Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

Have you ever considered Canada work Visa application as a viable option to speed up your migration process? I have seen a lot of people who dream of working in Canada but the biggest challenge is most people cannot find Job opportunities in Canada for Immigrants.

If you are thinking of moving to Canada to work, then it is good you do it because there are opportunities unlimited for immigrants. Also if you do not have a college degree and you are worried that this will be a disadvantage for you, stop worrying because I would introduce you the top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada without a college degree.

This article is meant to make you realize that there are Job opportunities in Canada for immigrants as well as citizens. In Canada Opportunities are unlimited when it comes to work. Here are the type of lucrative jobs you can get in Canada even without your university degree.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Without A college Degree

1. Web Developer

The job of a web developer is actually very lucrative because you can work for an employer and also be self employed. The demand for this job is quite high in Canada and if you are really talented in web developing you can earn well.

This job doesn’t necessarily require a college degree but requires skills and experience to excel. Web developers can earn between $32,700 – $75,114 yearly .

2. Garbage Truck Driver

You will be surprised as to how much it cost to dispose trash. Since hygiene is taken seriously in Canada the job of a garbage truck driver is required a lot. This job does not require a college degree but the driver must have a valid driver’s license .

Most company look out for drivers with DZ license and good communication skills, because you obviously need to communicate with clients. The pay range from ($15.24 – $25.06) hourly rate, depending on experience. Annually the driver can earn between $31,779 – $61,264.

3. Pilot

A Professional Pilot is a job that does not require a college degree. Most people do not know that you can become a pilot without having a university degree.

This is a profession that requires training and once you get it and are certified you can work freely. A pilot can earn an average of $75,396 per year in Canada. It is a very lucrative profession but also very demanding.

4. Electrician

The job of an Electrician is one that doesn’t require a college degree. It is a very lucrative job and the demand for it is high in Canada.

An Electrician can work in a company as a staff and get paid or he can work on contract basis and gather his/her own clients. The pay for an electrician is estimated to be around $35,759 – $92,276 annually.

5. Executive Chef

This is a job that never goes out of style as food is a necessity. The job of a Professional Chef is one that doesn’t require a degree but kitchen skills. As long as you are a trained chef with experience Canada needs you. The chef can work in a restaurant, hotel, food truck etc.

The places of employment is limitless and as long as the chef has knowledge of different cuisine he can earn a lot. The pay is between $39,701 – $80,243 annually.

6. Welding

This is one job that is of high demand in Canada. There is constant advertisement for welders especially for construction companies located in Western Canada. A welder is always needed hence the high influx of immigrants looking for skilled labor grabbing this job. It is a skilled labor that doesn’t require a degree and it can pay between $33,877 – $85,602 annually.

7. Real Estate Agent

Most people do not realize that to be a Real Estate Agent you do not require a college degree. Although you will have to spend money in going through training and acquiring a certification but it is well worth it at the end of the day.

This job is lucrative in Canada because there are always properties up for sale. Once you are certified you can work as an agent and earn around $107, 843 per year. There are several job opening for this role so you might as well go for it

8. Car sales executive

This is another job role that doesn’t require a college or university degree. If you have a good marketing skills and you are quite knowledgeable about cars then you might want to try this job.

In most cases the employer will require you to have marketing experience, so if you have some experience in marketing then you are ideal for this job. A car sales executive can earn up to $78,994 yearly in Canada.

9. Automotive service technician/mechanic

A mechanic can work in Canada and also earn a decent income. This job role does not require a college degree and is always in high demand. Employers do require experience as one of the criteria and the job can be very tasking. The pay is between  $26,532 – $71,119 yearly.

10. Driver

You can be a driver in Canada and live comfortably. This job role does not require a degree but it requires a driver’s license. There are several options as to who to work for.

A driver can work in a company as a company driver, he can also work as a transit driver as long as he has a non-probationary driver’s license. A driver can earn between $31,968 – $72,264 annually.

These top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada without a college degree, is great for anyone looking to migrate to Canada and work but doesn’t have a degree. It is also ideal for Canadian citizens looking to earn a comfortable income.

Generally, Canadian employers looking to employ foreign workers in Canada must first obtain authorization known as a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

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