How to detect fake Hand Sanitizer

Due to the recent rise in the cases of COVID-19 around the globe, there is a high demand for hand sanitizer since it is an efficient way of preventing the spread of this deadly virus. There is an ongoing trend of “Learn how make hand sanitizer” which I personally support the movement.

You may wonder why I would suggest you learn how to make hand sanitizer yourself instead of just buying one. There are too many Fake Hand Sanitizer in the market currently. It baffles me how one could be this wicked. Fake Hand sanitizer can cost too many lives to coronavirus.

Here is a few tips to detect fake hand Sanitizer

  • Learn how to make hand sanitizer yourself.
  • Buy from trusted dealers
  • It should be alcohol based
  • Look out for quality seal
  • If its too cheap, thats enough red flag
  • If you are unsure wash hands with soap and running water

Please ensure to maintain social distancing and stay safe.

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