How To Migrate To Canada – 5 Easy Ways

Canada has become the number one destination for migrants seeking a better life abroad. It is a choice destination because of the availability of jobs and comfort. Canada is also a peaceful country making it one of the best place for foreigners. Many people want to migrate to Canada, but most people don’t know how. Today we will be revealing the 5 easy ways to migrate to Canada.

There are several ways one can migrate to Canada. Canada has numerous immigration program you can use to gain entrance into the country. What we will be discussing is the easiest ways to move to Canada.

How To Migrate To Canada – 5 Easiest Ways

1. Student Visa

One easy way you can gain entrance into Canada is apply for student visa. Once you apply to study in Canada, be it undergraduate program or masters degree you would be given a study permit. The study permit grants you access to school in Canada and therefore you can be given your student visa.

Before you apply for your Canada student visa, you should have applied for admission to a school in Canada. Once your school admission is approved you can now process your study permit to school in Canada. If you are worried about tuition fees there are some schools in Canada that offer scholarship to foreigners.

The benefit of schooling in Canada is that you can school and also work there. This will give you the opportunity to make money while you study. Also once you are done with your schooling, you can get the chance to apply for permanent residency which means you get to stay in Canada permanently if approved.

The method of using a student visa to move to Canada is 90% effective and has been a means a lot of students use to immigrate to Canada for years.

2. Spousal Sponsorship

This is one method you can use to migrate to Canada that is 100% effective. It is a legitimate means to gain entrance into Canada. In this case the foreigner who is seeking to immigrate to Canada must be married to a Canadian citizen. The citizen would be the one to make the application and therefore would be the sponsor.

The Canadian government would scrutinize the couple to make sure the marriage is legitimate and not a scam. In most cases the couple would be watched closely for two years before the papers to authenticate the marriage would be signed.

Over the years many people have used this method to gain entrance into Canada under false pretense of marriage. This has made the process quite tedious and the couple more scrutinized. If the marriage is successfully authenticated then the foreigner can be given permanent residency and after some years in Canada apply for citizenship.

3. Tourist Visa

Canada is one great destination for tourist. It has beautiful ski resorts, parks, historical buildings as well as their own version of Disney land. Many people flock into the country yearly to visit some of the beautiful locations. Other people use it as an opportunity to tour the country and decide if the want to relocate there.

If you desire is to live in Canada, you can as well use the visitor/Tourist visa to gain entrance into the country. Once you are in Canada, you can network and make connections with people who can help you immigrate to Canada. You can get ideas of job offers you can apply for that comes with work permit.

It is to be noted that with the tourist visa, you are not allowed to work in Canada. If you would like to work, you would have to apply for work permit separately. There has been lots of people who have used the tourist visa to build connection that gave them opportunity to live in Canada permanently.

4. Work Permit

This method is very effective because there are lots of job opportunities in Canada. What you can do is to apply for a job in Canada from your country, once you are granted the position you can apply for a work permit. The work permit gives you the right to work in Canada, therefore you can be granted temporary residency.

There are some fields that have more job opportunities for foreigners. Like the medical field in Canada is always in need of doctors, nurses and other medical staffs. The good thing about using this method to gain entrance to Canada is that your employer in Canada can help you apply for your work permit which makes the application easier.

Once your work permit application is granted, you will be granted a temporary residency which can be renewed when you are in Canada. Many people who have used this method to move to Canada have on the long run applied for permanent residency which has been granted.

5. Asylum Claim In Canada

Asylum claim in Canada is another way to move to Canada. While this method is very effective, it is not for everybody. Asylum claim is only for those who feel threatened in their country due to their social or religious belief.

If you live in country where you are persecuted because of your religious or social views you can apply for asylum in Canada, once granted you can live in Canada peacefully.

It should be noted that when applying for asylum in Canada under any of these claims you should be able to prove that your life is being threatened in your home country. You will also be made to appear before a judge who will decide if your claim is warranted or not.

The above explained methods are the easiest ways to migrate to Canada. All you need to do is to look at the option that best suit you and pursue it. Within months or a few years you will be living happily and freely in Canada.

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