How To Easily Check Heritage Bank Account Balance

In the world of modern banking, staying updated with your bank account balance is essential to maintain control over your finances. Heritage Bank, a trusted financial institution, offers several convenient methods to check your account balance. Whether you prefer digital platforms or traditional methods, Heritage Bank ensures that you have easy access to your account information whenever you need it. In this article we are going to enlighten you on the easy way to check your Heritage bank account balance

Importance of Checking Your Heritage Bank Account Balance

In the realm of personal finance, one of the fundamental practices that every account holder should adopt is regularly checking their bank account balance. Whether you’re with Heritage Bank or any other financial institution, staying informed about your account balance holds undeniable significance in managing your finances effectively. Below are some of the importance of checking your Heritage Bank account balance:

Avoiding Overdrafts

One of the most immediate benefits of checking your account balance is the prevention of overdrafts. Overdrawing occurs when you make transactions that exceed the available funds in your account. This can lead to hefty overdraft fees that can quickly accumulate and put unnecessary strain on your financial health. By regularly checking your Heritage Bank account balance, you can ensure that you always have sufficient funds to cover your transactions, thus sidestepping the unpleasant surprise of overdrafts.

Financial Awareness

Being aware of your account balance is a cornerstone of financial consciousness. It provides you with a clear picture of how much money you have at your disposal for various expenses, savings, and investments. This awareness aids in making informed decisions about your spending habits, enabling you to align your expenditures with your financial goals. By regularly monitoring your balance, you are better equipped to maintain a budget, avoid impulsive spending, and work towards your financial aspirations.

Tracking Transactions

Your account balance is a reflection of the recent transactions that have occurred in your account. Checking your balance allows you to review these transactions and confirm their accuracy. This is crucial for identifying any discrepancies, errors, or unauthorized activities. Early detection of any irregularities empowers you to take prompt action, protecting your account from fraudulent or unauthorized transactions.

Planning and Budgeting

Effective financial planning relies on accurate information about your financial resources. Your Heritage Bank account balance serves as a foundational element in creating budgets and financial plans. With a clear understanding of your balance, you can allocate funds for monthly bills, savings goals, investments, and other financial commitments. This proactive approach helps you avoid overspending and ensures that you are prepared for upcoming financial obligations.

Timely Bill Payments

Maintaining a healthy account balance is essential for timely bill payments. By checking your account balance regularly, you can ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your bills on time. This prevents late payment fees, penalties, and potential disruptions to essential services. Whether it’s your rent, utilities, loans, or credit card payments, staying on top of your account balance guarantees that your financial obligations are met promptly.

Monitoring Account Growth

For individuals who actively save and invest, monitoring your Heritage Bank account balance is a way to track the growth of your funds. Regular balance checks allow you to observe the accumulation of interest, returns on investments, and the progress you’re making towards your financial goals. This visual representation of your financial growth can be motivating and encouraging as you work towards building a secure financial future.

How To Easily Check Your Heritage Bank Account Balance

Heritage bank provides several methods their customers can easily use to check their account balance. If you operate an account in Heritage Bank you can use any of these self service methods to easily check your account balance as well as carry out other transactions.

Online Banking

One of the most convenient ways to check your Heritage Bank account balance is through their online banking portal. By logging into your account on their official website, you can view your current balance, recent transactions, and even download statements. Online banking provides real-time access to your financial information, empowering you to make informed decisions about your money.

Mobile Banking App

Heritage Bank’s mobile banking app offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to check your account balance on the go. Simply download the app, log in, and you can access your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, and more, all from the palm of your hand. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it easy to manage your finances anytime, anywhere.

Through Heritage Bank USSD Code

To check your Heritage Bank account balance through the Heritage Bank USSD code, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial the USSD Code: On your mobile phone, open the dialer app and dial the USSD code provided by Heritage Bank for checking account balances. The code is usually a combination of numbers and symbols, such as *745#. Make sure you enter the code accurately.
  2. Select “Account Balance”: After dialing the code, you’ll be presented with a menu of options. Select the option that corresponds to checking your account balance. This is typically labeled as “Account Balance” or something similar.
  3. Enter Your PIN: You might be prompted to enter your Heritage Bank account PIN to authenticate your identity and access your account information securely. Enter the PIN and press the appropriate button.
  4. Receive Account Balance: Once you’ve entered your PIN, the system will process your request and retrieve your account balance. This information will be displayed on your screen shortly.
  5. Note Down the Balance: Take note of your account balance displayed on the screen. This is the current available balance in your Heritage Bank account.
  6. End the Session: After checking your balance, you can end the USSD session by following the prompts or hanging up the call, depending on the instructions provided.
ATM Balance Inquiry

Traditional yet effective, using an ATM to check your balance is a viable option. Heritage Bank’s ATMs allow you to insert your card, enter your PIN, and select the “Balance Inquiry” option to receive a printed receipt displaying your account balance. It’s a quick way to access your funds when you’re already out and about.

In-Person Branch Visit

For a more personalized experience, you can visit a Heritage Bank branch and request an account balance update from the teller. While this method may take a little more time, it provides an opportunity to address any additional queries you might have about your account or the bank’s services.

Tips for Ensuring Accurate Heritage Bank Account Balance Checks

Accurate account balance information is crucial for effective financial management. Whether you’re planning your expenses, monitoring your savings, or making transactions, having the right balance at your fingertips is essential. When it comes to Heritage Bank, ensuring accurate account balance checks is a combination of good practices and utilizing the right tools. Below are some tips for ensuring accurate account balance checks:

1. Use Official Channels

When checking your Heritage Bank account balance, always use the official channels provided by the bank. This could be through their official website, mobile banking app, USSD codes, or customer service hotline. Avoid third-party platforms or unverified sources, as they may not provide accurate or up-to-date information.

2. Double-Check USSD Codes

If you’re using a USSD code to check your account balance, make sure you dial the code correctly. Double-check the code before pressing the call button to avoid errors. Incorrectly entered codes can lead to unsuccessful transactions or incorrect information.

3. Ensure Strong Network Connectivity

Whether you’re using the internet or a USSD code, ensure that you have a strong and stable network connection. Poor connectivity can lead to incomplete transactions or delays in receiving accurate information.

4. Protect Your PIN

If you’re required to enter your Heritage Bank account PIN during the balance check process, do so discreetly. Shield your phone’s screen from prying eyes to maintain the confidentiality of your PIN and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

5. Check at Appropriate Times

Try to check your Heritage Bank account balance during business hours or when the bank’s services are active. Avoid late-night or early-morning checks, as system maintenance or updates might be taking place, affecting the accuracy of the information.

6. Regularly Update Mobile App

If you’re using Heritage Bank’s mobile banking app, make sure to keep it updated to the latest version. App updates often include bug fixes and improvements that enhance the accuracy and reliability of balance checks.

7. Cross-Reference Information

After checking your account balance through one method, consider cross-referencing the information with another reliable source. For example, if you checked via the mobile app, you might also verify the balance using a USSD code to ensure consistency.

8. Contact Customer Service

If you ever encounter discrepancies or inconsistencies in your account balance, don’t hesitate to contact Heritage Bank’s customer service. They can provide clarification and resolve any issues you may have encountered.

9. Be Wary of Phishing

Be cautious of phishing attempts that aim to trick you into revealing sensitive information. Heritage Bank will never ask you to provide your full PIN, password, or other confidential details through emails, messages, or calls. If you receive any such requests, report them to the bank immediately.

10. Regularly Monitor Transactions

In addition to checking your account balance, keep an eye on your recent transactions. Monitoring transactions helps you verify the accuracy of your balance and detect any unauthorized activities early on.


1. Is there a fee for using Heritage Bank’s balance check services?

No, Heritage Bank provides these services free of charge to its customers.

2. Can I check the balance of my joint account through these methods?

Yes, you can use these methods to check the balance of both individual and joint accounts.

3. How often should I monitor my account balance?

It’s recommended to check your account balance at least once a week to stay informed about your finances.

4. What should I do if I notice any unauthorized transactions?

If you detect any unauthorized transactions, contact Heritage Bank’s customer service immediately to report and resolve the issue.

5. Can I check my balance when I’m abroad?

Yes, you can use online banking, the mobile app, or other digital methods to check your balance while abroad.


Staying in control of your finances is made easier by Heritage Bank’s diverse range of account balance checking methods. Whether you opt for online banking, the mobile app, SMS or phone banking, ATMs, or in-person visits, Heritage Bank ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the method that suits you best. Regularly monitoring your account balance not only empowers you but also safeguards your financial well-being.

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