How To Order On Jumia In Nigeria

If you need information on how to order on Jumia in Nigeria then you have come to the right place. Our focus is to give you detailed information on how you can place your order on Jumia and get your goods delivered to you.

Jumia is a one stop online shop for different variety of goods. It is a marketplace where sellers and buyers meet to exchange their goods. Jumia was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Hodara, Sacha Poignonnec, Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.. It is Nigeria’s number one online shop.

Jumia has a variety of products ranging from electronics, fashion, groceries, and home appliances, among others. It has simplified online shopping for millions of customers across the continent, with a user-friendly platform that allows customers to order products at the comfort of their homes.

Customers can order different variety of goods on Jumia and have it delivered to them. Sellers can also sample their products on this online platform and have customers purchase these goods. Payment for these goods bought on Jumia are made on the online platform.

At the moment Jumia accepts four different payment methods for goods purchased on their platform. There is payment through the use of Paypal, Debit or Credit card, JumiaPay and Payment on delivery. Customers can choose any of the above means of payment when they checkout their goods.

Jumia has a very secure payment platform, that makes sure customer’s information are not exposed to hackers and online theft. But for safety precautions customers can choose to pay on delivery which is an option that assures customers see their desired product before paying.

While you are thinking of making purchase from Jumia, here is detailed information on how to order on Jumia.

How To Order On Jumia Website Or Mobile App

1. Visit Jumia Site/Download Jumia App

In order to be able to order on Jumia you should first of all visit the Jumia site or download the Jumia app. To visit the site you should search for the site by typing Jumia website on your google search bar or you can follow this link to arrive at the Jumia site.

You can also download the Jumia mobile app to gain access to their platform. All you need to do is go to your google playstore or apple store on your phone and type in the word Jumia. You will see the mobile app pop down and you can now download the app.

2. Create a Jumia Account

Before you can shop on Jumia you need to have a Jumia account. In order to create an account click on the “Sign up” button on the dashboard, and fill in your personal details, including your name, email address, and password. Once you have entered all the required details, click on the “Create Account” button. You will receive a confirmation email from Jumia, which you need to verify before your account will be created.

3. Browse through Jumia Products

Once you have created your account you can now browse through the different products on Jumia. You can search for products by category, brand, price, or popularity. You can also use the search bar to find specific products.

4. Add Products to your Cart

Once you see a product you like while browsing through, you should click on the product to view more details, including the price, description, and specifications. If you want to buy the product, click on the “Add to cart” button.

You can continue shopping and add more products to your cart. The Jumia cart allows you to review the products you have added, including the total cost of the products and the delivery fee. You can also remove or modify the items in your cart.

5. Check Out

The next step after you have added your product(s) to cart is to lick on the “Cart” button to proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout page you will be required to confirm your delivery address, select a delivery option, and choose a payment method.

As earlier explained Jumia has different payment method and you should choose the one most suitable for you. If you choose cash on delivery payment method, you will pay for the products when they are delivered to your doorstep.

6. Confirm Order

Once you have chosen your payment method, the next thing to do is to confirm your order. This involves reviewing your order to check if everything is correct. Once that is settled you can click on the “Confirm Order” button to place your order. After you do that you will receive an email and an SMS confirming your order, including the expected delivery date.

7. Track Your Order

Jumia also gives you the opportunity to track your orders in real-time. To access this feature click on “Track My Order” button on the Jumia website or app. You will be required to enter your order number and email address to track your order. This tracking service provides detailed information about the status of your order, including when it is dispatched, the expected delivery date, and the estimated delivery time.

How To Order On Jumia And Pay On Delivery

If you decide to order on Jumia and pay on delivery it is a good and viable option. You should follow this process to learn how to order on Jumia and pay on delivery.

1. Visit the Jumia website or download the Jumia mobile app from app store.

2. Sign in to your Jumia account. If you don’t have one you should sign up for one.

3. Search for your desired product. You can use the search bar to make your search.

4. Add your desired product to cart. You can do this after you have viewed details about the product including price, review, description, and specifications.

5. When you are done selecting your items you can click to checkout.

6. On the payment option at checkout you should choose Pay on Delivery. This gives you the option to pay when the product is delivered to you.

7. After you have chosen your payment method the next thing to do is to confirm order. This gives you the ability to review your purchase and make sure everything is in order.

8. Once you have confirmed order you can click on the Voucher section if you have any voucher you want to use. Enter the voucher code and validate to ensure your coupon code is valid and applied successfully.

9. After this is done you will receive an email with details including your delivery date.

10. Wait for delivery and when that day comes you can pay using your ATM, cash, Paypal or JumiaPay.

Things To Note When Using Pay On Delivery Option On Jumia

When you order on Jumia and choose the pay on delivery option it is important to take note of these important information.

  • You are only eligible for pay on delivery option when you purchase items that is  N3,000 to N150,000, Any purchase below or above this amount does not qualify for pay on delivery.
  • Also items from Overseas are not eligible for pay on delivery option. Only goods sourced locally can be paid for using the pay on delivery payment option.

How To Order On Jumia With ATM Card

It is not complicated to order on Jumia with your ATM card. All you have to do is follow this instruction.

1, Visit the Jumia website or mobile app.

2. Login or Sign up

3. Browse through for your desired product. Use the search bar to check for products.

4. Add desired product to cart

5. Click to checkout and choose your delivery option (Door delivery or Pickup from Jumia center)

6. Click on pay to proceed to payment section.

7. At the payment section choose “Pay with JumiaPay” to continue.

8. The voucher section is the next step. Enter a valid voucher and validate.

9. Confirm order is the next step. Go to summary to confirm order.

10. Finally enter your ATM information and checkout.

Note: You can link your ATM card to JumiaPay or you can use it directly. Also you can receive an extra N3,000 discount when you use a new ATM card.

Tips for Ordering on Jumia

Here are a few tips you should take note off when ordering on Jumia.

1. Check Product Reviews and Ratings

Before you purchase any product on Jumia, you should read the reviews and rating on the product. Jumia gives customers the opportunity to review and rate products they have bought. You should read the review of others to see if the product you are looking to buy is a good one. This can help you make an informed decision before purchasing the product.

2. Check Seller Ratings

You should also check seller ratings to see how the seller of the product you want to buy is rated. This will help you know and decide if you are dealing with a reliable and professional person or not. It is important the seller has a good rating as you might need to contact the seller incase of any issue.

3. Keep Your Information Private

It is important you don’t give out sensitive information about yourself to sellers on the Jumia platform. Try to keep communication with sellers on the platform professional. You are only needed to provide your payment information at the payment platform, you shouldn’t give that to anyone one that platform.

4. Confirm Delivery Address

Make sure you cross check your delivery address before placing your order. This can help to avoid delivery delays or delivery to the wrong address.

5. Check the Products on Delivery

When the product is delivered to you it is important to inspect the product. If you notice any damages or defects, inform the delivery agent immediately.

It is very easy to order on Jumia in Nigeria, however it is important to note that delivery of Jumia product can take up to 14 days from the date of order. The major determinant of delivery is location though.

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