Nursing Jobs In UK For Foreigners – How To Get Employed

The Nursing Profession is gaining more credibility overseas as nurses are sort after. The rise in demand for nurses has resulted in lots of available nursing jobs in UK for foreigners. Many Nurses seeking to migrate to the UK have the opportunity now as job roles are readily available for them.

However there are requirements you need to meet in order for your application to be successful. If you are a Nurse trained outside the UK and want to relocate to the UK, you will need to follow these procedures listed below

Nursing Jobs In UK For Foreigners – How To Migrate and Be Employed.

Register With The Nursing and Midwifery Council

For a foreign Professional Nurse and Midwife to be able to work in the UK, they have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) under the Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) . The NMC is a regulatory body which gives the license for the Nurse to be able to practice in the UK. In order to be registered with the NMC you need to fulfill some criteria.

Pass The English Language Proficiency Test

Applicants from USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are not required to take this test as the are recognized as native English speakers. Other foreign trained Nurses are required to write the IELTS and score an overall band of 7.0. You can take this test in your country as there are lots of IELTS centers around the world.

Educational Qualification

Of course it is required that you have your educational qualification showing that you are a trained nurse from a reputable school. You should have completed your program and have your license to practice. Years of experience on the field is an added advantage.

Computer Based Test (CBT)

At the initial stage of registration with NMC you will have to take Computer Based Test (CBT). This will be required after the eligibility assessment has been passed. It is a test done to ascertain the applicant’s competence and it can be taken in a registered center in the applicant’s home country.

Objective Structure Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Candidates will carry out a practical objective structural clinical examination. This will be used to ascertain the eligibility of the candidate. This test is only done in the UK therefore a nurse who desires to work in the UK must have first gained entry into the UK before it can be done. The test is in phases, there are six stations which a nurse has to go through and he or she will be graded according to the standard criteria.

Applicant who fails the test is allowed to attempt it two more times. As an aspiring immigrant you are allowed to get into the UK with a Tier 1- General Skilled worker visa. Once you get this visa application approved then you can continue your NMC registration in the UK. Another means is through Work Permit and this means you will have to get a sponsor


In order to make your application less stressful, you will require sponsorship. Trained nurses will have to get sponsorship through a job offer in the UK. Employers looking for nurses in the UK act as sponsor for your visa application and registration with NMC. Getting a sponsor is not that difficult because there are numerous nursing jobs available in the UK. Once you start up your migration process you can apply for a job in the UK, while still in your country and the employer will serve as the intermediary between you and the NMC. This option is a more successful approach as applicant have stronger edge.

Visa Application

Once you have these stages listed above covered, you can now apply for your visa. Like I mentioned before there are two options you can go for. One you can apply for visa as a work permit holder or through the Tier 1- General skilled visa. The former is for those who already have a job offer in the UK and the latter is mainly for those who don’t.

Nurses and midwife who desire to relocate and wants a smooth and hitch free process usually hire the service of a travel agent so you might want to tow that line if you have the finance.

Nursing jobs in UK for foreigners is very lucrative and I will advise any nurse or midwife looking to grow their career to take this opportunity.

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