Life Of A Working Mom

Being a mom, wife and worker is not a joke. For new mothers we are told our child comes first but we also have to think of our spouse. A mom has no timeout that is why any help we can get we accept even when it would cost us. Becoming a mom has changed me in ways I didn’t see coming. Not only did my body change to accept my growing baby but my schedule changed as well.

I have to put into my schedule that of my baby, spouse and myself. When you consider these variables you will realize that there is hardly time for yourself. Your me time is probably when you have to go to bed. you become tired even during the day when you are supposed to be working. This is why a hired help or grandparent who can look after the baby is important.

Why You Need The Help

Do I need to say too much as to why you need help? As women we are wired to accommodate almost anything life throws at us. We manage our homes, work, bear children and also try to look presentable despite all these. If I must say a round of applause and standing ovation is the least we deserve every time.

But that is not feasible. What is possible is subletting some of the workload so as to make room for some free time. We need to keep our sanity in order to run a home successfully. They say health is wealth and we need to keep a healthy lifestyle to stay on top.

We don’t want to breakdown in the process of trying to run everything ourselves. I think at this point I am preaching too much as to why we need help. If you are a mom you will know what I am saying is not rocket science.

What I Did To Relieve Myself Of Stress

First of all it is not possible to completely relieve yourself of the stress caring for the family. You just have to find the ME time in your busy schedule. You have to juggle parenthood and being a loving spouse to your significant other.

There are a lot of things that we deal with within the day that makes stress relief almost impossible. But subletting some of these jobs can make your life easier. You can have your nanny, cook, special assistant. Whichever you can afford come in and make your work load lighter.

I had to hire a help who serves as a nanny to look after my baby while I work. It is not easy to let someone look after your child, because if you are like me who always feels no one can do it better. But I had to develop a level of trust to allow that happen.

Now that I have help with the baby I can focus more on work. Prior to now my mum did that job of taking care of the baby and when she left I felt the void which was filled by my help. These days I can concentrate more on work and my life is easier.

To sum it up life of a working mum is not easy at all but with the support of my spouse and the people around us it is easier.

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