How To Get Australia Immigration Visa

Australia is one developed country that foreigners seek to migrate to. The government give opportunity yearly to Immigrants to get Australia Immigration Visa and move to the country. While the number of opportunities available yearly is limited, aspiring migrants need to be equipped with the requirements in order to make their application successful.

How To Get Australia Immigration Visa

Due to the availability of jobs, good health care, infrastructures and security, Australia has become one destination of foreigners seeking a better life. The Australian government for the past 7 years has pegged the number of immigrant intake at 190,000. This number comprises of mostly skilled workers who are equipped to work in different sectors of the society. If your desire is to be among these 190,000 intake then you need to pay attention to the requirements listed below.

Migration Through Australia Skilled Visa

Aspiring immigrants stand a chance to get Australia Immigration Visa when they apply through the Australian Skilled Migration program. The Australian government desire qualified skilled workers who will feel available vacant positions in their country. This Visa method is the most ideal method to move to Australia and in future become a citizen. There are several requirements one needs in order to be eligible for this visa category.

For a foreigner to be deemed eligible to apply for this visa category, the person must score a minimum point of 65. This point is broken down into various score unit for each requirement. Below are the unit point requirements.

Age Requirement

According to the Australian Immigration law, applicant must be 45 years and below to qualify for entry into Australia. Foreigners between the age of 25 – 32 are scored the most point, therefore stand a better chance of being accepted. An applicant who is between 25 years can score up to 30 points.

English Language Proficiency

Interested applicant are also required to take the English Language Proficiency test. The International English Language Testing System(IELTS) test is what is required. Foreigners who are from native English speaking countries like United States, Canada and New Zealand are not required to write this test. The IELTS is graded in bands and the candidate who has the highest band score of 9 stand a better chance of migration.

Skilled Employment

Part of the requirement for Immigration is skill assessment. Applicants will have their skilled employment record assessed against the Australia’s skill occupation list. Foreigners who have skilled employment closely related to the ones in the list for the part 10 years earn points. The applicant must have worked in an organisation that is closely related to those in Australia’s list.

Foreigners who have worked as skilled workers in Australia get scored higher points. Also the points allocated for skilled work depends on the number of years the applicant has worked. The more experience a worker has the higher the points.

Educational Qualification

Points are also awarded for an applicant’s educational qualification. The higher the qualification an applicant has the more points he scores. Applicant who have qualification relating to the field of skilled work score better points.

Health Assessment

Health Assessment is also carried out to make sure the applicant is of sound health. The Australian government tries to make sure that foreigners coming into the country are healthy enough to live and work. Therefore it would only be ideal of you are very healthy as you would stand a better chance.

These are the basic assessment that would be made and the points scored by the applicant will be added up for the overall scoring. Applicants who desire to obtain Australia Immigration Visa must meet these requirements to be considered eligible for the Australia’s skilled Immigration program

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