How To Make Potato Puree For Babies 6 Months And Above

There are various food options you can feed your 6 months old baby aside the regular cereal. One of them is potato puree and it is very easy to make. Potatoes are highly nutritional food and their sweet taste makes them a good option for your little one who is newly introduced to solids.

If you have a baby who is a picky eater or just starting solids you should introduce them to potato puree and see them enjoy the rich taste of the meal. Below is a detailed explanation of how I made potato puree for my 6 months old baby.

Ingredients For Potato Puree


1 to 2 Potatoes

The potatoes should be fresh and free of blemishess.

Egg yolk

1 to 2 piece of egg yolk

The egg should be boiled and the yolk separated from the egg.


Baby Formula

You can either use baby formula or breast milk, Any of them can serve the same purpose.

Other Necessary Items

  • Stove
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Plate

How To Prepare Potato Puree

Start the process by washing your potatoes. Then you can peel before you boil in water or you can boil in water before you peel. Personally I prefer to peel my potatoes before I boil. Boil the potato for 7 to 10 minutes. After that is done you can peel your potato and put it in a bowl.

Mash the boiled potato with a spoon or fork till it completely turns to paste. Then you add your egg yolk and mix till it is smooth. After that you can add your formula or breast milk and mix together. Add as much quantity of milk that would make it look like a puree. Once you are done you can now serve your baby the sweet potato puree.

It is good to serve your baby meals warm. Therefore make sure your potato puree is warm before you serve your baby.

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