How To Apply For Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Canada

Foreigners looking for the opportunity to migrate to Canada can do so when they apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry program.

If your intention is to live and work in Canada, it could be possible if you apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker program (also known as the Federal Skilled Worker Class) is for foreign workers with certain level of skilled work experience, educational background and language ability who intend to live and work in Canada permanently.

This program gives foreigners from other countries the opportunity to have gainful employment in various Canadian industry.

Federal skilled worker Express Entry Canada Explained

This program is majorly for Professionals and skilled workers from countries around the world, to migrate, work and live in Canada. The eligible candidate is accepted into Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship program called the Express Entry.

Here candidates submit their profile and are tested in various categories and score points according to their abilities. These candidates are scored and ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on the personal information they provide.

Candidates who meet the criteria and get the desire score are then considered eligible for express entry into Canada. They are then shortlisted in the Express Entry pool and if their application is accepted they can now be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Eligibility Requirements For Express Entry Into Canada Through The FSW

There are three major criteria a candidate is required to meet before they can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program;


Candidate should have completed at least an education equal to a Canadian high school diploma or degree. They must have the certificate to prove and if the certificate was gotten from a school outside Canada, they will need an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) from a designated organization. This assessment will prove that the certificate is equal to a diploma or degree from Canada.

Language Ability

Candidates from non- English and French speaking countries would be required to take a language proficiency test to prove that they can speak the required English or French language spoken in Canada. This test must be approved by the application body.

Note that most citizens from third world countries as well as countries that do not use the English and French Language as their first language are regarded as non native speakers. The test would be graded in band and the higher your score the more advantage you have.

Skilled Work Experience

The candidate must have a minimum of one year(12 months) of full-time skilled work experience. If the candidate worked part-time, it must also be in the equivalent of one year. There must be prove that the candidate carried out his or her duties diligently while in the occupation.

These three major categories are the basis for one to be considered eligible for the program. Once these minimum requirements has been met, the candidate’s application will now be graded based on some of these factors.

  • Age
  • Valid Job Offer
  • Ability to Adapt
  • How well you did on your Language Proficiency Test
  • Educational Qualification
  • Years of Work Experience

All these criteria make up a 100 points according to the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The current pass mark is 67 points and each point is awarded based on how well you performed in each category.

Once you reach the pass mark of 67 you are considered eligible for express entry and if granted can live in any of the province in Canada aside from Quebec. The province of Quebec has its own program and selection criteria different from the above.

Candidate who intend to apply for permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Worker Program must show proof of funds. You must have enough funds for you and your family to move and settle in Canada.

It is important you know how to apply for Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Canada. It is also very important that you seek the help of a professional like an Immigration Lawyer In Toronto to help speed the process and make it successful

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