List Of GTBank USSD Code and Transfer Code

GTBank is one of Nigeria’s leading bank and it has a banking system that is seamless and loved by the masses. They also have an internet banking system that is used by many of their customers. GTbank also has USSD codes that allows for easy and quick transaction without the need to visit the bank or have internet connection.

The GTBank USSD code has become very popular amongst its Nigerian customers due to the convenient banking solution it provides. Today we will be revealing the list of GTBank USSD codes and transfer codes that can be used for transactions.

This GTBank USSD code and transfer code service is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any mobile phone network in Nigeria. If you are a GTBank customer, you can access this service by dialing a shortcode on your mobile phone.

What Is GTBank USSD Code

GTBank USSD Code is a banking service that allows customers of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) to perform various banking transactions on their mobile phones using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes. USSD codes are short codes that can be used to send text messages from mobile phones to the bank’s servers to perform banking transactions.

With GTBank USSD Code, customers can perform a wide range of transactions including checking their account balance, transferring funds to other accounts, buying airtime for themselves or others, paying bills, and more. To use the service, customers need to dial a specific USSD code on their mobile phones and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

The GTBank USSD Code service is available 24/7, and customers can access it from anywhere and at any time. It is also free of charge, which makes it an attractive option for customers who want to avoid transaction charges associated with other banking channels.

Advantages Of Using The GTBank USSD Code

There are several advantages to using the GTBank USSD code as against regular banking. They are listed below.

1. Easy to Use

The GTBank USSD code service is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. All customers need to do is dial the relevant code on their mobile phone, and they will be guided through the process of performing the transaction.

2. Convenience

One of the main advantages of using GTBank USSD code is convenience. Customers can easily perform banking transactions from anywhere and at any time. This means that customers do not have to visit a bank branch or use the internet banking platform to perform transactions.

3. Instant Transactions

With GTBank USSD code service, transactions are processed instantly. Customers can transfer funds to another account or buy airtime for themselves or others in a matter of seconds.

4. No Internet Connection Required

Unlike internet banking, which requires an internet connection, GTBank USSD code service can be accessed from any mobile phone, regardless of whether it has internet access or not.

5. Increased Security

GTBank USSD code service is secure as it requires customers to set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for each transaction they make. This ensures that transactions are authorized only by the customer and reduces the risk of fraud.

6. Accessibility

GTBank USSD code service is accessible to all customers, regardless of whether they have a smartphone or not. All that is required is a mobile phone that can make and receive calls and SMS.

7. Cost-Effective

The GTBank USSD code service is cost-effective as it does not attract any transaction charges. Customers can perform transactions such as checking their account balance, transferring funds, and buying airtime at no cost.

Features Of GTBank USSD Codes

There are so many bank activities you can carry out with the GTBank USSD Codes. They are listed below:

  • Bill Payment
  • Fund Transfer
  • Airtime Purchase
  • ATM Card Request
  • Data Purchase
  • Check Balance
  • Request Statement
  • Block ATM Cards
  • Open GTbank Account
  • Fund your betting wallet
  • Pay Airline Tickets
  • Check Account Number
  • Retrieve BVN

How To Register and Activate GTBank USSD Code

Before you can make use of the GTBank USSD codes, you must first register and activate your account for the service. There are several step you can take to do that. Below is how to register and activate GTBank USSD code.

  1. Dial *737# on your registered mobile number with GTBank.
  2. Select option 1 (Registration) from the menu that appears on your screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your personal details, including your GTBank account number, your first name, and your last name.
  4. Create a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you will use to authenticate transactions on the service.
  5. Confirm your details and PIN.
  6. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation message that you have successfully registered for the GTBank USSD code service.

To activate the service, you need to dial the USSD code on your mobile phone and select the relevant option from the menu to perform the transaction you want. For example, to check your account balance, you would dial 7376*1# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to enter your PIN and confirm the transaction.

It is important to note that for security reasons, customers are advised to keep their PIN secret and not share it with anyone. Customers are also advised to change their PIN regularly to ensure the security of their transactions.

List Of GTBank USSD Codes

TransactionsGTBank USSD Codes
Open GTBank Account*737*1#
Airtime Top-up*737amount#
Airtime Top-up for others*737amount*Phone Number#
Transfer to GTBank*737*1*Amount* Account Number#
Transfer To Other Bank*737*2*Amount*Account Number#
Check Account Balance*737*6*1#
Data Purchase*737*4#
Bill Payment*737*9amountphone number#
Cardless Withdrawal*737*3*Amount#
Retrieve BVN*737*6*1#
Airtime Advance737*8*1
Salary Advance*737*8*2#
Block ATM Card*737*51*73#
Pay Cable Bills*737*37*Amount*Smartcard Number#
Check Loan Balance*737*6*2#
Generate OTP*737*7#
GTBank USSD Transfer Code

The main GTBank USSD code and transfer code is *737#. If you want to transfer funds from your account to another account in GTBank you should dial *737*1*Amount*Account Number#. If the transfer is to an account in another bank then you make use of  *737*2*Amount*Account Number#.

GTBank USSD Code For Airtime Recharge

In order to recharge your phone with airtime you should dial the code *737*Amount# on the phone number linked to your account. If you are purchasing the airtime for someone else then you should use the code *737*Amount*Phone Number#.

GTBank USSD Code For Bill Payment

You can pay your bills like electricity bill, Cable bill or other bills with the GTBank USSD code. Simply dial *737*9# and follow the prompt.

GTBank USSD Code for Opening an Account

Intending GTBank customers can open an account without visiting the bank. Simply dial the USSD code *737*0# on the mobile number you want connected to the account and follow the prompt.

GTBank USSD Code For BVN Retrieval

GTBank customers can retrieve their BVN information with the use of their phone. Simply dial *737*6*1# on the phone number linked to your account to retrieve your BVN information.

GTBank USSD Code for Buying Data

It is very easy to purchase data from your GTBank with the use of their USSD code. Dial *737*4#  and follow the prompt the complete the purchase.

GTBank USSD Code To Block ATM Card

You can block your ATM card if it has been stolen or you suspect fraudulent activity with the use of your phone. Dial *737*51*73# and your card will be blocked.

GTBank USSD Code To Check Account Balance

To know your GTBank account balance you should dial *737*6*1# on the phone number connected to your account and the balance will be revealed to you.

GTBank USSD Code To Generate OTP

If you wish to generate One time Password, you can do that one your phone. Dial *737*7# and the OTP number will be sent to you.

GTBank USSD Code To Request Salary Advance

Coperate workers can also request for salary advance with the use of their phone. They can dial *737*8*2# and follow the prompt to make the request. This works for people whose salary account is domiciled in GTBank.

GTBank USSD Code to Block Account

If you want to block activities in your GTBank account because you feel your account has been compromised, you can do that with the USSD code. Dial *737*911# on the phone number linked to your account.

GTBank USSD Code for Withdrawal

You can also make cardless withdrawal with the GTBank USSD code. Dial *737*3*Amount# and follow the prompt to make your withdrawal.

How To Create GTBank Transfer Pin

In order to use the GTBank USSD Code for transfer, you will be required to input a four-digit pin to complete your transaction. This means you need to create a GTBank transfer pin. You can do this by simply dialing *737*5# on the phone number linked to your account.

Once you have dialed the USSD code, you will be required to input the last 6 digits of your debit card number. After you have done this you can now create your preferred 4-digit PIN.

How To Deactivate Your GTBank USSD Code

While banking with the use of USSD code is easy and convenient you can choose to deactivate this service on your phone. In order to do that you should follow this step.

  • Dial *737*51*74# On your mobile phone. A prompt will pop up
  • Input the phone number you wish to blacklist.
  • Click on proceed and the GTBank USSD Code service will be deactivated.

GTBank USSD Code service is ideal for customers who are always on the move and want to perform banking transactions quickly and conveniently. While you use this service ensure follow the security guidelines provided by the bank and being vigilant.

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