How To Easily Check MTN Data Balance

Staying connected is more crucial than ever in this modern digital world, and having enough data balance is necessary for smooth surfing of the internet and conversation. It’s imperative that MTN subscribers understand how to monitor their data level in order to prevent unplanned disruptions to their internet service.

For those who are wondering how to easily check their MTN data balance, we will be reveling a few easy ways to do that in this article, including addition tips and tricks to try when it comes to using your MTN data.

How To Check Your MTN Data Balance

There are several ways you can check your MTN data balance on your mobile phone. Some of these method requires simple USSD code which can be typed on your phone to generate your balance, while others require your MTN mobile app. Whichever method you decide to use, they will all give you the desired results. Below are easy methods to check your MTN data balance.

1. Using USSD code to check Your MTN Data Balance

One of the easiest way to check your MTN data balance is by using the MTN USSD code. In order to achieve this all your have to do is dial the MTN USSD code *310#on your MTN line. Once you dial this code your MTN account balance and your MTN data balance will be displayed directly on your phone. You will also receive an sms from MTN showing your mobile balance as well as your data balance.

Alternatively you can dial the MTN USSD code *323*4# On your mobile device, and your data balance will be displayed on your screen.

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2. Using SMS to check your MTN Data Balance

As an alternative, you can send a text message to find out how much data you have left on your MTN line. Send a fresh message to “323” that contains the text “2”. You’ll get a text message with your current data balance and validity period shortly after.

3. Using the MTN Mobile App

The MTN mobile app provides an easy-to-use interface for managing different account characteristics, such as monitoring your data balance, for those who are tech-savvy. To examine your remaining data allocation, just download and install the app from the app store on your device, log in using your MTN credentials, and go to the data balance area. You MTN data balance will be displayed on your screen

4. Using the MTN website to check online

You may quickly check your MTN data balance online if you would rather access your account through a web browser. Go to the data balance part of the official MTN website, log in with your credentials, and visit your account. You may get detailed information about how much data you’ve used and how much balance is left over here.

Extra Hints and Techniques

1. Configuring Alerts for Data Usage: You can use the MTN mobile app or their website to set up data consumption notification. This setup can easily notify you when you have used a certain percentage of your data plan. All you need to do is set your MTN app to notify you when you have used a specific amount of data. This can help prevent sudden exhaustion of your data plan and inform you want you need to renew your data plan

2. Regularly Monitoring Your Data Usage: Asides from configuring alert to notify you of your data usage, you can also monitor your your data usage using any of the MTN data balance check. By regularly checking your data usage, you can prevent any sudden surprise and prepare to purchase MTN data plan for your device.

3. Using MTN Customer care: For people who require further assistance or information, you can always contact the MTN customer care service using their customer care line 300. This number is a toll free number, therefore you are not required to pay for the call. You can also chat them on WhatsApp as well as other social media network for assistance.

Unique FAQs

1. Can I check my MTN data balance on any mobile device?

  • Yes, you can check your MTN data balance on any mobile device that supports USSD codes or SMS functionality.

2. Is there a charge for checking my MTN data balance?

  • No, checking your MTN data balance is usually free of charge, although standard network rates may apply for USSD or SMS usage.

3. What should I do if I receive conflicting information about my data balance?

  • If you encounter discrepancies in your data balance information, it’s recommended to contact MTN customer support for clarification and resolution.

4. Can I set up automatic data balance notifications?

  • Yes, many mobile carriers, including MTN, offer the option to set up automatic notifications for data usage alerts, helping you stay informed about your balance.

5. Is it possible to transfer data balance between MTN subscribers?

  • Yes, MTN provides options for data sharing or transfer between subscribers, allowing you to assist friends or family members in need of additional data.


It is important the you check your MTN data balance regularly in order not to run out of data unexpectedly. By using the above mentioned methods to check your MTN data balance, you can be sure of getting the desired information promptly.