How To Make Banana Puree For Babies 6 Months and Above

Banana is a very nutritious fruit for both babies and adult therefore turning it into a meal is not just a good idea but a great one. Banana belonging to the Berry family is high in vitamin. This fruit is a necessity in our daily lives and for babies six months and above it is a good first introduction to solids.

As a parent teaching your baby how to eat solids you can introduce them to banana puree and you will be surprised at how much they love this meal. Banana puree is delicious and quite easy to make. It is less time consuming and doesn’t require much ingredients to make it.

Parents can add it to the list of meals their babies can eat as their introduction to solid and they wont regret making this highly nutritious fruit as part of their meal plan. Below is a detailed instruction on how to make Banana puree.

Ingredients For Banana Puree

Ripe Banana

Ripe Banana

1 Banana is ok for this Banana puree.

Banana in a Blender

A Blender or Food Processor

It is important that the banana blends smoothly. If you have a kitchen tool that can pound it smoothly that would also work.

Baby formula

Baby Formula

Breast milk can also serve the same purpose.

How To Make Banana Puree

Start your preparation by washing your banana. You can take one stick of banana and wash it, then peel off the skin. After you are done with that you can cut it into bits and put in your blender. If what you have is a food processor you can use that too.

Blender your banana until it is smooth and looks like a paste. Then you bring it out and pour into your plate. Once this is done you should mix your baby formula in water and then add it to the Banana paste. If what you have is breast milk you can take little of that and add it.

Stir your milk and the banana until it is properly mixed. Once this is done your banana puree is ready and you can serve it to your baby. When I made this recipe, I made sure to use hot water in mixing my formula in order to make my puree warm. Since the banana is not cooked I wanted to make sure my baby got a warm meal.

Banana puree is a very easy recipe to make and it doesn’t require you cooking anything in the stove so you should try it today for your baby and you will be grateful you did.

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