How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

As an undergraduate or post graduate student from another country looking to study in Canada, you will require a Canada student visa to make that possible. If as a foreigner you desire to study in Canada for an extended period of six months and more you will need a Canada Study permit.

There are numerous Universities in Canada that offer undergraduate and post graduate courses to foreigners. In order for you as a foreign student to gain admission into any of these universities and be invited to study, you will need the Canada Study permit. This permit is what serves as Canada Student Visa which gives you the permission to enter Canada and study as a foreign student.

A foreigner who enters into Canada using the Canada Study Permit is referred to as an international student and in most cases these students are allowed to work while studying in Canada. Lots of foreigners desire this opportunity to move to Canada as a student and also work while studying.

While the opportunity to study in Canada as a foreign student is possible there are requirements that are necessary to make this dream achievable. There are steps foreign student needs to follow before they can be granted the Canada Student Visa.

Below we will be revealing useful information you need to obtain your Canada Study Permit.

How To Apply For Your Canada Student Visa

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Services is in charge of granting the Canada Study Permit and they have their requirement which every candidate must meet before they are granted the document. Canada has a very strict travel procedure and documents needs to be tendered to the appropriate authorities.

There are certain documents that are required in order for the candidate to complete the application process. The documents are listed below:

1. Letter Of Acceptance

Before candidates can apply for Canada Student Visa, they must have obtained a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institutions(DLI) in Canada. This means that the student must have been accepted into the higher institution in Canada which they intends to study in.

Therefore before you start your application for the Canada Study Permit make sure you have gained admission into an institution in Canada that would give you the acceptance letter.

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2. Valid Passport

The candidates should make it a priority to get a valid passport before they start any process to travel to Canada. The international passport should be the first document the applicants obtains. This document can be gotten in any of the immigration office nearest to you in your country.

3. Proof OF Funds

In order for you Canada Study Permit application to be granted the applicant should be able to prove that they have sufficient funds to take care of themselves and anyone (family member) they are going to Canada with, for the duration of their study.

The candidate will have to tender their bank statement showing that they have enough money in their account to support themselves for the duration they will be in Canada.

Aside from these three major documents there are other things that are required from the Candidate . The are listed below:

4. The Candidate must show a clean bill of health in the form of a document gotten from a recognized physician in your country. In order words the candidate is required to run all necessary medical test to certify that they are healthy.

5. A Language proficiency test result in either English or French is also required. This depends on the country you are residing in.

6. Candidate would also be required to provide their biometrics (photograph and fingerprints).

If every document is available candidate can start the application through the official portal of the Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Services. Candidates can also visit the visa application center in their country.

It should be noted that candidates will be required to pay a Study Permit application fee of 150 CAD and Biometric fee of 85 CAD. It is also important to start the application process as soon as you get accepted into a school in Canada as the application process can take some time to complete (most cases 3months).

Once all your documents are certified and you meet all the requirements you will be granted your Canada Student Visa. Then you can travel to Canada and study successfully.

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