How To Check My BVN Without My Phone Number

Bank Verification Number also known as BVN is a unique 11-digit number issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to every bank account holder in the country. The main reason why the BVN was introduced is for security purpose, to curb fraud and ensure the safety of customers’ financial transactions.

Every adult who is 18years and above is required to get a BVN in order to own a bank account number and carry out transactions. BVN is mostly linked to your phone number and can be easily accessed through it. Many Nigerians who own BVN find it difficult to remember their number and as such look for the easy means to access it.

The easiest way to get your BVN is through your phone number. If you don’t have access to your phone there are other ways you can get your BVN. Many people ask the question “How to check my BVN without my phone Number”. Well it is not that complicated some of the methods we will be discussing today will help you gain access to your BVN without the use of your phone number.

How To Check My BVN Without My Phone Number

There are few ways you can check your BVN without the use of your phone number. They are listed below.

1. Through Internet Banking Platform

The internet banking platform is one easy way by which your can gain access to your BVN. If you have an internet banking account with your bank, you can log in to your account and check your BVN. All you need to do is follow this step to access it.

  • Visit your bank’s internet banking portal
  • Enter your username and password to log in
  • Look for the option to view your BVN
  • Click on the BVN option to view your BVN

Once you have followed these steps you will gain access to your BVN and you can do with it what you intend to do.

2. Through Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Another way you can get your BVN without the use of your phone number is through ATM. If you have a debit card linked to your account, you can easily use it to check your BVN. All you need to do is carry out this simple steps.

  • Visit any ATM near you
  • Insert your debit card and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Select the “BVN” option on the ATM screen
  • Enter your account number when prompted
  • Your BVN will be displayed on the screen

You can carry out this method with any Automated Teller Machine available to you. It doesn’t have to be attached to your bank.

3. Visit Your Bank Branch

Asides from using your phone to get your BVN, your bank can also help you access it when you visit any of its branch. Once you get to the bank you should do the following.

  • Visit your bank branch with a valid means of identification (such as your National ID Card or International Passport)
  • Meet a customer car representative
  • Request to check your BVN
  • Fill out the BVN retrieval form given to you by the bank staff
  • Submit the form with your identification document
  • Wait for the bank staff to verify your details and retrieve your BVN

This option is for those who have the time and means to visit their bank. It is also for those who do not have an ATM card or access to internet.

4. Use Online BVN Retrieval Portal

Many Nigerians are not aware that there is an online BVN Retrieval Portal. The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) has an online BVN retrieval portal where you can check your BVN without a phone number.

This is a good option for those who have internet access and want their BVN. All you need to do is follow this simple instructions.

  • Click on the “Proceed” button
  • Select your bank from the list of banks displayed
  • Enter your account number in the space provided
  • Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth as registered with your bank account
  • Solve the CAPTCHA code provided
  • Click on “Submit” to retrieve your BVN

It is very easy to get your BVN with your phone number attached to it. All you need to do is dial *565*0#. However if you don’t have access to your phone number you can also check for your BVN using any of the methods explained above.

Also always remember keep your BVN safe and secure, as it is an important security measure for your financial transactions. The above listed methods are the ways you can check your BVN without a phone number.

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