The 4 Best Immigration Lawyers In Richmond BC Updated

Immigration Lawyers in Richmond BC come highly recommended for foreigners who desire to migrate to Canada. Richmond BC is a coastal city in British Columbia. It is known as one ideal place where foreigners can settle in comfortably.

This coastal city which is known for its tourism, agriculture and manufacturing has enough work opportunities, good healthcare and security for residence. Lots of immigrants have over the years settled in this city. They make a large population of the citizens and have succeeded in living a successful life here.

Most of these immigrants who have later become citizen in Canada gained their entrance into the country through the use of immigration lawyers in Richmond BC. There was times when it was not very difficult to process Canada visa application but with the massive influx of foreigners it has become quite tedious to gain entrance into the country.

Canada has succeeded in becoming one of the best countries to live in, their economy is stable and there is low crime rate making the country a target for foreigners from less developed country. The high number of application has made the Canadian government more strict with their immigration process.

These days many Visa application has been rejected for various reasons that one can even term minor. Even students who desire to study in Canada have had their student visa application rejected. This difficulty would make one think that getting into Canada can be impossible.

The truth is, it can be difficult but it is not impossible. There are various reasons one’s application can be rejected and in order for the applicant to be well abreast with all they need to know about the application process, the applicant would need the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Employing the services of an Immigration lawyer in Richmond BC would be the best decision one processing a Canada visa application can make. Especially if your intention is to live in Richmond BC. These qualified and well experienced lawyers in Richmond BC would give you the best possible guidance with your visa application.

These lawyers in our list would guide you through the whole immigration process, from the visa application to gaining admission to schools in Canada and accommodation. They are the best immigration lawyers in Richmond BC.

4 Best Immigration Lawyer In Richmond BC

1. Goldman Associates

Goldman Associates is an immigration law firm located at 1275 West 6th Avenue, Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6. It is one of the most prominent immigration firm in Richmond BC. The firm is run by Ian Goldman, a well experienced lawyer with over 20years practice experience.

The law firm handles all types of immigration matter from  Canada work permits, permanent resident cards, work visas, student visa and lots more. They help foreigners get residency in most regions of Canada especially Richmond BC.

Goldman associates also works with employers in Canada to find foreign skilled workers. They help foreigners get their work permit in Canada. The firm is easily accessible for immigrants, they have representatives that are ready to attend to you at anytime.

2. VISACANA Immigration Firm

This immigration firm is located at 7811 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The full meaning of the firm is Vega Immigration Specialists Agency Canada. It is made up of independent lawyers, paralegals, regulated immigration consultants, legal assistants, and international student advisors.

The team of lawyers work diligently to provide Canadian Immigration legal services to individuals and corporations worldwide. Some of the services the offer include applications and representation to obtain a Work Permit, Study Permit, Family and Employment-based Permanent Residence, and Canadian Citizenship.

They also represent clients during their Refugee hearing, Rehabilitation due to previous criminality, and Removal cases. Visacana can has a long list of clients from different parts of the world, hence the offer their immigration services in different languages.

This immigration firm has a long list of successful cases and they believe it is because they strive to provide an excellent, effective and professional representation to all our clients.


Peter LI & Company is an immigration law firm located at 4400 Hazelbridge Way, #110, Richmond, BC V6X 3R8.. They are one of the best immigration lawyers in Richmond BC. The firm provides services such as Study and Work Permits, Family Sponsorship, Sponsorship Appeals, Labour Market Impact Assessments, Express Entry, Citizenship, Permanent Residency, Temporary Resident Visas & Skilled Workers Visa.

They offer holistic solution to the needs of their foreign clients. The firm very experienced and qualified lawyers who go the extra mile to make sure all cases brought to their table get positive result.

4. Acumen Law Corporation

This law firm is situated at 5800 Cedarbridge Way 140, Richmond, BC V6X 2A7, Canada. The lawyers in this firm work hard to make your visa application process easier with the aim of increasing your chances at a successful application.

They handle student visa application, permanent residency, investors, family sponsorship, express entry and lots more. Acumen law corporation lawyers are considered on of the best immigration lawyers in Richmond BC.

When you consider migrating to Canada as a foreign immigrant you should plan to use any of the immigration lawyer in Richmond BC that are listed above. Especially if you plan to live in Richmond BC.

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