POS machine is very flexible. All you need is a smart phone, an internet connection and you are in business. It saves you the cost of buying a POS machine. This actually very good for students and anyone with a low budget.

The Mini POS is very handy, so you can move around with it unnoticed unlike the regular POS Machine.

To apply for an OPAY POS Machine follow the instructions below or simply Visit the Nearest OPAY Office.

1. Download the Opay Business app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Sign up for Opay account, if you already have an account you can just log in.

3. After you have logged in you should click on the “My POS” tab icon.

4. This will direct you to a page where you will select the type of OPAY POS you want. It will also give you the option to choose the location for your POS pickup.

5. After you have finished your selection you should click on the “Next” tab.

6. Here you will be required to provide last two-three months’ bank statements and one or two emergency contacts. This requirements is determined by the type of POS machine you apply for.

7. After you have provided the needed information you can click on the “submit” tab.

8. Once you submit, you will be required to pay the caution fee and provide other necessary details about you, such as a photo of a valid government ID and a photo of your shop where you will be using the POS machine.

9. After everything is done, you will then have to wait for an OPAY Agent to review your application. This can take up to one week. Once your application is approved you will receive a mail or text or a phone call to inform you that you have been approved.

OPAY is one of the leading fintech company in Nigeria and they have one of the best POS machines. It is a very good investment to start a POS machine business in Nigeria using OPAY POS.

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