How To Change a Diaper: A Mother’s Guide

Diaper changing is part of the duty a new parent has to get used to. It is not one of the fun duties but it is a necessary one. Learning how to change a diaper is important as your child will need to change diaper up to three times daily.

It is a task both parent has to engage in and it is not a difficult one if you know your way around it. There are different diaper brands in the market and for most part most of the diapers have the same shape and size therefore changing them require the same procedure.

Before you can change your baby diaper there are some things you should have at hand to make the procedure easy and complete. Below are some of the things you need to change a diaper.

What You Need To Change A Diaper

1. Changing Table

Before you start the process of changing the baby diaper you should have a changing table available. It would be quite difficult to change the baby without a changing table. The changing table will also be used to keep all the necessary changing items.

2. Diaper

The most important thing you need to change a baby diaper is the diaper itself. A very good brand of diaper would come in handy for this purpose. Something that is long-lasting and doesn’t give your baby rash.

3. Wipes

A baby wipe is another important thing you need to change your baby’s diaper. It would come in handy to clean around the diaper area, making it fresh and ready for change.

4. Diaper Ointment

Another thing you need to change your baby’s diaper is the diaper ointment. This is important as it would be used to rob around the diaper area. It can help prevent rash and reduce the effect of diaper rash if the baby already has it.

5. Diaper Changing Pad

It is also an essential tool to have. The diaper changing pad would be put on top of the diaper changing table. Most of the diaper changing pad comes with a strap to hold the baby and they are easy to wipe clean.

6. Waste Bin

It is important to have a waste bin where you can trash all the used diapers and wipes. This will help keep the place clean and tidy.

How To Change A Diaper

First of all place the baby on the changing table and remove the old diaper. You can trash the old diaper in the diaper pale or trash can. Place the baby on its back and take a wipe. Use the wipe to clean around the diaper area to remove and dirt, poo or pee that might have been on the baby.

Take the ointment and rub around the diaper area, make sure to rub in-between the legs. This will help take care of any form of rash that the baby might have.

After you have done this gently raise your baby’s legs and lower body by the ankles and slide a clean diaper underneath. The side with the strap should be at the back.

Place the diaper close to the stomach of the baby and open the wings. Lift the two wings of the diaper on both the left and right side, and stick the stretchy fastening tape found on each wing onto the front of the diaper.

Make sure it is not too tight and also not too loose. Check the sides to see that it is lined correctly to the waist of the baby. Once you are done you can now put on the baby clothes and bring the baby down from the changing table.

Always remember to wash your hands once you are done with changing the diaper.

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